Friday, April 27, 2012

Late Night Surfing

Obviously I haven't taken a trip to the ocean or been on an actual surfboard in the past 3 days, but my pain medicine has turned me into someone who can't sit still (all right I was basically like this before surgery, but this is WAY worse) and I cannot sleep. Thankfully, I have kept my ipad fully charged and have spent my nights surfing the internet looking at all of the shoes I won't be wearing for the next now almost 5 weeks!

My sleep deprived nights have left me unwilling to fight the new blogger so this post won't have photos, but it does have a lot of good deals!

I cant tell you there are some great deals out there and they are even better if you shop through EBATES. I get so many emails from friends and family saying I keep forgetting to click through EBATES. I actually keep a post it on my computer reminding me to to go EBATES first. Last year I ended up with almost $600 cash back. All of those little purchases ADD up and $600 goes a long way..that is more than we spend on our home phone and internet for an entire year.

If you haven't joined EBATES, just click HERE.

This weekend a lot of stores are offering big discounts in addition to your cash back from EBATES. So here is my Friday run down on sales for this weekend.

1. Saks is running their Friends and Family sale through April 29th. You can take 20% off your order with code: FRIENDS. When you shop through EBATES you get 6% cash back.

2. Tory Burch is also having their Friends and Fans sale this weekend. While the Revas aren't discounted, you can still get cash back on your purchase! Take 25% off your purchase with code: FRIENDS12 and get an additional 3.5% cash back on your purchase via EBATES.

3. Toms. In case Mini K isn't the only child that has had a growth spurt, or you are coveting a pair of flats, take $5 off your purchase with code: EBATESNTOMS5 and get 5% cash back on your purchase. Mini K wants a pair of red Toms.

4. Nordstroms has some really cute knit dresses that I can wear with this lovely walking cast and I can also get 6.0% cash back on my purchase when I shop through EBATES.

5. Kate Spade. I of course am in love with a pair of wedge sandals that I most certainly cannot wear for the time being, but you can take 20% off the item of your choice with code: DIVEIN20 and get 3.5% cash back on your purchase via EBATES.

6. Boden is offering 11% off their new summer items plus free shipping and returns in their latest catalog, but I found a code for 15%! Just enter: EG03. Add in the 2.5% cash back from EBATES and you have saved almost 20%, no sales tax AND free shipping.

I have said it before, I am not a big coupon shopper at the grocery store, but when I can avoid the mall, J.Crew, Old Navy, the Gap or Target, save some money and still get what the I need or the kids want, I am one happy working mother! Ebates is like my own personal reward each quarter for my job as mom to 3 (yes I am counting my husband and most of you secretly do too!)

We are evicting Baby C from his crib tonight. Something tells me he won't appreciate his new monogrammed toddler bed or bedding, but will love the freedom to make Elmo dance all night long!

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Chevron: A Whole New Meaning

Well the organized patient, would have planned blog posts, but I made sure I had plenty of maxi skirts, wedge flip flops and new baubles before surgery. What I didn't plan on was bone pain. I had pretty major surgery on my leg in college and it wasn't painful, I was back to walking 4 miles a day the day after I cam home from the hospital from delivering Mini K and Baby C. I don't say this because I think I am special, but because I was born, or so I thought, with my mother's pain threshold. Rewind to Tuesday afternoon and I was the world's biggest WHIMP! Pain meds were my best friend and I was learning the true meaning of bone pain.

My surgeon removed a large bone spur, shaved down a bunion and put in 4 screws. The procedure was called a CHEVRON procedure, but let me tell you it felt anything but chic and preppy and unless a screw is a font of monograms, it is not what I thnk of when I hear the word CHEVRON.

So in honor of the bad chevron (my foot), tonight I am going to focus on the good kind! The beauties are being added to PGG and I am taking this time of restricted movement to tweak the site a little more!

I love this clutch. It's perfect to toss into my larger tote and pull it out for a dinner out sans minnies!

