Saturday, September 28, 2013

Saturday 6

I figure if I am a day late, then I should add another item.  Do I get points that most of these favorites will also save you money?

1.  Coffee Table
I have been on a quest for coffee table for our family room.  I wanted something round, wood and yet no sharpness so it wouldn't lead to a trip to the ER when Baby C no doubt figures out how to use it as a diving board!

As soon as I saw this one, I knew it would be we wait the 6 weeks for it to arrive.

2.  Make-Up
I tend to get into a habit with make-up:  lipgloss, mascara and BB cream.  I received a Mama Vox Box from Influenster this month and in it was the Ponds BB cream.  One word:  AMAZING.  It is the best $10 product ever so save yourself the money on the expensive ones and try this one!

3.  Laundry
It is NOT my favorite thing, but I am making it cute at least with these new laundry hampers from Land's End.  I ordered 3:  one for lights, one for darks and one for dry cleaning.  The best part:  they are currently 30% off during the Friends and Family sale and you get cash back when you shop through your Ebates account.

4.  Holiday Pants
I was so excited to see the entire fall Castaway Clothing line this week.  I ordered both Mr. G and Baby C a few pairs of matching pants.  

5.  Long Sleeve Workout T's
I love the fall weather.  There is something about needing a longsleeve shirt to workout that makes me happy.  I recently discovered these Sweaty Betty t's and LOVE them.  I of course added a monogram.  You can save 15% and get FREE shipping with code:  USACR.

6.  Mail
I know the post office is raising the price of stamps...AGAIN, but there is something about a card or invite in the mailbox that feels like a present.  I have been having a blast helping so many of your with your holiday card choices this year, but wanted to remind you that our sale is still going on.  ALL photocards are 25% off with your choice of FREE return address printing or FREE matching return address stickers through October 9th with code:  S13H25

I hope y'all have a great weekend!

Friday, September 27, 2013

Friday 5 On Saturday....

I have my Friday 5 written down....on a piece of paper. I spent the evening driving Mini K from practice, to a party to pick up Baby C who went to hockey with Daddy.

So I am officially making Friday last longer...until after the littles get their flu shots tomorrow morning!!!

Be envious single friends of my exciting Friday night of playing cab driver ...I am sure my littles tipped me in Skittles and Goldfish all over the car!

Monday, September 23, 2013

Dirty Hands

First, I am sorry for not posting a Friday 5.  I was too busy enjoying date night with Baby C since Mini K and her dad were in Nashville for a surprise trip to see Taylor Swift.  He had some milk, I had some water, we ate popcorn and watched Cars in our pj's.  Can you think of a better date than that?  I knew you would understand.

This weekend, we did a little jump start on our Fall Wish List.  This year we started making lists by season of stuff we wanted to do as a family.  One of the items for fall was plant bulbs..I confess it was more my idea but K loved the idea of knowing what color tulips would come up in the spring and making her little brother guess.  This is something I have NOT done before, but thanks to Google, a trip to the nursery we passed the test.

As all great stories start, we didn't follow the directions.  We put potting soil in our planters mixed with some bulb food and packed in the tulip bulbs ignoring the directions to space them out.  If we are going to have flowers, why not have a planter FULL of flowers.

We then covered the bulbs with more soil and then placed in a layer of hyacinth bulbs.

We packed in more potting soil and then topped it off with an ornamental kale plant.  I have always called these winter cabbage, but our local nursery informed me I was wrong.  I hate looking at dirt all year long while we wait for the flowers so this way we have a little green.  The best tip I learned was once the kale blooms with a flower in early spring, you take it out of the planter and it will encourage the bulbs to come up.  Who knew?  Well, my guess is a LOT of you knew this but I did not.

So there was our weekend adventure in gardening.  I thought I would share as it was super easy and I am so excited we have full planters for fall, winter and spring!

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Favorite Fall Pieces

It has been chilly in the mornings this week, but hot by early afternoon, but I am silently and maybe not so silently willing fall to hurry up!  I took advantage of some sales this week that I thought I would share in case anyone else has been needing an excuse to help their fall closet.  If yuou haven't joined EBATES yet, join NOW if you want to purchase any of these items as you can get extra cash back on your purchases not just the discounts!

I will not confess to how many of these J.Crew vests I own, but I love them!  This week I had to add the camo one to my closet, especially since ALL purchases are 25% off with FREE shipping.

My favorite sweaters are Vince.  If you are not familiar with the brand, it is sold at Neimans, boutiques and Sak's.  It is also sold at Neiman's outlet store Last Call.  This week Last Call is having their friends and family sale and taking an additional 30% off their discounted prices.  I picked up 2 Vince sweaters for less than I would have paid for 1 plus I am getting 5% cash back through Ebates!

