Thursday, May 28, 2009

How Stinkin Cute???

I love shopping for other is the main reason why I started PGG.  I keep a log of what I gift everyone for each occasion, because I wouldn't want to give the same thing twice.  For people whose monogram I know, I keep that in the sheet, same goes for anything they may collect or favorite colors.  I know, type A.

I also know things I love to when I find products that fit into both categories, I am one very happy lady.  In this case, the designer is a friend so it's even better.  

Look for these on our site this weekend, in lots more designs, and if you just can't wait until then, email me!

These adorable girls nightgown, come personalized, in the design of your choice, and come in sizes 2T, 3T or 4T.  They are so soft, 100% cotton and I know Mini K will love twirling in hers.  

Gift Hint:  For all of you ladies who don't have kids this is a great baby shower gift.  I got so many newborn outfits, I confess many were donated with the tags still on them.
I love these nautical t-shirts.  Spell out a name, a beach house name or a boat name.  The shirts come in short or long sleeve versions and retail for $20 or $25 for the long sleeve style.

Gift Hint:  These would be great for the kiddos to wear in your holiday card photos.
And for the monogram lover that has everything?  How about a more modern take on personalized bedding?  High quality pillowcases sold individually, by the set or in packages of 10.

Gift Hint:  A set of 10 pillowcases with the same design sell for $125 and come individually wrapped in cello bags and tied with a ribbon.  These would be great favors for sleepovers, camp care packages, big-sis little-sis events for sororities, or a unique hostess gift.

Because I love to hear from all of you...what do you think?  And yes, in addition to my type-AAA personality, I love giving all things personalized.  Your gift should ALWAYS be as unique as the person you are gifting.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Y'all, Styrofoam, Pellet Ice, Mommy Cocktails and Other Necessities

I know I promised you a peek at our new products tonight, yet photoshop decided to go join the dark side tonight, so you must wait for tomorrow.

Be excited.  

Now I need to vent a little.  I live BELOW the Mason-Dixon line.  Why is this important you ask? Because when one lives BELOW the Mason-Dixon line, there are certain things that one should expect...without fail...

Such as?

1.  I say y'all and doesn't mean I am not smart, it means I from the I make fun of you for saying POP and WICKED?  No I don't.

2.  Diet Coke should be served in a styrofoam cup...yes I mean YOU, rude man from the drive thru at McDonalds, I know you have rules that ONLY the sweet tea can be served in a styrofoam cup.  I didn't ask you to break the rules.  I ordered a large sweet tea with ice, hold the sweet tea and a large diet coke.  I will pay you a $1 for the styrofoam.  ( Nina, feel free to steal this idea)

3.  EVERYTHING is coke, there are certain kinds of coke, such as dr. pepper, pepsi, sprite, but coke describes them all.

4.  Pellet Ice...if you want a customer for LIFE serve pellet ice and I will be there.

5.  I have waited 2 weeks for the ABC store (yes the horror we can only purchase alcohol in a state owned store) for my Firefly Sweet Vodka and Firefly Peach iced Tea Vodka to come in.  Yet today I was told, no one drinks that stuff so we won't be carrying it.  Can someone please tell me when the South gave up drinking?  If we did football season just won't be the same.  Now tell a Southern Gal she can't have her cocktail and she will find a way.  That way is a very nice online store in New Jersey.  And while it is illegal to ship to Virginia, remember the state SHALL make ALL PROFITS on liquor, it can be shipped to D.C.  And the best part, the vodka is on sale and the price difference pays for the shipping.  If you are in my neighborhood on Friday night, come join me for a Mommy Arnold Palmer.  If you haven't tried your order.
6.  Tomorrow is my selfish trifecta..a haircut, a pedicure and our housekeeper comes.  I will be on cloud nine tomorrow night lovelies...I may even do a giveaway.