We are breaking roof as Mini K calls it in 5 weeks and I can't wait to start the redecorating process and monograms will play a role of course!

It has been rainy and gross here, but how fun are these chevron placemats for an outdoor bbq.

Monday, April 23, 2012

Eye Candy

Those of you that know me in real life know that my foot has bothered me since Baby C was born.  I noticed it after I started running again.  In typical working mom fashion, I figured I could explain it away: age, 10 extra pounds and 18 months went by.  FLEW BY!

Six months ago, I finally went to the doctor, when my pride was bruised beyond belief watched my fabulous shoe friend BLOW by on our morning runs.  Well, it wasn't exactly nothing.  It was a small bone spur that left me with a splint to see if the pain would go away.  It didn't.  A month ago I went back to the doctor and the bone spur has grown, tripled and has now fractured some bones in my foot.  So tomorrow morning my left foot is having a little work done...being broken and screwed back together.  I will have the pleasure of sporting the latest in what not to wear on my foot...a horrid looking black surgical boot, in sandal season, at two benefits, when I take Mini K to camp and pretty much everywhere in between for the next six weeks.

SO what's a girl to do?  Well draw attention anywhere by my feet of course!  I have found some great long maxi skirts, some dresses, some shorts, but the real finds have been jewelry in every fun spring color under the sun.   I am not sure what makes me love this jewelry more, the fabulous lady that owns the company or the prices!  This would be yet another "friendship" via twitter and blogland and I couldn't be happier to support her business.

Birdier Baubles is a new company with a great eye for style and a lot of love for your wallet.  Their statement necklaces and cuff will leave everyone asking where you found your jewelry and leave your wallet full!

I can't wait to wear my Britta necklace.  Layers of coral beads for only $27!  It will look great with long maxis and t-shirts or paired with a white button down and black cropped pants.  It might even make people ignore that boot thing!

Or the CoCo in yellow!  I can promise you this is the LEAST expensive CoCo I have purchased or ever will purchase at only $30.  It comes in a stunning cobalt blue too.

SO if you haven't heard of Bridier Baubles you are missing out shopping elsewhere.  Oh and did I mention...shipping is FREE!

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Babies On The Brain

Baby C turned 2 yesterday and let's just say my cute little baby boy is not a baby anymore!  The big boy bed is being delivered in a week, the bedding arrived today and he spent today chasing his big sister around the backyard with a golf club screaming "Fore Sissy Fore!"  He doens't have a clue what it means, but it makes his big sister laugh and that makes him happy!

So in honor all of you just starting on the crazy journey of motherhood or those of you that are so sweet to throw a baby shower for your friends we have decided to mark ALL of our birth announcements and baby shower invites down 40% this weekend only.

YES, you read that correctly, 40%!  I have already gotten a couple of messages on Facebook thinking it is a mistake, but it is true!  Trust you, you will spend enough plenty on diapers and wipes and formula and college so save some $$$ on your announcements and announce your little prince or princess with a statement!

I framed both Mini K and Baby C's birth announcements.  I opted for a non-photo announcement and included a photo with it, but I LOVE this double card set.  One card is your announcement and the other is a photo framed in matching style.  This design comes in both pink and blue.

I love this classic blue shortall announcement for a boy.  So simple and sweet, and now two years later free of dirt, mud and all of that other "boy" stuff!

This shower invitation is one of our best sellers and one of my favorites.  I mean what is not to love about classic prep in blue and red!

We have gotten so many orders today with notes of thanks for the discount and all we can say is you DESERVE it!  Parenthood shouldn't mean changing your style, but for this weekend, it does mean saving  your money for a little something for yourself.....maybe our personalized sunglasses to hide the aftermath of those 3am feedings!

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Double Up

We came back from spring break to find our mailbox full of invites and our email full of engagement and pregnancy announcements! Who knew April would be a popular month!