I LOVE my Frye Paige riding boots from the Shoe Hive so much that this year I decided I needed the gray pair too!  In addition to their sale I am getting 8.5% cash back through my Ebates account!

Last year my friend Elizabeth who owns The Shoe Hive introduced me to ilux leggings.  Let me tell you, they are LIFE changers.  They are not see through, they do not snag and every pair from last year is still in great shape for this year.  For those of you that live where it gets cold, I highly suggest the fleece lined leggings.  I will be adding the Winona style to my collection this year as they are the contour version aka they suck it in!  Just call Elizabeth and she will have them on their way to you!

So what am I doing with all of my savings....stocking up on gifts for Mini K's friends.  Plum District is having a GREAT deal on Rainbow Loom bracelet supplies.  The deal is $10 and it includes everything but the loom itself: 1,200 loom bands in assorted colors, 48 clips to connect your bracelets and 2 loom hooks.  If that isn't enough to have you clicking over,  you can save an extra 20% with code: SepBest20

Tuesday, September 17, 2013


Did that get your attention?  I know I have blogged about my love of my Maven Boxes from Julep before, but they sent me a special I can share with you today!

Julep Maven Boxes arrive each month and are filled with everything from nail polish, to mascara to dry shampoo.  Did I mention the products are all FULL SIZED?  Some of my now favorites beauty products are Julep and I confess I probably would never have tried them without the boxes.  I discovered Julep while googling chemical free nail polishes because both Mini K and Baby C are sensitive to chemicals and I couldn't give up my mommy manicure/pedicure time.  Their polishes are now my favorite...above Essie and OPI and they have a polymer Freedom topcoat that makes your manicure last like a gel manicure WITHOUT damaging your nails.

My other favorite is their mascara.  I am slightly mascara addicted.  I have one (SMALL!) make-up bag in my purse that is only lip gloss and mascara.  I take turns applying them, how is that for honesty?  I think that a coat of sunscreen, some powder, mascara and lipgloss can make even a long night look like a good morning.

The maven boxes are $19.99 a month and come with over $40 in product.  You take a quiz to help select your profile, but here are some of my favorite things:

1.  You can "gift" your box to a friend at no additional charge and make someone's month a little brighter.

2.  You get 20% off all of your other purchases

and this one is the BEST.......

3.  Your first box is FREE when you join HERE.

Friday, September 13, 2013

Friday FIVE

Its' FRIDAY friends!!!!!!!  I am doing my happy dance that another week is over and praying we are inching closer to FALL weather.  As always I didn't really theme my Friday FIVE, but they are 5 things I am loving this week!

1.  Life Savers!
A friend of mine emailed me with bad news last Sunday.  Her computer crashed and went to computer heaven and took with it ALL of her photos in EVERY photo she had of her almost 2 year old and not everything was in the cloud.  I of course had a panic attack:  what was in my cloud, was my back up working, what if what if what if.  I called my IT guy and he said PICTURE KEEPER so that is what I ordered.  Of course the day after I ordered it, I find it for half price, so I am making myself feel better by sharing the deal with you!  Essentially it works on both Macs and PC's and the best part is after the initial back-up it only saves new photos when you plug it in.  There are 3 different sizes:  4,000 photos, 8,000 photos and 16,000 photos.  The BIG one sells for $99.99 and Plum District has it on deal for $50 and if you order today and use code FRIDAY13 you can save an extra 13%.  You can purchase it HERE.

2.  Photo Cards
In the 11 years since PGG has been open I have never ordered my cards early.  I am usually the last one....but there is a first time for everything.  We got a few great photos of the littles when we were out of town and I just used them and GOT IT DONE.  TO celebrate I am passing on a discount to all of you!

ALL photo cards are 25% off AND we are also giving you your choice of FREE return address printing or return address stickers!!!!  Simply enter code:  S13H25 at checkout!  The sale runs through October 9th!  That is almost a month for you to pick your favorites and GET IT DONE.  You can see all designs HERE.

3.  My New Water Bottle

I like COLD water, if I could make a water slurpee to take to Crossfit I would be thrilled.  Mr. G brought home this water bottle from Target last week and I am IN LOVE.  The top unscrews and you can either fill it with ice or do what I do and fill it 1/3 full at night and put it in the freezer and then top it off with cold water and I have FREEZING water during my workout.

4.  Fun Jeggings

I need to log A LOT more Crossfit WOD's before the word jeggings and my name are used in the same sentence, but Mini K is a big fan of jeggings, NOT leggings.  Target has some super cute ones that we picked up to pair with her Crewcuts tunics.