7.  I am starting to think Grove Gal E is a figment of my imagination...I can hear her voice, but I think her day job office is holding her hostage...NOT JOKING

8.  And because we all know I just have to have a project, my Christmas Shopping List for EVERYONE on my list is now complete and entered into Excel so I can start checking off the box.

9.  And how could I forget, my friend K and I are taking a road trip next Thursday-Friday.  I am not going to think about what Mini K's hair will look like when she arrives at school, because I have already warned her teacher and she will fix it for me.

Now since I can't make a cocktail, I am off to make one stiff Crystal Light Fruit Punch.   I know, glamorous right?

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Eye Candy

I have always loved MZ Wallace...with the way handbags today are priced, these are a great price point.  These are some of my favorite styles from her current line.  Nylon, durable and perfect for Grove Gal E and I to throw all of our needed items for a PGG trunk show and still feel chic instead of bag lady.

Speaking of PGG...we cannot wait to show you some of our new girls nightgowns tomorrow.  They make a perfect going to camp gift, birthday gift or send your little princess off to her first sleepover in style.  And while we wished these fabulous supersoft cotton gown came in bigger sizes, the princesses are the only ones in luck.  For now....

And YES I am watching RHONJ.

Monday, May 25, 2009

For Those Who Serve

Image courtesy of the Memorial Day Project.
Thank you to all of the men and women who serve this great country so that we may live our lives in freedom.  Some of you made it home and some of you did not.  You and your families live in sacrifice each and every day and for that we are a truly grateful nation.

To al of my fabulous readers, the next time you see a man or woman in uniform take the time to go up and say thank you!  It is a small gesture and one they ALL DESERVE.

For those men and woman serving in battle today, come home when your job is done and know that a nation awaits your safe return.

Our prayers and thoughts are with you today.

God Bless America!

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Enough People

I have had it!  You won't hear me vent here too often, but sometimes I really lose faith in humanity, or for that matter what people teach their children.  In the past 24 hours I have received not 1 but 2 emails from bloggers saying they are either going private or stopped blogging all together due to rude and inappropriate comments or contact.  

One of the blogs I have read for a year and cannot say enough good things about the blogger...she has manners, class, is respectful and always other words, I am working hard as a parent because I want Mini K to grow up with those same values.

It's no secret that I started this blog to help me introduce PGG to the amazingly intertwined blog community.  Along the way, I have "met" some truly amazing people...people I have grown to email with, talk to on the phone or in some cases have met in person.

To put this in perspective, I no longer live in the South (although I miss it dearly every single day), but in Washington, D.C. ...and let's be honest D.C. is no longer a place where people play nice or fair.  My expectations for blogworld were a little higher...I was wrong.

If you don't like something you read, here is a suggestion...STOP reading the blog.  If you feel some super human power willing you to leave a comment sign your name.  Seeking someone out just to be hateful, in my opinion, is a true reflection on your character...or lack of character as the case may be.

I had such a fun post planned for tonight, but just didn't feel right ignoring the elephant in the room.

This always makes me wonder, who, in this day, has the time or energy to go from blog to blog or taking it well beyond a blog comment into emails and more to be mean?  I would like to believe these people are going through a troubling time, and will, in time, be mortified by their actions...but for now I am stunned that rock bottom wasn't low enough for some people.  Some people got a shovel and started digging.

And who wants to be covered in all of the dirt and mud slinging when this weekend kicked off white jean season paired with my favorite tunic.

Venting I NEED a glass of wine!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Discount Thursday..A Big One

The discount gods, must have read my mind, because do I have some discount codes for you.  When I started the Thursday post tradition I never really thought there could be life without discount codes, then everything seemed to be on sale no code needed.  But today grab a pen, a monogrammed sheet of paper (if you don't have one, you can purchase HERE), and a fountain diet coke, in a styrofoam cup, with pellet ice, oh wait...that is what I have been doing.