So with so many events on the horizon, we figured everyone else's stationery drawer might need a little freshening up...on us! From April 18th-May 1st we will double your quantity of flat notecards or folded notes for FREE. If you order 25 notecards with return address printing, we will ship you 50 and ALL 50 will have the return address printed! Just select your card or folded note of choice and order the total quantity you wish to receive...we have adjusted the cost to reflect your free amount!

Even before we started the Grove, I have always thought that personalized stationery was a great gift. It seems the art of writing a note has taken a backseat to email, but we all still love the thrill of finding a note, just because, in our mailbox. These would be the perfect graduation or Mother's Day gift.
I love these notecards for end of the year teacher gifts!

If your little minnie is heading out to camp like Mini K, make sure to pack them some pre-addressed and stamped stationery. I already ordered these sunny yellow owl postcards for Mini K!
My mom saved the letters I wrote her from camp, and the ones I brought home and put them all into an album for me. She hid that album in my boxes my freshman year of college and I discovered it when I was unpacking! It was one of my favorite things to look through those first few weeks when I found myself missing Texas up in Boston!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

It's A Bright Sunny Day

A friend of mine's little boy asks if it is a bright sunny day out when he wakes up! Well, I hope tomorrow is a bright sunny day, because I am so excited that the Grove now carries custom engraved personalized polarized wayfarer sunglasses. WOW! That was a mouthful!

Let's just say I designed these to be just as cute on top of your head as they are on your eyes, because sunglasses really double as a headband right?
Now here is the best part, I wanted to save your shoe and handbag budget so these glasses are only $36.50!!! Yes you don't need reading glasses, they are under $40.

I think they are perfect for men and women alike. I love the our Straight Up Roman style monogram for the men in your life! I had to make up a pair for my little brother E who is now working in Phoenix.
I barely had time to unpack them and photograph them today before a client ordered our 8 pairs as graduation gifts. We are going to add personalized gift tags that say: Your future is so bright...!
I think they would also make a great Father's Day gift! I am not saying Mr. G loses sunglasses, ahem...., but if he did, these would make a great pair to keep in the car.

So before you spend a small fortune on sunglasses, click on over and order yourself a pair, or two, and put your savings toward that beach vacation!

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Sunday Style: Monogrammed Smocked Clothing

We just got home from a last minute dinner at our friends' new house. Mini K and Baby C loved playing with their kids and let's just say we are kicking the spring break is over school week off with a late bedtime. On our way home, I was thinking how much I love to blog. I know that this blog compared to others may seem like a waste of time, but I love it. This blog makes me sit down, lets me be me and gives me time to be thankful for my family, my friends and my business.

I spent this weekend catching up on emails and had more than I can count of people wanting to know where I found this or that so I have decided that on Sunday nights I am going to share my favorite thing/find/restaurant of the week.

For those of you that know me in real life you know that I am constantly sharing good deals or great quality, well tonight, I can share both!

After Baby C was born, I wanted to find customized smocked monogrammed clothes. We no longer had a Beauxs et Belles trunk show in the D.C. area and I wanted Baby C to have the same smocked bubbles that Mini K wore at Christmas...white with red.

Enter a google search and thankfully I discovered Bradley Jane. Her clothes, for both boys and girls, are stunning and check out her prices. Her clothes are custom made to fit your little ones and her prices with monogramming or custom smocked panels are less than you will find at any home show...and her shipping prices are half of what most home shows charge. The best part...if you have a big boy like Baby C she will make her bubbles larger to fit a size 2 or 3.

If you don't see the photo you want, message her! I emailed her looking for orange seersucker and she found it! She just sent us the most perfect monogrammed short sleeve romper in orange seersucker for Baby C to wear in our summer photos with Mini K!

For those of you with baby girls, her custom monogrammed smocked bishops and bubbles are perfect for beach photos, 1 year old portraits or birthday parties.

