Thursday, December 9, 2010

NYC Bound

This week has been insane. The least of my problems has been 2 hours spent at the UPS distribution center today, because it seems that 3 boxes have been out for delivery since Monday...they must be walking the boxes to me. Livid, well I am passed that emotion. I should crawl up and go to sleep, but Mini K deserves a treat after this week!

So the Grove Gals (yes Grove Gal E is coming too!) are heading north. Crossfit will not be in my plans, but the hotel gym will be a must visit if only because of what we have planned.

IN no particular order:

Levain Bakery: I will say I cannot go to the city without finding an excuse to swing by...I blame it on the chocolate and the peanut butter. I promise to take a photo and then you will understand

Alice's Tea Room: Mini K has never been and I cannot wait to take her

Magnolia: Mini K calls it the flower frosting store. I guess you can figure out what is her favorite part

Dylan's Candy Bar for an event

American Girl Doll Store (Mr. G calls it the 3rd ring of hell!) for afternoon tea

The Rockettes: This will be Mini K's first time seeing the Christmas show. I remember going to NYC every Thanksgiving when I was little. We would stay at the Plaza and go see The Rockettes.

Lilly P: You didn't think we would miss the sale on Friday did you?

But tomorrow we are paying a special visit to Mini K's current favorite: The Eloise Store.

I promise photos and to come back in a better mood.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Stocking Stuffer Sale..Stock Up!

In an effort to clear out before the new year brings our new stock we have marked down all in stock Lilly Pulitzer 30%. These items are NOT on our website so you need to email us to place an order and we will send you a paypal invoice or you can call us with your credit card number. All orders will ship same day via USPS priority mail with delivery confirmation.

Take 30% off the prices listed below. Hurry and order, because we have limited quantities and these prices are too good to miss! Place an order by emailing us at

iPhone Covers (these fit 3g and 3gs iphones) $19.95
Coral Me Crazy-3 available
Don't Be Koi-2 available
Checking In-3 available

10oz Water Bottle $14.95
Desert Tort-1 Left
Later Gator-5 available- 2 Left

20oz Water Bottles $17.95
Checking In-4 available
Coral Me Crzy-3 available

Oh Shift! Dress magnets (set of 5 magnets) $12.95
3 Left

Watch Set $19.95
Patch Day-2 available- SOLD OUT

Umbrellas $24.95
Checking IN-2 available- 1 LEFT
White Zin-3 available- SOLD OUT

Placemats $5.95
Desert Tort-2 available
Later Gator-4 available

Market Totes $10.95
Creme Fraiche-2 available
Just Add Lemon-1 available

Fill In Inivitations $12.95
Taboo-2 available- SOLD OUT
Cabanarama- 2 available

2011 Desk Calendar with Easel $19.95
2 available- 1 LEFT

Box of Assorted Enclosure Cards $16.95
7 available

Pens $19.95
Coral Me Crazy-2 available
Checking In-4 available
Animal Crackers-1 available

Highlighters $9.95
5 available- 3 LEFT

Pencils $11.95
7 available- SOLD OUT

Plates & Bowls $9.95 each
Desert Tort Bowls-2 available
Desert Tort Plates-2 available
Later Gator Bowls-4available
Later Gator Plates-4 available

Mousepad Notepad $15.95
Cabanarama-7 available

Large Notebook $15.95
Little Master of The House-4 available

Mini Pocket Notebook $13.95
Desert Tort-4 available
Crabtastic-4 available

Mini Pocket Agenda $15.95
Don't Be Koi-1 available
Checking In-3 available

Pom Poms $13.95
4 available
Fireplace Matches $9.95
Private Property- 2 available- SOLD OUT
Don't Be Koi-2 available- SOLD OUT

To place an order email us at