Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Jackie, What if Life Gives You A Lemon???

Happy 80th Birthday Jackie O! This is one of my favorite photos of her. (I always try to give photo credit. This photo originally appeared in Time, according to a book I have on her, but google has a fashion blog cited!) I know many of you probably love the wedding photo or one of her more White House photos, but this photo to me captures her strength, her style and let's admit it, who doesn't want to look that amazing with 2 grown children???
There are days, when I cannot help but think of one of my favorite books by Shelly Branch and Sue Callaway. If you don't have this book, well unless you are perfect you need it. Today was just not my day...after actually having the time to have lunch with my husband, I discovered:
1. my purse had been unzipped
2. my ENTIRE wallet taken
3. i was looking forward to seeing my favorite Landlocked Mermaid, but #1 and #2 changed my previously scheduled plans

At this point I wanted to scream, did I mention I sent my passport off to finally change my name last week and I have to get on a plane Thursday? Now, if I was Jackie, well I like to think in her day, the kind of truly rude and tasteless people that steal, didn't frequent the restaurant I was at today, but times have changed.

I decided to try and make lemonade out of my lemons. I must confess the sweet tea vodka this evening made this a little easier. There were a few bright spots:
1. they caught the thief on tape...
2. i was reminded, yet again, why i love american express
3. my wallet only had $20
4. i can now purchase a new wallet

See, shopping and sweet tea vodka can solve many problems.
So tonight, after finishing what felt like phone calls to cancel, check on, or otherwise get over the stress of trying to remember everything that was in my wallet, I started looking for a new one and came across Luxury Exchange. I feel that this is almost too good to be true. Luxury Exchange is a Hawaii consignment store that has a website. It looks legitimate, but I am not endorsing as I have never ordered from them. They sell Louis, Chanel, David Yurman, Hermes, you get the drill.

I used to have a Louis Vuitton French Purse...I am not sure if I want to get another one.
Then there are a few tres chic Gucci continental wallets.

And since today really is Jackie's day, I couldn't help but look at Gucci's new Jackie O collection. These two are my favorites...and yes I know that each of them probably cost more than some people's mortgage payment, but aren't they lovely???

The classic double G embossed leather...
And the more edgy army green distressed leather. It almost bridges the biker-preppy label. I know what a combination.

So tomorrow will be a new day, I am starting it with a workout, a visit to the doctor and then off to pick up a couple of wedding gifts and yes a wallet.

Anyone want to weigh in on the wallet selection?

Oh yes, and I must finish adding our new Lilly P products to the site...

And with that...it is time to turn off the lights and tuck myself in.


kp said...

What a rotten day!!! I vote for a Prada wallet-I love mine and it holds all my stuff. I am a huge Jackie fan-embarrasingly, I not only own a million books about her, I am the proud secret owner of 2 Jackie dolls-they are hidden in my closet! Hope tomorrow is a better day! xo

Sandra said...

Thank goodness it is on camera. And oh we do love AMEX!! Hope tomorrow is better!! xoxo

Summer Wind said...

I really like the classic LV wallet

a. said...

That photo was taken in October of1971 (the year I was born!) on Madison Avenue by Ron Galella - the godfather of the U.S. paparazzi culture!

I will have to check out that site. I love my black Gucci hobo bag. Best investment!

Headbands and Hand Bags said...

She is such a beauty!

AnneG said...

You should really try using Bing and not Google for your Internet searches. Unlike Google, Bing won't take your Personally Identifiable Information and use it without your knowledge, or allow it to be breached so that someone can steal your identity -- 10 times worse than having a wallet stolen. Just saying... Although having your wallet stolen sucks, too. Sorry :(
As for the new wallet, I like the traditional continental G wallet in your post with the traditional G colors -- brown, red, green. I guess I am just traditional...

Anonymous said...

That is my favorite photo too.

I love Jackie and lately have tried to behave more like her. I definitely ask myself "what would Jackie do?" on a daily basis. Btw that and prayer it has really helped.