Tuesday, July 7, 2009


I finally found my camera connector...I also must confess that Mr. Grove didn't have it...Mini K had hidden it. That child LOVES to hide things...I also found my Neimans card and $20. That is what I get for leaving my handbag unattended.

Did anyone else watch the Michael memorial service today? I must say I was drawn to watch and I still cannot figure out if his daughter wanted to speak or if she was forced. Either way her words broke my heart...

I also promised to post the photo of the giveaway...or raffle..whatever you would like to call it. So without further delay...any purchase made at PGG before next Tuesday will be entered to win this fabulous gift bundle.
A large bow block shopping list pad, a Lulu and Merie boxed stationery set, Lilly Pulitzer dress notecards, a Lilly Pulitzer address book, a Lulu and Merie playing card set in fabulous pink and green and 2 ribbon key fobs.

Happy Shopping!!

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KK said...

I was just going to watch a minute of the MJ memorial but I was drawn to watching it too--the whole 3+ hours! His daughter BROKE MY HEART!