5.  Unexpected Finds

I walked into a boutique in Georgetown today as they were putting a shipment on the floor and spotted this table.  I had them put the bubble wrap right back on and brought it home.  Give me the weekend to add some books and an antique crystal lamp and my reading nook in the living room will be done.  I have been searching for a table like this and am happy that I can cross it off the list and now I am just on the hunt for an antique barley chest.

That's my 5.  I hope you have had a great week and please let me know if you posted a Friday FIVE!

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Never Forget

This day always make me count my blessings and give thanks to the men and women in the military, and their families who go to work every single day knowing that freedom is NOT free.

I love that so many schools are teaching kids that today we remember those who were killed by helping others through service projects big and small.  

A post about anything but being thankful today just doesn't seem right.  Mini K saw the flag on the Pentagon first this morning and then as we drove by Arlington National Cemetery I heard her tell Baby C that is where heroes go to rest.  9-11 was and still is a day where so many Americans became heroes, they answered a call to action they never thought would come.

God Bless you and your family today and always!

Monday, September 9, 2013

Have You Met Ellie?

Ellie had another was PV Body, but she changed it.  "She" is still amazeballs and I think all of my friends need to know her.

I will confess I have a slight addiction to Lululemon and have been known to wear it even if I am not going/coming from Crossfit or a run, but there are only so many pairs of $100 yoga pants I can "need" before I cut myself off.  That is when I met Ellie.  Remember I said she had another name?  Well we go way back.  Think of her as a cousin to Julep Maven or Citrus Lane, but she is the cooler cousin because:

1.  You get to choose your box EVERY SINGLE MONTH

2.  If you spend too much quality time with her and need to take a break, there are no hard feeling and you can visit a month or two later

Ellie is $49.95 a month and you can pick ANY 2 pieces in the collections to arrive at your doorstep!  From tops to pants to capris to jackets and they are all AMAZING.  The quality is great and so are the prices.  You can join HERE.

My current favorites are the Copacabana Tank.  It is cut slightly longer so I don't worry about it riding up during pull-ups.

My other go-to have been the Queen of Everything legging.  I swear I think these magically "hide" 10lbs.  The do NOT stretch out and the detail at the ankles is just plain fun.

So I wanted everyone to meet Ellie, I won't be mad if you become friends.

Friday, September 6, 2013

Friday FIVE

It's Friday!  In our house that means family movie night and today is Mini K's mexican food for dinner and now Soul Surfer.  Just quality non-violent family while I am watching was too much blood on the big screen for my taste, here are my Friday 5!

1.  Deborah Lippman Gel Lab Set
For the record, I rarely do my own nails, but the world's best personal shopper at Neimans convinced me I needed this and she was RIGHT.  You use your favorite polish, mine is Julep, and the topcoat and 16 days later, no chips!  I am sick of the color.

2.  Needlepoint
I picked up a few finished ornaments for Mini K's birthday tree today and couldn't leave the store without picking up a couple of new canvases.  Oh Shift, time to thread the needle.

3.  Candy Corn
Clearly I am on a health kick...NOT.  It's officially fall when I see the candy corn.

4. Matches
I received this match striker last year and LOVE it.  I hope she comes out with another one this upcoming holiday season.  This is something I never would have purchased for myself, but adore and think of the person who gave it to me every time I use it!

5.  Schwings
Ok these aren't technically one of MY favorites for myself, but they have made birthday party shopping a breeze!  Mini K wants to give these to everyone!  We pair them with some lip glosses for the girls and candy for the boys.  The best part, they fit on all shoes and come in just about every color.  Mini K's favorite place to shop is my friend Linda's boutique The Purple Goose and they will soon be carrying them!

Happy I have a movie to watch!

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Little Things

I am a big believer that its usually something little that makes you strike up a conversation.  So many of you I know in real life and some of you I only know through email, and maybe there are even some people that read this blog that I don't even know.  If you have a blog, please post something similar about yourself as I think it always fun to see what we have in common.

So on this Wednesday, I thought what gets me through the week and this is what I have come up with...25 things that make me smile

1.  Opening my mailbox to a stack of shiny new magazines

2.  Making cookie dough with Mini K and delivering it to friends just because

3.  Coffee table books, I love to give these as gifts, but rarely buy them for myself

4.  Finding something when I am out that I know would be a great gift for a friend, I FIRMLY believe that a present should be something that someone will love that they would not normally buy for themselves

5.  The first day I walk into Starbucks each year and see the red cups!

6.  An icy cold fountain diet Dr Pepper, yes I know soda is not good for me, but I said I was being honest

7.  Lululemon workout clothes.  There is just something about them

8.  Being able to wear a sweater and shorts/skirts and not being too hot or too cold

9.  Charm bracelets.  I love to be able to look down at my wrist and remember loved ones and good times.

10.  Needlepoint. This may make me an 80 year old woman, but I do not care.

11.  Friday Family Movie Night.  We all put on our pj's and watch a movie in the family room.  This week's is Mini K's pick and we will be watching Soul Surfer

12.  Finding a new product that I know my clients will love and being able to tell them about it.

13.  Wrapping gifts.  My high school job was gift wrapping for a boutique in Dallas and I love making a Texas sized bow.  I will also confess my ribbon organization is in need of major help!

