Wednesday, February 2, 2011

The Juggle

Mini K's birthday party is this Saturday and I had grand notions of having so much time to do everything. Cue a couple of client crisis at my day job, a TON of Grove orders (thank you!), Mr. G being stuck out of town due to weather, tennis, ballet, skating lessons, 2 class parties, a class art project I am in charge of and gymnasticsand I guess I can figure out where the time went.

Remember last week when I said we had a new router and all was well? Think again. I think our new router wants a new family so my internet has been in and out, hence my lack of posting!

We are now on the upswing, I hope! Mini K is all into Little Miss matched socks. Someday I would like to have a word with the person who invented these and decided that socks should be sold in sets of 3 and not match. So we have been pairing socks, that obviously don't match, for favors for the bowling soiree! Did I mention that I have had no less than 3 people try and stress me out that Baby C isn't crawling only to have my mother remind that Mini K never crawled and can now run a mile in 14 minutes at the age of 5. Thanks mom! I didn't reply to those said 3 people that he sleeps 13 hours a night and they are still waking up at least twice a night, typing doesn't count as saying it out my world!

Since my internet has been down, twitter has been my source of all info. I have found some great deals, but no internet until tonight so I will share them with you in hopes you have better luck!

1. Gap is offering 40% off 1 item every Wednesday in February.

2. Since mostof the country is FREEZING, literally, I thought I would share one of my favorite things, and you can get it for 55% less than I did. The Mommy Mitten. It fits over your stroller handlebar and you can keep your hands warm while walking your mini! I don't know about you, but I cannot wear gloves and manage a pacifier. You can get yours today for $16 HERE!
3. I have found my new must give baptism / christening gift. How cute are these bubbles from the amazingly talented E at The Pink Giraffe? The best part, the price! Seriously, $28 for a cotton broadcloth bubble with a peter pan collar (plus rick rack trim for the girls!) and it comes monogrammed in one of her too many to count fonts and color options. She is offering FREE shipping for Valentine's Day. My tip: order a size they can grow can always wear it with pants or under a dress if the weather calls for more.

I wanted to pop in and say hello, but since I am back in cyber world, I need to get back to adding some fabulous new items to the Grove.

Stay warm!


Marla said...

Love these gift ideas...esp. the monogrammed bubble--exactly what I was looking for! Do you know if there is a code for free shipping?

Grove Gal K said...

yes, the code for FREE SHIPPING is VALENTINE