Friday, July 31, 2009

T.G.I.F. from Saratoga Springs, NY

Mr. Grove and I both had a meeting for work today and tomorrow in Saratoga Springs, NY.

When we aren't in a meeting you will certainly find us at the track...and yes I packed a hat and enjoying a fabulous dinner at Wheatfields.

I may even splurge on one of these yummy cupcakes from Spa City Cupcakes, minus the cake of course, maybe I should just open up a frosting shoppe.
Happy Weekend.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Jackie, What if Life Gives You A Lemon???

Happy 80th Birthday Jackie O! This is one of my favorite photos of her. (I always try to give photo credit. This photo originally appeared in Time, according to a book I have on her, but google has a fashion blog cited!) I know many of you probably love the wedding photo or one of her more White House photos, but this photo to me captures her strength, her style and let's admit it, who doesn't want to look that amazing with 2 grown children???
There are days, when I cannot help but think of one of my favorite books by Shelly Branch and Sue Callaway. If you don't have this book, well unless you are perfect you need it. Today was just not my day...after actually having the time to have lunch with my husband, I discovered:
1. my purse had been unzipped
2. my ENTIRE wallet taken
3. i was looking forward to seeing my favorite Landlocked Mermaid, but #1 and #2 changed my previously scheduled plans

At this point I wanted to scream, did I mention I sent my passport off to finally change my name last week and I have to get on a plane Thursday? Now, if I was Jackie, well I like to think in her day, the kind of truly rude and tasteless people that steal, didn't frequent the restaurant I was at today, but times have changed.

I decided to try and make lemonade out of my lemons. I must confess the sweet tea vodka this evening made this a little easier. There were a few bright spots:
1. they caught the thief on tape...
2. i was reminded, yet again, why i love american express
3. my wallet only had $20
4. i can now purchase a new wallet

See, shopping and sweet tea vodka can solve many problems.
So tonight, after finishing what felt like phone calls to cancel, check on, or otherwise get over the stress of trying to remember everything that was in my wallet, I started looking for a new one and came across Luxury Exchange. I feel that this is almost too good to be true. Luxury Exchange is a Hawaii consignment store that has a website. It looks legitimate, but I am not endorsing as I have never ordered from them. They sell Louis, Chanel, David Yurman, Hermes, you get the drill.

I used to have a Louis Vuitton French Purse...I am not sure if I want to get another one.
Then there are a few tres chic Gucci continental wallets.

And since today really is Jackie's day, I couldn't help but look at Gucci's new Jackie O collection. These two are my favorites...and yes I know that each of them probably cost more than some people's mortgage payment, but aren't they lovely???

The classic double G embossed leather...
And the more edgy army green distressed leather. It almost bridges the biker-preppy label. I know what a combination.

So tomorrow will be a new day, I am starting it with a workout, a visit to the doctor and then off to pick up a couple of wedding gifts and yes a wallet.

Anyone want to weigh in on the wallet selection?

Oh yes, and I must finish adding our new Lilly P products to the site...

And with is time to turn off the lights and tuck myself in.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Monday Madness, Back To School, Part 1

I am in denial in regards to several things: Mini K will be starting school in 1 month and 4 days, summer will soon fade to fall, and Mini K understands the news. She was "discussing" bedtime with Mr. Grove tonight...they did not agree...her solution...let's go have a beer with President B The Rock Obama (her name and yes I have tried to correct her). Just what I need, a 3 1/2 year old who thinks beer is a problem solving agent.

