Thursday, February 25, 2010

Hitting The Road...

The wind has picked up and the snow is rumored to be on the way...AGAIN, but I am busy packing and have chosen not to think about it.

Mr. Grove and I couldn't figure out what to do for our 7th Anniversary next week, but we both wanted to get out of town! So tomorrow we are picking Mini K up a little early from school (shhhh!) and going to The Homestead. I literally cannot wait to get there. Mini K will take her first ski lesson and I am guessing won't want to leave the slopes afterwards.

Image courtesy of The Homestead

Mr. Grove and Mini K will spend the weekend skating and skiing, and I am guessing Mr. G finds time for a few rounds of skeet and we will have to have a family bowling night. I plan on spending the weekend reading, getting a prenatal massage and of course I promise to be on twitter and do a blog post on the trip. It seems a little strange to think this is the last trip we will take as a family of 3...from now on there will be 2 minis in the SUV!

It has been years since I have been to the resort, so for those of you that have been in the past year...what should be a MUST DO/SEE/SHOP?

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Let's Try This Again

I have long been a fan of Graphic Image, but this week I had to make a change. 2010 started off with my Graphic Image planner, in yellow, or what I thught was yellow when I ordered it, leather. Fast forward almost 2 months and it is filled with post its, paperclips and I realized I needed a little something more. Between doctors appointments, Mini K's countless playdates, school activities, ballet and ice skating and trying to keep up with Mr. G's schedule I needed to call in reinforcements.
So I have officially become a momagenda mom. I went with blue, and of course had it monogrammed, after all this is the year the Grove adds a little blue to all of the pink.
This week has been insane work wise and I cannot believe it has been over a week since I did my last post. Thankfully tomorrow should be calm, and the Easter candy is out at the stores so I will have all I need. I have chosen to put my fingers in my ears and close my eyes when our local weather comes on, because I am O-V-E-R winter and all of its wintery mix, windy, snowy weather.

I do have a question for you...Grove Gal E and I want to know...what product do you want us to put on special...

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Cha Cha Cha Changes....

The Grove is expecting major changes in 7 weeks, spring is bringing new additions to the PGG store as well as the Grove Household.

Mini K is anxiously awaiting her promotion to Big Sister and cannot wait to meet her little brother, who we are already calling by his initials: CJG. We have a name and as you can see the monogramming has begun.

The fabulous team at Organic Blankees were on the top of my list to call once we had chosen a name, because every newborn needs to come home from the hospital in their very own blanket and is adore their velour and satin monogrammed baby blankets. In fact, I called and ordered 2 more this week for friends that welcomed their new bundles. In my opinion, they are just simply the best personalized baby gift, and I am even thinking about ordering an adult sized one for me!

For the record, and to obey all of those new FTC pesky rules, I just LOVE Organic Blankees, I wasn't paid for this review.

Monday, February 15, 2010

My Little Girl Is Growing Up....

I needed to know what fit before I started her spring shopping, we took advantage (ok there were only so many Disney movies on DVD I could take) of being snowed in, we tried on her Spring clothes from last year and.......

You guessed it, another round of ebay listing took place as a result. So if you are a little Mini Boden crazed like I am with an affection for Lilly P., J.Crew and smocking, you can check out my barely worn (unless you are Mr. Grove and then everything was worn, worn and worn some more!) items HERE!

And with that we will be back tomorrow with a BIG ANNOUNCEMENT!!!!!!!!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Fed Ex Is My Friend, My Mailman Is Not

Only I would host a week long trunk show the week after the worst snowstorm on record. K and I are hosting a Kate and Libby trunk show, because the two ladies that usually rep the line couldn't do it this year. I have to say, yet again, our Fed Ex man ROCKS! He braved our street, with the HUGE trunk of clothes to deliver it to me yesterday. I should say our road had not been plowed at that time and we had no less than 16" of packed snow and ice on it.

I mean how adorable are these clothes? They need to be seen and more important, I need to be reminded, that all of this snow will melt and spring will bring warm weather and minis in fabulous preppy spring attire! If you are interested in the D.C., Maryland, Alexandria area and feel like stopping by, just leave a comment with your email and I will send you the details.

My mailman hasn't been seen since Thursday and I am pretty sure won't make it up to me by showing up on Monday, but I am choosing to focus on the adorable tankinis instead!

And with that, I am being sucked back into watching the short track speed skating on the Olympics.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Flew Back To Be Snowed In.....

I realize that as I type this many of you will think I have lost my this weekend I might agree with you! We headed to Florida for the weekend, more on that later, and missed "the snowstorm" here in D.C. Our neighbors sent us photos and if we didn't know there was a house under the snow, I might have thought it was just one big pile.

We were at the airport bright and early this leave sunny Florida to come back to...MORE SNOW! Mr. G is heading back down to Florida on Friday for work, but Mini K will be here. It has already snowed another 4" since we returned this afternoon.

Mr. Grove offered to go to the grocery store for us, so after a quick check out the window to make sure there were no flying pigs I happily agreed. We then discovered that Mini K's school is closed...for the rest of the week, and they have next Monday off for President's Day.

At this point I knew I would have one stir crazy 4 year-old on my hands (thank God for 4-wheel drive cars) and then Mr. Grove came home and as soon as I saw what he was carrying I considered moving into the car!

Image courtesy of Beverage Review

Yes, as if being snowed in won't be enough, Mr. Grove has decided that what I really need to deal with is him on Throwback Mountain PURE SUGAR!!!!!! I think there is only one thing I can do...make one long to-do list to harness all of that energy, or starting rocking myself in the corner. I will let you know what I decide.

Also if any of you were the purchasers of my items on ebay, they are now all boxed, addressed and ready to ship....I am just praying the mailman shows up tomorrow!

Monday, February 1, 2010

Progress with a Touch of Pink

I participated in Hopsy's Pink Swap again this year and I must confess when I opened my package I had a bit of a flashback. My amazing partner Miriam (she doesn't have a blog, but I think she should start one) is originally from the same town that my best friends from college grew up in...Alexa this one is going to scare you. There is a needlepoint store in that town that I LOVE. Right after college I purchased a key fob kit and the print was Lilly like. I adored that fob. It seems that Mini K adored it as well...she loved to twist the leather and one day, my fabulous fob became 2 pieces. The practical Mr. Grove said the important part, my keys, were saved, but I was crushed to lose my Lilly fob. I tried to replace it with a Lilly P needlepoint fob last year, but it just wasn't the same. Now why do you ask am I telling you this story...because my swap partner sent me the EXACT SAME FOB with my new MARRIED MONOGRAM. Seriously the hairs on the back of my neck stood up. Tell me it is not the cutest.
She also sent me a fabulous Lilly P ponytail holder, pink hairpins (both of which Mini K
claimed for herself immediately!) some yummy candy, and she even sent Mini K some stickers. Such a fabulous package and one that meant more to me than she will ever know!
As you know I have given myself the deadline of the end of February to list and sell all of Mini K's now too small preppy clothes on ebay. So I spent more time going down memory lane yesterday...I photographed, I wrote descriptions and I even ironed. Again Mr. Grove had to point out that I will iron for ebay, but I take our stuff to the cleaners to be pressed. And tonight I listed another batch that you can check out HERE.

I also want to say BEST WISHES to the amazingly positive and talented NINA who got engaged on Friday. She will be the most stunning bride and her fiance is a lucky man! I love that blogland and twitter have allowed me to "meet" some of the most fabulous women and I am sticking to my resolution to promote the good this year!

I am off to pack up this week's round of ebay sales so I can ship tomorrow.