I am happy to share that Bradley Jane has offered all of you a 15% discount on your orders, ready made and custom orders, with code: Spring2012. Just enter it when you check out on etsy. I only ask that you leave a comment letting me know what you ordered as I love hearing what everyone picks out! How cute would a custom monogrammed smocked dress be in seersucker for this summer?

My theory is my kids have the rest of their lives to wear polos and J.Crew, but they are only little for a short time and I plan to dress them as little kids for as long as I can! Mini K is now 6 and picks out her own clothes, but Baby C I have for at least another year!

Friday, April 13, 2012

Push It

I thought about titling this post Rolling Right Along, but figured some of you might take offense.  We have spent the past 5 days at Disneyworld on Mini K's spring break.  While I am sure many of you are experts at posting from an iPad, my lack of posts should make you realize that I am NOT.  This trip had a few hurdles...

I am guessing most of you have seen the photos from Dallas of 18 wheelers flying through the air due to the tornado.  My mom weathered the storm fine, no real damage to her lakehouse, but the next day she slipped and broke her femur.  She insisted on coming to Disneyworld and I am thankful she was able to fly down to meet us easily thanks to some friends.  She did bring along one piece of baggage that we all wished we would never see again after her West Nile Virus:  the wheelchair.  Her favorite line to use during her recovery from the virus was "I am rolling right along."  Now before anyone takes offense or thinks she is making jokes at the expense of people who are handicap you should know she has spent the last 40 years as a pediatric physical therapist so she would be the last person to make a joke at their expense and the first to get in someone's face that did.  This is merely my mother's sense of humor.

Well Baby C had his own vocabulary.  He called the wheelchair Nanna's Ride and screamed PUSH IT all week.  It was quite the scene.  This week made me realize something about both Mini K and Baby C, even at Disneyworld their Nanna is the main attraction.  Both Mini K and Baby C have been to Disneyworld before, so Mini K at least knows about the fireworks, the parades and yes the RIDES.  We went into the park exactly one day for less than 5 hours and spent the rest of the vacation at the pool or taking turns pushing Nanna on walks or, and to be fair, most of the time watching the kids race against her in her chair.

We got on the plane today and Mini K started crying.  I thought this would be the moment she realized that she never really went into the park and yet the years were that she already missed her Nanna.

I love seeing my mom through my children's eyes.  I know I am not alone if having those moments, as both a child and an adult, where your parents get on your nerves, but watching my mom with my kids makes me keep it in perspective.

My mother will lecture me to the ends of the earth and back for posting this picture, but for me I will remember this week as the week my kids took care of their Nanna and thought it was more exciting than all of the rides in the Magic Kingdom.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Mom Boomerang

I know I am not alone, but still that moment when you realize the advice you have been giving your child might actually apply to your own life always feels like a shock. Mini K has been thinking she NEEDS everything for camp. I mean EVERYTHING as in a horse, an airplane to take her there in case US Air runs late and every gadget in between. So what's a mom to do? Well we reach into our Pretend Birkin of perfect answers & life lessons and try to teach the difference between need and want and patience. That last one gets me every single time. Patience is not my style, it should be I know, but I am honest and know it is my weakness. As some of you know, I decided to follow doctor's advice and have the bone spur in my foot removed. The surgery is in 2 weeks and the reality of being a boot and having to be patient is setting in. We are on spri g break this week and Mini K and Baby C have been logging pool and park hours and I hitting the gym at night, because in 2 weeks it is the rower and the bike only for me (I don't like either)! I have also realized the best way to hide this ugly boot is with maxi skirts. I have been coveting one from Hive and Honey for 2 months. I have ordered it, 3 times no less, and each time I get an email saying it is sold out. Well this morning it appears to be back in stock so I have ordered it...again....if the third time is a charm is the 4th time a sure thing? I hope so.
Disclaimer: I am attempting to blog from the iPad, which is harder than I thought it would be so if you just see code and not the photo of my must have chevron maxi skirt please accept my apologies,,,

Monday, April 9, 2012

Hotmail Tech Support

Full's post is, GASP, practical!  Last week, someone hacked into my Hotmail account.  Years ago I was told to pay to the $19.99 for Hotmail instead of the free account because it got you more storage and tech support.  WRONG.