I am guessing some of the other moms out there are starting to think about the school year that will soon be upon us, so today's Monday Madness is one of our favorite back to school items: The School Bus Lunch Box. I must confess I didn't ride a school bus to school, neither did Grove Gal E, but oh well. And for you godmothers, aunts or dear friends out there, this is a great back to school present. It's perfect for holding so much more than lunch...crayons, crafts, or one of my favorites:

For a girl: filled with hair elastics, a new hairbrush, and a few hair bows in the school colors
For a boy: filled with a mini flashlight, stick on tatoos, rob rocks and disposable camera

You can purchase it HERE, and this week it is on sale for $30

Now, back to my reality of getting ready for Mini K's first day of school.
I ordered Mini K the chocolate brown backpack with pink butterflies from Garnet Hill, and am hoping the fabulous Amy from The Monogrammed Monkey will monogram it for me.
Last year's wellies are a tad too seems Mini K's feet have grown 3 sizes since spring. She finally decided she wanted pink Wellies instead of the purple ones. We ordered them from and they had a coupon that automatically took 15%, plus free shipping and no sales tax.
Next, I had to tackle my Crewcuts order before they sold out of everything. She doens't have to wear a uniform in preschool, but I have put a few rules in jeans or play clothes. I am in love with these 2 ruffle shirts.

I really wanted to get her a puffer with a hood, but this one from Crewcuts is pretty cute and may be the winner if I don't see anything else.
And this little pretty might have to be my reward to getting Mini K off to school this year.

And Grove Gal E wanted me to remind all of you to become a fan of Pineapple Grove Gifts on Facebook. We will be posting the details of our holiday home if you are in Dallas or D.C. you could be in luck.

And with that, I am back to uploading new items to the PGG site.

Friday, July 24, 2009

It's Beach Club...I Mean Book Club

I have book club tonight ladies...and don't confuse this book club with one that reads historical nonfiction and discusses current events. Nope, I get enough of that at my day job. This book club is purely fiction, beach reads and I love it. It was the one New Year's resolution I had no trouble keeping and it is so nice to see my friends after a long week.

This month's book is Good Christian Bitches. (There go my google G ratings!) And before those mean commenters start on me...NO IT IS NOT ANTI-GOD.
Here is how amazon described it:
Product Description
For Heaven's sake...Never let God get in the way of a good story. Good Christian Bitches is the lighthearted tale of Amanda Vaughn, a recently divorced mother of two. To get a fresh start, she moves back to the affluent Dallas neighborhood where she grew up. In an Alfred Hitchcock Presents, Desperate Housewives on steroids style, her old friends are already out to destroy her reputation. In the whirling midst of salacious gossip, Botox, and fraud, Amanda turns to those who love her and the faith she's always known. Will the Good Christian Bitches get the best of her, or will everyone see that these GCBs are as counterfeit as their travel jewelry?

About the Author
Dallas native Kim Gatlin has spent most of her professional life in the fields of charitable fundraising and commercial real estate title sales. She lives in the Park Cities area of Dallas with her two children, Austin and Lauren. This is her first book.

In case any of you are catching up on your blog reading tonight, I do have one request. I need to break in some new brunch recipes, especially egg recipes. So if you have a favorite, please share.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Discount Thursday

Sorry I have been MIA...this week has been insane. Mr. Grove has been out of town, preppy scottie needed to go to the groomer, Mini K needed a small forest worth of paperwork filled out so she can start preschool in September and the Grove has been hoppin...I may or may not confess to finding a little time to snag some fabulous deals on shoes during the Nordstrom sale. And then there is the main occupier (did I just make up a word) of time....Mini K can't decided on which Lilly P backpack to purchase for school. The problem is not picking one, the problem is Lilly made 4 designs for fall...the problem, at least according to Mini K, is that she has to go to school 5 days a week so they need to make another one so she can have a different one each day. As long as Mini K continues her love affair with Lilly P, I can assure you they will NOT feel this economy.

It seems this week, all of our favorites are having sales. I need to find the In The Pink code and post it, but they are offering 30% ALL SUMMER merchandise.

