Monday, April 23, 2012

Eye Candy

Those of you that know me in real life know that my foot has bothered me since Baby C was born.  I noticed it after I started running again.  In typical working mom fashion, I figured I could explain it away: age, 10 extra pounds and 18 months went by.  FLEW BY!

Six months ago, I finally went to the doctor, when my pride was bruised beyond belief watched my fabulous shoe friend BLOW by on our morning runs.  Well, it wasn't exactly nothing.  It was a small bone spur that left me with a splint to see if the pain would go away.  It didn't.  A month ago I went back to the doctor and the bone spur has grown, tripled and has now fractured some bones in my foot.  So tomorrow morning my left foot is having a little work done...being broken and screwed back together.  I will have the pleasure of sporting the latest in what not to wear on my foot...a horrid looking black surgical boot, in sandal season, at two benefits, when I take Mini K to camp and pretty much everywhere in between for the next six weeks.

SO what's a girl to do?  Well draw attention anywhere by my feet of course!  I have found some great long maxi skirts, some dresses, some shorts, but the real finds have been jewelry in every fun spring color under the sun.   I am not sure what makes me love this jewelry more, the fabulous lady that owns the company or the prices!  This would be yet another "friendship" via twitter and blogland and I couldn't be happier to support her business.

Birdier Baubles is a new company with a great eye for style and a lot of love for your wallet.  Their statement necklaces and cuff will leave everyone asking where you found your jewelry and leave your wallet full!

I can't wait to wear my Britta necklace.  Layers of coral beads for only $27!  It will look great with long maxis and t-shirts or paired with a white button down and black cropped pants.  It might even make people ignore that boot thing!

Or the CoCo in yellow!  I can promise you this is the LEAST expensive CoCo I have purchased or ever will purchase at only $30.  It comes in a stunning cobalt blue too.

SO if you haven't heard of Bridier Baubles you are missing out shopping elsewhere.  Oh and did I mention...shipping is FREE!

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WorthyStyle said...

I super love the Bridier Baubles stuff- I have the Boca Grande in blue and I ordered the Lulu cuff and octopus earrings in coral today. Cannot wait!