Monday, September 9, 2013

Have You Met Ellie?

Ellie had another was PV Body, but she changed it.  "She" is still amazeballs and I think all of my friends need to know her.

I will confess I have a slight addiction to Lululemon and have been known to wear it even if I am not going/coming from Crossfit or a run, but there are only so many pairs of $100 yoga pants I can "need" before I cut myself off.  That is when I met Ellie.  Remember I said she had another name?  Well we go way back.  Think of her as a cousin to Julep Maven or Citrus Lane, but she is the cooler cousin because:

1.  You get to choose your box EVERY SINGLE MONTH

2.  If you spend too much quality time with her and need to take a break, there are no hard feeling and you can visit a month or two later

Ellie is $49.95 a month and you can pick ANY 2 pieces in the collections to arrive at your doorstep!  From tops to pants to capris to jackets and they are all AMAZING.  The quality is great and so are the prices.  You can join HERE.

My current favorites are the Copacabana Tank.  It is cut slightly longer so I don't worry about it riding up during pull-ups.

My other go-to have been the Queen of Everything legging.  I swear I think these magically "hide" 10lbs.  The do NOT stretch out and the detail at the ankles is just plain fun.

So I wanted everyone to meet Ellie, I won't be mad if you become friends.

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