There is no tech support for any type of hotmail account.  I am truly blessed to have a friend who works for Microsoft that helped me out with number to tech support and I was able to actually speak to a live person.

The email address that hotmail had saved as my back-up email address I no longer have access to, so I couldn't just have a new password emailed to me.

Fortunately, I have learned a couple of tricks in the past few days that I thought I would share with you in case you ever need them.  Obviously, I hope no one has their account hacked but, BEFORE you risk it, let me suggest the following:

1.  Print out HARD copies of any email you would be upset to lose and put them all in page protectors in binders. YES, I have now done this!

2.  Create another email account and list it as your back-up email account.

Now here are the tips from the pros.

1.  ALWAYS use the search engine if you are looking for answers to Microsoft related problems.

2.  If you ever get locked out of your hotmail account and don't have access to the back-up email address go to and type this EXACT thing into the search box:

The second entry that appears says reset your password.  Click on that.  It will ask you a bunch of questions to verify its your account suchs the email addresses of people in your address book, folder names and recent people you ahve sent emails to.  Once you answer and submit all of these they will reset your account.  This page will also let you enter another back-up email address.  I was back in my account in a matter of minutes.

Now finding out about this reset page took over a day, 4 calls to customer support, some tears and frustration, but I am now back into my hotmail.

I thought I would share it in hopes that if you google Hotmail Tech Support from a search engine other than, this post would come up and help someone out.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

The Birthday Continues

Who says birthdays can only last a day!  I remember watching an episode of Oprah late one night and it was her 40th birthday show.  She invited 40 friends to a lunch and gifted them.  I cannot think of anything more fun than throwing a party to say thank you to my friends who have stood by me through thick and thin.  I am saving that idea for the big 4-0 in three years.  Yikes!

In a lot of ways, Grove Gal E and I want to say thank you.  We know our old website needed a LOT of work and we are so happy to be getting the calls and emails from clients loving our new site!  Our goal is to reach 500 "LIKES" on Facebook to help launch our new site and once we do we will give away one of my favorite products, our carryall bag.  I love the navy and white stripe with the orange monogram...but then again it is my bag so of course I like it!

The winner can select the carryall and monogram of their choice!  Simply "like" our page or recommend our page to your friends and leave us a comment or pin your favorite Pineapple Grove Gifts product and let us know!  As soon as we hit 500 we will announce the winner.  We have gotten emails from customers asking if the carryalls are really $50, because they have seen them sold for over $70.  The answer is YES!  We started the Grove because we believe that good taste and great gifting doesn't have to break the bank.  Life is so much more fun with little luxuries and we ALL deserve them.

We  have new products coming next I just have to figure out how to post them from Mini K's spring break at Disney World.

Tonight I am tackling my "want stack" of magazine pages of things I love.  I promise I will post them tomorrow!

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Happy Birthday To Me!

What better way to celebrate turning 37 (YES 37!) than with a present to myself?!?!?  The new Grove is officially open for business and I love how it turned out!  I still have more products to add (Otterboxes, engraved sunglasses and more!), but you can now go to one site and see our own designs, our paper store and our gift items.

The Grove might as well be my third child and I wanted this new site to be a reflection on the way we run this business:  every customer matters, everyone's time is valuable, and every present should be pretty.

Now you can't have a birthday without presents, and I refuse to only celebrate for one day, so stay tuned this week as the celebration will continue!

I wanted to share our new site with you, but now I must go make "change" for the tooth fairy...she needs gold coins!  Mini K lost her remaining front tooth this evening and I don't want the tooth fairy to be in the doghouse tomorrow morning!

P.S. I somehow agreed to try this new version of blogger, i.e. I clicked yes without really reading, so excuse this post if it looks odd, because this new format is confusing!