Tucker Blair, one of my favorites, and so much less than some of those other brands, are celebrating YOU...well assuming you are one of their followers on twitter, but even if you are aren't they love you! Today only (hurry I know that only gives you 4 more hours EST) 20% off ALL FLOPS wiht code: 1000

Another preppy favorite, Vineyard Vines, is hosting their Friends & Family sale. Get 20% off (including sale items) until Monday with code: X12X. The discount does not apply to MLB, NFL or college products. I am loving this sea life tote for the pool.
And yes I will be watching the season finale of Southern Belles Louisville tonight.
Happy Shopping

Monday, July 20, 2009

Emily Lacey deal alert... it's no secret I LOVE their smocked fleeces. well they are on sale for $35 from $80 and for the next two days you can take an additionl 20% off all sale items with code TT. enjoy

Monday Madness with a Touch of Pink...and Green

I am back from Atlanta and Mini K and I spent the weekend starting to shop for back to school. Backpack..check....raibnboots, well it seems Mini K needs, and I quote "let me think about it"...this would be her response to do you want purple or hot pink Hunter rainboots. I will let you know what she decides.

Grove Gal E and I also spent the weekend getting ready for the holiday YES I said holiday shopping season. We are rolling out a new hostess program and making room for some fabulous new items. That being said we need to clear out some leftover summer items. Can you say Lilly P? This week the following items will be discounted 25%! They are NOT available on the PGG site. Email us your order at and we will send you an invoice.

The prices below are retail. This week only, take 25% off these prices on these items.

Letterpress Correspondence cards with matching envelopes: $17.95 (colors available yellow, hot pink blue)

Address and Phone Book $18.95 Patchtastic and Yeah Baby

Circle Notes $15.95 Juice Bar and Mumsie

Matches $4.50 Yeah Baby and Loco Patch

Pens $19.95 Cabanarama and Mizner Patch

Pencils $10.95

Activity Book $17.95

Large Notebook $13.95 Bees Knees

Mini Notebook $12.95 Mumsie

Napkins $4.95 Lillywood and Shaken Up

Note Card Book $14.95

Dry Erase Board $16.95 Bees Knees

Sticker and Label Book $13.95

Quantities are limited and our new holiday line will arrive shortly. Grab a cocktail or a diet coke and send us an email. We will ship all items US Priority Mail unless otherwise requested.

Happy Monday!


The Grove Gals

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Discount Thursday From ATL

Greetings from beautiful Atlanta! I just got back from a fabulous dinner on the patio at Paul's. A yummy lobster club (thank goodness I made myself run 3.5 miles at 9 minute pace), some great music, and a cold glass of rose and you have a perfect night.

I feel like everything I don't want is on sale right now and what I do want to splurge on is not. I mean if the economy is so bad, where are the Louis Vuitton friends and family sale, the Jimmy Choo recession sale, the Gucci everything is 40% off sale. Just saying...

Stila is offering 30% off purchases of $30 or more with code: LOTTA09. How often do you find make up on sale?

And if Nars is more your liking then Stila, you are in luck as well. They are offering 20% off purchases of $60 or more with code: NJ070960

One of our favorites in the Grove house, Olive Juice Kids is offering an additional 20% off sale items...including the fabulously preppy yellow Tretorns that Mini K loves so much.
Vineyard Vines is having their Whale of a Sale on pretty much everything from the summer season.
And if 25% off sale items didn't make you happy, Kate Spade is now offering 40% off all sale code needed.

That's all I got .... so it's your turn. If you know of a good deal or discount, please leave a comment and share with all of us. We are friends right?

Now I am off to figure out the yardage I need for my slipcover and drapery projects. I am in awe of people who sew. I confess I outsource, the thought of it stresses me out. I think my projects would turn out like that white shirt episode of the Cosby Show...and PLEASE for my sake, no one leave a comment stating you have never heard of the Cosby Show.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Trip Recap

Almost a week since my last post...yikes! Between orders, getting ready for market and 3 business trips in the next few weeks time escaped me. Monday Madness will be delayed by a day so I can photograph all of the fabulous that will be Monday Madness, but here is a hint, Lilly P stationery clearance ...25% off friends.

