Tuesday, April 17, 2012

It's A Bright Sunny Day

A friend of mine's little boy asks if it is a bright sunny day out when he wakes up! Well, I hope tomorrow is a bright sunny day, because I am so excited that the Grove now carries custom engraved personalized polarized wayfarer sunglasses. WOW! That was a mouthful!

Let's just say I designed these to be just as cute on top of your head as they are on your eyes, because sunglasses really double as a headband right?
Now here is the best part, I wanted to save your shoe and handbag budget so these glasses are only $36.50!!! Yes you don't need reading glasses, they are under $40.

I think they are perfect for men and women alike. I love the our Straight Up Roman style monogram for the men in your life! I had to make up a pair for my little brother E who is now working in Phoenix.
I barely had time to unpack them and photograph them today before a client ordered our 8 pairs as graduation gifts. We are going to add personalized gift tags that say: Your future is so bright...!
I think they would also make a great Father's Day gift! I am not saying Mr. G loses sunglasses, ahem...., but if he did, these would make a great pair to keep in the car.

So before you spend a small fortune on sunglasses, click on over and order yourself a pair, or two, and put your savings toward that beach vacation!


Hopsy said...

Oh my gosh... LOVE these! I need a pair or two for this summer!!

BroncoMom said...

This makes for a fabulous gift!

WorthyStyle said...

I am with Hopsy - I think you guys are selling these at a steal! I love them too and might be ordering some soon....