Friday, April 13, 2012

Push It

I thought about titling this post Rolling Right Along, but figured some of you might take offense.  We have spent the past 5 days at Disneyworld on Mini K's spring break.  While I am sure many of you are experts at posting from an iPad, my lack of posts should make you realize that I am NOT.  This trip had a few hurdles...

I am guessing most of you have seen the photos from Dallas of 18 wheelers flying through the air due to the tornado.  My mom weathered the storm fine, no real damage to her lakehouse, but the next day she slipped and broke her femur.  She insisted on coming to Disneyworld and I am thankful she was able to fly down to meet us easily thanks to some friends.  She did bring along one piece of baggage that we all wished we would never see again after her West Nile Virus:  the wheelchair.  Her favorite line to use during her recovery from the virus was "I am rolling right along."  Now before anyone takes offense or thinks she is making jokes at the expense of people who are handicap you should know she has spent the last 40 years as a pediatric physical therapist so she would be the last person to make a joke at their expense and the first to get in someone's face that did.  This is merely my mother's sense of humor.

Well Baby C had his own vocabulary.  He called the wheelchair Nanna's Ride and screamed PUSH IT all week.  It was quite the scene.  This week made me realize something about both Mini K and Baby C, even at Disneyworld their Nanna is the main attraction.  Both Mini K and Baby C have been to Disneyworld before, so Mini K at least knows about the fireworks, the parades and yes the RIDES.  We went into the park exactly one day for less than 5 hours and spent the rest of the vacation at the pool or taking turns pushing Nanna on walks or, and to be fair, most of the time watching the kids race against her in her chair.

We got on the plane today and Mini K started crying.  I thought this would be the moment she realized that she never really went into the park and yet the years were that she already missed her Nanna.

I love seeing my mom through my children's eyes.  I know I am not alone if having those moments, as both a child and an adult, where your parents get on your nerves, but watching my mom with my kids makes me keep it in perspective.

My mother will lecture me to the ends of the earth and back for posting this picture, but for me I will remember this week as the week my kids took care of their Nanna and thought it was more exciting than all of the rides in the Magic Kingdom.

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