Mr. Grove, Mini K and I spent a long weekend at the fabulous Nemacolin Woodlands Resort in Pennsylvania. It was actually a work trip, but we managed to squeeze in A LOT of time for FUN. Mini K spent Saturday at Kids Camp and I did a 6 mile hike, a lunch with friends and some pool time. Mr. Grove was all fired up, literally, at the shooting school. We booked, Jordan, the worlds BEST babysitter both nights, seriously she was so amazing I want her to move in with us and be Mini K's summer nanny next year.

But the best part of the trip was the pool. I have to give you the background first...Mini K feel into my in-laws pool last summer. Falling into a pool as a toddler when you can swim might not be scary, when you cannot swim, which was the case, can create lasting fear. For the past year we have tried every swimming lesson under the sun, group, mommy and me, private, you name it. NOTHING worked, Mini K insisted on being held and/or touching the bottom of the pool, and even then cried. I was just about to think I would be the only mom of a 16 year old at the baby pool, when a friend told me about ISR. Those 3 little letters now roughly translate to MIRACLES HAPPEN in our household. Now it is a commitment. Five days a week for 10 minutes a day, but it works. Sarah, Mini K's instructor, took her from screaming in fear to squealing in delight in 4 days...I AM SERIOUS. Five weeks later, she could swim the length of the pool and would turn over and float on her back when she was tired. She could also get to the surface of the water and float fully clothed: in both winter and summer clothing.
I can tell you all of that, but a picture is worth a thousand words. This is Mini K, fearless, hands in the air, going down a water slide by herself at the age of 3. You cannot see her fabulous Lilly P swimsuit, but trust me, she was rocking her favorite lime green monkey print.
There has been a lot of mom chatter on twitter lately about teaching toddlers various things. So for those of you struggling with swimming, you might want to check out ISR. Mr. Grove and I are so thankful to Sarah and this amazing program.

I am now trying to get the house in order and catch up on all of your blogs, before I catch my next flight out of town on Wednesday....oh yeah and how exactly it is already the middle of July.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Three's Company

MM put the nesting theme in my mind earlier this summer, and when I saw this today I immediately thought it belongs on my charm bracelet. Mr. Grove started a bracelet for me when I was pregnant with Mini K, and gave me a charm for each of her milestones.

This comes in both 14k gold and sterling silver, both with the freshwater pearl "eggs".
You can purchase it HERE.

It would make a wonderful addition to a mother's charm bracelet, a fabulous baby bauble for the new mom or an unconventional baby or sip 'n' see gift.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009


I finally found my camera connector...I also must confess that Mr. Grove didn't have it...Mini K had hidden it. That child LOVES to hide things...I also found my Neimans card and $20. That is what I get for leaving my handbag unattended.

Did anyone else watch the Michael memorial service today? I must say I was drawn to watch and I still cannot figure out if his daughter wanted to speak or if she was forced. Either way her words broke my heart...

I also promised to post the photo of the giveaway...or raffle..whatever you would like to call it. So without further delay...any purchase made at PGG before next Tuesday will be entered to win this fabulous gift bundle.
A large bow block shopping list pad, a Lulu and Merie boxed stationery set, Lilly Pulitzer dress notecards, a Lilly Pulitzer address book, a Lulu and Merie playing card set in fabulous pink and green and 2 ribbon key fobs.

Happy Shopping!!

Monday, July 6, 2009

Monday Madness, and a Giveaway Too!

I promised myself I would get this post done today. Let's be honest my Monday Madness posts have been tardy at best lately. We have gone a little insane at the Grove this week..maybe it was the 10 straight days of rain, the 6 hours drive that turned into a 9+ hour drive yesterday, or the catty comments I directed at Wes, aka country superstar never gonna happen, on the Bachelorette tonight, or that I am so over the 24/7 coverage of Michael Jackson...I don't think I needed to know he was being buried without a brain... just being honest.

