Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Tuesday Tasks

My stairs have been my pick me up today.  They bring me joy.  They are a reminder that a project is complete and I am blessed to have a husband who I am quite sure is not a fan of them, but knew the animal print runner would make me happy and didn't object.  He is calm and steady and on days like today a good reminder that sometimes I take on too much.

Today was one of those days, it wasn't a bad day, but as I sit here at 9:19p.m. I feel like I should have gotten more done.  I started the day with a LONG list and a sharpie and I wanted to see only Sharpie lines by the end of the day.  Am I the only one that gets a jolt from crossing things off my list?

37 orders were wrapped and shipped, Mr. G's 10th anniversary gift arrived and is now wrapped, more new products than I can count have been photographed, 6 conference calls were completed, more emails than I want to remember were sent, but then it was 6:15p.m., the kids were home and NO I didn't have a menu for dinner planned so we went to the club, came home, read a little and off they went to bed.

So the list has been moved to tomorrow and I am resolved to wake up and get it all done WIT.  WIT in our house is what we say when we are behind, focused or being silly, it means:  WHATEVER IT TAKES.

I have to say as a working mom I really on it as a mantra along with:  Hope is not a strategy.  Let's be honest, life can be crazy being single, being married, having kids, and if I have learned nothing else it's that I refuse to participate in the debate between working moms and stay at home moms as I think ALL women work hard.  Some of my single friends make me feel completely unproductive so I do not think any one group has a lock on working hard.

Today was just one of those muddy days where I probably put too much on my shoulders.  So please excuse my venting.  I am now sitting in front of a steaming mug of caramel tea and I am starting last night's episode of Biggest Loser to escape my to do list and end the night on something that will not stress me out!

Friday, February 22, 2013

Friday FIVE

It's 10:51pm so this is still technically Friday, even if I only have 1 hour and 9 minutes to go!  This week has been crazy, this weekend I have 3 clients in town and meetings, meetings, meetings, but the reward is waiting for me next Friday and I love my clients to life is good!

This week's list is random and might seem simple and boring to some, but to me it's the little things during a hectic week that make me smile the most!

1.  Dry Bar
Some people want a chef, but I would love to out source blow drying my hair and NO I am not joking. The weather in D.C. was cold and rainy today so I squeezed in a visit to the Dry Bar and as always they did not disappoint!  Jasmine, once again had me in and out in 35 minutes and my hair is immune ot the weather!

2.  Unexpected Packages and Letters
I have gotten 3 postcards this week from friends on travel and it doesn't matter how old I am, I LOVE mail!  I took advantage in between meetings today and mailed some cards to friends just because.  This year I am dedicated to paying it forward!

3.  A catch up conversation with a dear friend that I feel like we have been having via texts for weeks.  It was so nice to actually talk on the phone and I cannot wait until tomorrow to finish the conversation.  CALL YOUR FRIENDS--no amount of texts take the place of hearing your friend's voice.

4.  A grande Starbucks blonde roast coffee in a venti cup.  Seriously, you have no idea how happy this makes me.

5.  Ebates
Now Mr. G would just say money, but this week was BIG FAT CHECK week and I always feel like a winner when I open the mail to find a nice big check for all of my cash back from the last quarter.  I am convinced Ebates becomes an addiction.  Once you sign upwww.drybar (IT'S FREE!!!) you give them your name, email and mailing address and simply log into your account and click through to your favorite sites.  You would be shocked to know how many sites I shopped via Ebates during our home construction:  Kohler toilets, sinks and faucets-CASH BACK
Ceiling Fans- CASH BACK
Mattresses- CASH BACK
The above doesn't include a little fun (C.Wonder, Nordstroms, Neiman Marcus).  I mean Incircle Points and cash back?  Thank you.
You can sign up HERE.

SO that's it for this week!  Stay warm!

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Tuesday Toss Up

Is it me, or does the first day back after a long weekend always feel insane?  I was able to cross a lot off of my list, but I am sitting here wondering how it is already 9p.m.?!?!

Last week, I picked up Baby C's needlepoint from the framer.  I had every intention of picking up Mini K's today, but didn't make it in time so it will have to wait until tomorrow.  I refuse to talk about how long these took me to make, because looking at them all framed I LOVE them.  Needlepoint is my therapy.  I zone out and just focus on one stitch at a time.  Mr. G spoiled me with a stack of Barbara Bergsten canvas ornaments and thread for Valentine's day.  I am pretty sure freshly painted needlepoint canvases and thread are the adult version of school supplies.

I also got 2 emails today that I thought I would share with all of you.  C.Wonderwww.cwonder.com is having an amazing flash sale:  think monogrammed mugs for $2.99 and tassel key rings for $6.99.  If those deals aren't enough to make you click over, C.Wonder is now on Ebates and they are offering 10% cash back on your purchases.  If you have been reading my blog for awhile you know I am an Ebates addict.  For those of you that are new or still haven't joined, what are you waiting for?  It is easy, you supply your mailing address, email address and name and simply log in to your account BEFORE you shop and click through Ebates to your favorite stores and shop as usual and the cash back is deposited into your Ebates account.  Ebates will mail you a check every quarter or you can have your cash back deposited into your paypal account.  You can join HERE.

Now I am off to show that pile of laundry who is boss, and let's be honest, I am hoping I win the battle.

Friday, February 15, 2013

Friday FIVE

Hello!  It has been a month tomorrow since my last post.  I needed to take 5, or in this case 30!  LIfe has been a little nutty with trying to unpack our storage units, settle in to the house, and plan out this next year.  In the process of that, I didn't think anything I would say was all that interesting, but I have LOVED crossing things off my to do list!

But today is Friday, Mini K is home from school for a long weekend and for the first time in as long as I can recall we have NO PLANS.  It seems like a luxury and one I am celebrating.

I promise, no more long breaks, and I plan to catch up on everyone's blog this weekend!

Now, the 5 things I am loving this week!

I thought everyone should have a surprise this weekend-40% off ALL PAPER items at the Grove with code:  CABOODLE.  You can find them all HERE and the sale runs through the 18th.

2.  Coffee Table Books
My guilty pleasure is flipping through the pages of coffee table books.  My amazon wish list is full of them.  I LOVE to give them as gifts and think that more people should.  Currently, I have my eye on this one all about the fabulous Valentino house of couture!

3.  Polymer Top Coat
This top coat was in my February Julep Maven box and it is AMAZING.  You put it on over regular nail polish and in 5 minutes it dries like a gel manicure.  My regular manicure is now going on day 15 without a chip or scratch.  I have subscribed to Birch Box in the past, but think the monthly Julep Maven boxes are so much better.  You can subscribe for $0.01 with code:

4.  No Clutter
Mr. G had our contractor install these all over and I was skeptical but now LOVE them.  Seriously order them.  No more looking for chargers as all you need is your cord.

5.  New Kicks
After foot surgery on my left foot and a broken right foot in the past 12 months, I had to get orthotics for my shoes.  The good news was I had to get new kicks.  The bad news was I had to get new kicks.  I always find shopping for running shoes frustrating and they always seem to feel different after a few runs in them.  I am happy to say that after a few runs, I love these kicks as much as I did when I tried them on and the fact that they are pink and green is icing on the cake!

I promise, I will post again this weekend and cannot wait to read everyone's Friday FIVE!