Tuesday, September 17, 2013


Did that get your attention?  I know I have blogged about my love of my Maven Boxes from Julep before, but they sent me a special I can share with you today!

Julep Maven Boxes arrive each month and are filled with everything from nail polish, to mascara to dry shampoo.  Did I mention the products are all FULL SIZED?  Some of my now favorites beauty products are Julep and I confess I probably would never have tried them without the boxes.  I discovered Julep while googling chemical free nail polishes because both Mini K and Baby C are sensitive to chemicals and I couldn't give up my mommy manicure/pedicure time.  Their polishes are now my favorite...above Essie and OPI and they have a polymer Freedom topcoat that makes your manicure last like a gel manicure WITHOUT damaging your nails.

My other favorite is their mascara.  I am slightly mascara addicted.  I have one (SMALL!) make-up bag in my purse that is only lip gloss and mascara.  I take turns applying them, how is that for honesty?  I think that a coat of sunscreen, some powder, mascara and lipgloss can make even a long night look like a good morning.

The maven boxes are $19.99 a month and come with over $40 in product.  You take a quiz to help select your profile, but here are some of my favorite things:

1.  You can "gift" your box to a friend at no additional charge and make someone's month a little brighter.

2.  You get 20% off all of your other purchases

and this one is the BEST.......

3.  Your first box is FREE when you join HERE.

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