Regardless this week EVERYTHING is included in the Monday Madness....just enter code JULY15 for 15% OFF your ENTIRE PURCHASE. And in honor of Mr. Oxi Clean himself, Billy Mays, WAIT THERE IS MORE...anyone who makes a purchase this week on the website will be entered into a drawing for a giftbag of over $100 of fabulous fun. I have a picture of the giftbag, but unfortunately my camera cord to connect it to my laptop is in Mr. Grove's car so I will post it tomorrow, but here is a preview: a set of pink and green preppy playing cards in an acrylic holder, a preppy pink crab notepad and cards set, Lilly P. circle notes, a preppy key fob and so much more.

Here are some of our current favorites and what the Grove Gals are giving this summer...
I decided to embrace the 10 straight days of rain in downpour style with these Wellie Notepads...even my lengthy to-do list looks better on happy shade of green. At $38 for 2 notepads, they make a perfect gift for the summer babysitter that has made your weekly mani/pedi so much more pleasant.

Summer means engagements, weddings and new homes and this is my favorite go to gift! Perfect for serving cocktails and at 10" it can work in the office, the bar, or by the front door....I always think keys, change and mail somehow look organized if they are all IN something.

We have gone BPA FREE in the Grove and LOVE these stainless steel skinny and cubby bottles. The chubby ones also come with a sippy cup top. They have been big birthday and baby shower hits. A personal touch, for something you need everyday.

This is my favorite children's gift to give this summer...for a boy or a girl. You may not go to the pool everyday, but you can pretend you are eating poolside with this placemat...I wrap it in cellophane with a plastic sand shovel and some candy that reminds me of the beach...taffy, a giant lollipop, a bag of bright colored gumballs and a box of animal crackers and it is always the hit of the party.
I confess to having one of these on my bedside table and one in my office. The tear off sheets stay nice and organized until I need to take one with me to keep me on track. They are the BEST mother-in-law gift and perfect to add to a bag full of treats for your bridesmaids.

These are Mini K's current notecards. They have the perfect amount of writing space in my opinion. And we all know my opinion, pink and green is ALWAYS in style.
And last, but not least, the perfect hostess gift for those fabulous friends who invited you to their fabulous lake house, beach house or city house...a personalized paperweight or coaster set...we have a pattern or style for everyone.

There is one thing I keep in mind when gifting...a present is something special, not something you need. Yes, I know some of you will think in this economy, practical rules, but remember how let down you felt when you tore back the pretty paper to find...SOCKS or something just as boring when you were younger. Well if it wasn't fun then, it isn't fun now. So give the unexpected and have fun wrapping it up..that is half the fun.

It is now 12:01am, aka Tuesday, but at least I started the Monday post on Monday.

I am off to dreamland.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Home At Last

4 ENTIRE DAYS with NO INTERNET ACCESS and I feel completely out of touch. Thankfully, I had the iphone so I could somewhat keep up on twitter and email. I know there was life before the internet, I am just starting to think I wasn't as informed on all of the important things: discounts, my friends' every movements and blogland.

Our usual 6 hour drive turned into
an 8.5 hour drive today and a much need rest stop at Hershey's Chocolate World in Hershey, PA. I think Mini K might be the only one who didn't mind the traffic!

My MIL is doing great after having hip replacement surgery 3 weeks ago and Mini K took advantage of the wide open space and the extra long driveway to ring in Independence Day in her own independent way...ON A BIKE. Seriously, when did my baby girl become big enough to ride a bike?
I also was able to sneak in a quick trip to the outlets, and will post some photos of my fabulous finds tomorrow. I will leave you with one discount code before I tackle the task of unpacking and catching up on the PGG work I wasn't able to do as a result of no internet access.
20% off at Tory Burch with code: TORYGILT, but hurry it expires on the 7th.