14.  Bar snacks.  Seriously, I could live on a good snack mix and chips and dip.  If you follow me on Instagram you know my current favorite is the new Greek Yogurt French Onion by Helluva Good.  AMAZEBALLS

15.  Lip gloss.  I will try them all and love to give and get them as gifts.

16.  A GOOD pedicure.  This is NOT to be confused with a pedicure, there is a difference, especially for a runner.

17.  Handbags.  I am picky and if it isn't one I can ass down to Mini K, I don't buy it.  I can then justify them as investments.

18.  Champagne.  It is my favorite cocktail, there is something about the bubbles that can turn a bad day around.

19.  Crafting.  I have been thinking about emailing a group of girls to come back fall wreaths for our front doors.  It is more fun with friends!

20.  Good fitting jeans.  If I find a pair I like, I buy 3 pairs of them:  one to wear with boots, one with heels and one for lengths in between.

21.  Mascara. It is a working mother's best friend.  A good mascara can turn a night with little sleep into a 12 hour hibernation.  My current favorite is Illegal Lengths...I am open to suggestions so fire away.

22.  Tocca candles.  They immediately transport me to a vacation.

23.  White towels.  We only have white towels and I match the monogram thread to the color of each bathroom or person that will be using them.

24.  Tervis tumblers.  I don't want to count how many we have, but I will say they have their own cabinet.

25.  MONOGRAMS.  I know this will surprise no one that knows me, but I monogram everything:  furniture, fabric, clothing, jewelry, shoes and even parts of my house!

So there you have it, 25 random facts about me that you could have lived your entire life without knowing!

I confess I am going to try and finish a needlepoint project least I stayed up late fro an old lady!

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

She Can Google

This realization was how my week ended last week.  For those of you that have been reading since the beginning you know my mother came down with thyroid cancer over a year ago.  The doctor's blamed it on the fact that she had survived West Nile Virus and in the buffet of cancers this is the one you want.  The problem is this is my mother's 3rd round of new and exciting cancers and this one has needed a LOT of radiation and waiting.  The waiting and treatment mean that she can't be with Mini K and Baby C like they are used to...

I had a choice, to tell her the truth a year ago to to avoid it.  We told her Nana had cancer, it was a sickness and she was going to need strong medicine and we needed to pray for her a lot.  This worked until last week, when Mini K snuck onto my computer and googled cancer.  The tears came, and the talk of dying and I of course kicked myself for not thinking she would do this and adding it to the list of names on parental control.  Mr. G and I locked her from every bad word we could think of, certain websites all together, certain phrases, anything with an age limit, but we never thought about the word cancer.

So Mr. G took matters into his own hands and promptly booked us a long weekend at the Homestead in hopes of distracting her.  In hindsight it might be one of the weekends I look back on forever.  We checked in and the kids promptly demanded the pool and lazy river.  So off we went.   As soon as we walked into the pool Mini K sees her friend M from tennis and thinks her daddy arranged that too!

So we spent 4 days doing everything as a family unit.  I mean meals, chess, exploring, swimming, hanging out, tye dying t-shirts, watching fireworks.  I will remember this weekend when she tells me to walk behind her or drop her off a block away.  I prayed all of the time together would make her stop thinking scary thoughts of things we cannot control like cancer.  Thoughts 7 year olds should not have to process.

We came home yesterday and as I dropped her off at school today she told me she was still sad, but she was going to think of all of the things that made her laugh when she is with her Nana.  When I picked her up the first thing she wanted to do was call her Nana.  She went to practice and then we took Baby C to the playground and thankfully I tucked 2 healthy children into bed tonight and promptly called my momma!  This too shall pass and I pray daily she beats this like she has done before, but tonight I rest in the knowledge that she knows not only how much I love her but how much my children love her and as I watched two little kiddos fight sleep I have the peace of knowing they know how much I love them.

I keep flipping to these photos of the littles from this weekend and cannot help but smile.  If you know them, then you know how much this is them...EXACTLY.

So many people have loved ones far away, going through things far worse, and I hope and pray for safe returns and happy endings, but what you control is if the people in your own life know how you feel about them so TELL THEM, because I realized last week with a click of the mouse that you can never tell people enough!