Sunday, February 27, 2011

Oscar Snacks...Calorie Free

I just got home from a weekend FULL of work, for my day job. This weekend is always one of my craziest each other, made tolerable by the fact that I am blessed with clients I adore!

I am now home, my shoes are off, the Oscars are on and I can share some news with you. After my yearlong love affair with Chewbeads, the Grove will now be carrying them!
My goal is to get them on the site tomorrow (did I mention this weekend has been insane?) along with some other great new finds, but until then you can order them via email or our Facebook page.

These necklaces make the BEST baby shower or new mom gift. The necklaces are chic and yet minnies can chew on them to their heart's content! BPA free and totally safe.

Who said you had to sacrifice fashion during teething time?

Thursday, February 24, 2011

It's Lilly Time

Well let's be honest, we can always make time for Lilly! Our spring shipment of Lilly gift items is in and we are busy busy packing, wrapping and shipping.

If you didn't take advantage of our special we will give you another chance!

All orders of Lilly P merchandise over $50 ship for FREE!!!!!! We are working hard to get all orders out tomorrow and PROMISE we will get everything on the site shortly.
But here is a tip:
ipad covers, we have them
iphone 4 covers, we have them
bracelets, we have them
koozies, we have them
coolers, we have them

In other words, if it's not on the photo just leave a comment here or on our Facebook page and we will send you a photo!

And speaking of Facebook, if you haven't liked us, you should. Our Facebook fans will be the first to know about specials and for those of you that don't live near us, we are bringing our gifts in a bag to Facebook. Gifts in a bag are our solution to what to put in a Easter Basket, camp care packages, party favors, etc.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Did Someone Say Applique?

The crud, thankfully, has left the Grove! We are now ushering in all of our new items for spring!

You all know I LOVE a good monogram, and an appliqued monogram sends me over the edge. So when we found these items, we knew we HAD to carry them. They are made by the sister company to Leontine Linens so you know they are top notch in quality and workmanship.

All items can come with fabric laminated for an additional
$10 and all feature an applique monogra
m. Every style can come in every fabric. If you are interested in placing an order PLEASE send us an email as there are too many fabric choices to list on the website.
This set is my favorite. I love the navy seersucker and pink combo! 3 bags, all of which have an applique monogram. Compared to the other items, I think you get the most for your money with this set. The small bag can be used as your daily make-up bag, the medium sized bag for your work or gym bag and the large bag is perfect for longer travel. These would make the BEST graduation or bridesmaids gift.
$100 Plain Fabric
$110 Fabric with Laminate

Medium Cosmetic Bag. Perfect for your spring break or summer getaway. 11.75" x 8.25" x 3.25"
$90 Fabric Only
$100 Fabric with Laminate

6" Round Jewelry Box. This weekend we had a client order one of these in pink seersucker with a white applique monogram for her sister who just got engaged...with her soon to be new monogram of course!
$95 Fabric
$105 Fabric with laminate

Small Zip Cosmetic. 8.25" x 5" x 2.75". Perfect for for work bag, weekend getaway or the sister in-law that has everything!
$70 Fabric $80 Fabric with laminate covering

Tissue Box Cover. We think this would make a great housewarming gift.

Monday, February 14, 2011

The Crud

Has hit the Grove...or at least that is what I am calling it! Mini K has pneumonia and a lung that seems to want to hold onto fluid (she thinks the Mucinex family has moved in!) and Baby C has RSV with a side of double ear infection and pneumonia.

So when I am not taking care of them (aka the middle of the night) we are processing orders and working on adding new items to the site...

Thank you to all of you who have made our new iphone and blackberry cases a HUGE hit!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Phone Home?

Mongrammed of course! We are so excited about our new hard cases for your blackberry and iphone!

Which one is your favorite?

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Fab Find Under $30

You know I believe in sharing! Well this time I have THE FIND for you! There are no excuses not to purchase one or two, because they are under $30! So for those of you with a daily Starbucks addiction (why hello mirror!) it's less than a week's worth of coffee. What is the miracle item? The Chewbead necklace of course.

A friend from NYC sent me one after Baby C was born and I confess it sat in the box until a couple of months ago, but after sitting through mass prying Baby C's hands off of my diamond cross necklace I thought where is that box!

Well little did I know what an attention getter my Chewbeads would be! I cannot go more than 10 feet wearing the necklace, and Baby C's shoving it in his mouth without someone stopping me to ask
1. did I know my baby was eating my necklace, Why yes, yes I do and it is totally safe, thankyouverrymuch!

2. where did I find it?

You heard right, these necklaces are totally safe for Baby and can go in the dishwasher. I think of them as Baby friendly KEP necklaces. Seriously, pretty beads that are baby friendly, I thought that was an urban legend! I gave up on wearing jewelry with Mini K, but the second time is charm, or a bead in this case.

Here are some of my favorites:
This turquoise would be great with lime, white or black.
Classice white, perfect with, well everything!

And for the record, I wasn't paid for this post. In fact I plan on picking up the white and turquoise one for the spring/summer season!

So if you are having a baby, have a little mini that thinks your jewelry is theirs or have a friend who is expecting, this is a MUST PURCHASE!

P.S. We survived Mini K's 5th birthday bowling party. I promise a full post, but as always my cake angel designed yet another amazing birthday cake!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

The Juggle

Mini K's birthday party is this Saturday and I had grand notions of having so much time to do everything. Cue a couple of client crisis at my day job, a TON of Grove orders (thank you!), Mr. G being stuck out of town due to weather, tennis, ballet, skating lessons, 2 class parties, a class art project I am in charge of and gymnasticsand I guess I can figure out where the time went.

Remember last week when I said we had a new router and all was well? Think again. I think our new router wants a new family so my internet has been in and out, hence my lack of posting!

We are now on the upswing, I hope! Mini K is all into Little Miss matched socks. Someday I would like to have a word with the person who invented these and decided that socks should be sold in sets of 3 and not match. So we have been pairing socks, that obviously don't match, for favors for the bowling soiree! Did I mention that I have had no less than 3 people try and stress me out that Baby C isn't crawling only to have my mother remind that Mini K never crawled and can now run a mile in 14 minutes at the age of 5. Thanks mom! I didn't reply to those said 3 people that he sleeps 13 hours a night and they are still waking up at least twice a night, typing doesn't count as saying it out my world!

Since my internet has been down, twitter has been my source of all info. I have found some great deals, but no internet until tonight so I will share them with you in hopes you have better luck!

1. Gap is offering 40% off 1 item every Wednesday in February.

2. Since mostof the country is FREEZING, literally, I thought I would share one of my favorite things, and you can get it for 55% less than I did. The Mommy Mitten. It fits over your stroller handlebar and you can keep your hands warm while walking your mini! I don't know about you, but I cannot wear gloves and manage a pacifier. You can get yours today for $16 HERE!
3. I have found my new must give baptism / christening gift. How cute are these bubbles from the amazingly talented E at The Pink Giraffe? The best part, the price! Seriously, $28 for a cotton broadcloth bubble with a peter pan collar (plus rick rack trim for the girls!) and it comes monogrammed in one of her too many to count fonts and color options. She is offering FREE shipping for Valentine's Day. My tip: order a size they can grow can always wear it with pants or under a dress if the weather calls for more.

I wanted to pop in and say hello, but since I am back in cyber world, I need to get back to adding some fabulous new items to the Grove.

Stay warm!