Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Happy Birthday To Me!

What better way to celebrate turning 37 (YES 37!) than with a present to myself?!?!?  The new Grove is officially open for business and I love how it turned out!  I still have more products to add (Otterboxes, engraved sunglasses and more!), but you can now go to one site and see our own designs, our paper store and our gift items.

The Grove might as well be my third child and I wanted this new site to be a reflection on the way we run this business:  every customer matters, everyone's time is valuable, and every present should be pretty.

Now you can't have a birthday without presents, and I refuse to only celebrate for one day, so stay tuned this week as the celebration will continue!

I wanted to share our new site with you, but now I must go make "change" for the tooth fairy...she needs gold coins!  Mini K lost her remaining front tooth this evening and I don't want the tooth fairy to be in the doghouse tomorrow morning!

P.S. I somehow agreed to try this new version of blogger, i.e. I clicked yes without really reading, so excuse this post if it looks odd, because this new format is confusing!


mFw said...

Happy Birthday!!!! Hope you had a great day!!! So excited you will carry engraved sunglasses!!! I need to order them and would much rather support you! Also totally random, I saw this on pinterest and thought it was adorable for tooth fairy money!


Landlocked Mermaid said...

Happy Birthday Dear Friend! Can we meet for Coffee soon? Birthday treat on me.. miss you . xoxo