In the Pink is having a Memorial Day sale, 40% off the ENTIRE kids Spring Collection with code: 0525.  I am loving this skirt for Mini K.
The ever fabulous Lizze at the Daily Stroll introduced me to the amazingly talented Alejandra Kearl.  She is the designer behind these adorable embroidered dresses...the best part this week is not their regular price of $38...yes I put the numbers in the correct order, even though I have paid $80+ for dresses like this for Mini K, but this week you get to take 20% off with code: daily, and there is more FREE SHIPPING.  Hurry friends, hurry.  And for those of you without minnies, this dress in a 2 or 3T would leave your fellow baby shower guests with their jaws dropped.  You can purchased them HERE.
No code needed with this one...Kate Spade if offering an additonal 30% off all sale merchandise in stores and online.  I don't know about the rest of you, but I didn't think the Rue La La Kate Spade shoe deals were that great.

J.Crew is not really on my good side right now.  I do love their spring styles, but enough with the constant sales.  Remember when their prices were lower, you purchased more, and didn't even care if it was on sale?  Lately I refuse to pay full price, because you know items will not only go on sale, but with an additional 20-30 or 40%.  This weekend the 20% off is for both regular price and sale merchandise.  I am still on the fence.
Here is a new one for you...I will admit, I have never ordered from this company, but I think their starfish earrings are adorable...perfect for a trip to the beach.  ALL of their silver earrings are 20% for Memorial Day weekend.  Check them out HERE.
My calorie free addiction to buttercream continues...Jaqua is having a sale on shower cremes, all are 30% off with code: TREAT4U

I have been working out and running for years trying to lose a couple of inches off of my thighs...then I purchased my NGR shoes from Bliss.  Six weeks later, those inches are GONE.  So whether you purchase the NGR shoes, or one of their other fabulous spa products, take 15% with code: 059909

A. Tierney is also running another 20% off discount through memorial Day with code: memorial09

Happy shopping!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Hump Day Happiness

I love this time of year.  You can feel the kids at the park get more excited with each passing day as summer vacation gets closer.  I went to the club to workout tonight.  With everything that has been going on, I hadn't been there in a few days, and as I walked to the fitness center I realized the chaise lounges are out, the pools are filled and ready to open on Saturday and the tables and chairs are in their places on the roof deck.  I have always felt like summer, rather than New Year's is the beginning.  And as anyone who knows me knows, May = the peonies are in bloom.  My favorite flower of all time.  I once heard that the White House staff gave Mrs. Reagan a pillow that said "peonies bloom in may"...what it didn't say is that they aren't always the easiest plant to grow.  So far I have been able to snip 5 blooms off my 1 plant and seeing them  on the counter make me smile.

Grove Gal E and I had a goal this year to build the business from more of a hobby into well a real business.  I want to say thank you to so many of you who have become our LOYAL know we will email you, even if it is 3am, with designs or items we think you will like.  I got to see one of our best clients last night, and got an email from another one today.  It made me realize how lucky I am to have this business.  Most of the time, actually 99.9% of the time, our clients come to us to celebrate life's greatest joys, weddings, births or adoptions, moves, parties, and please know Grove Gal E and I honored to help to set the tone and plan for these events.  Your orders throughout all of Mini K's medical issues have always brought a smile to my face, and made me remember all of the happy times and the stressful ones will go away.

Mr. Grove today said he thinks the blog world is like for friends.  I rolled my eyes, and went on my way.  Then I started many of you I email back and forth with, comment on your blogs, yet you could walk by me on the street and I wouldn't know you at all.  Mermaid ALWAYS reminds me that you cannot take life for granted.  Nina is the kind of girl I hope my brothers will marry someday, well only 1 of them. A, well A, is just one classy lady that makes me laugh.  And MM, well I think she has found a way to add hours to the day...I mean seriously you are going to MAKE a radish wreath and sit through 7 innings, YES 7, of a baseball game and still cook, YES COOK, dinner.  And KP, well KP is my new addiction...I may or may not have emailed her to order yet another little happy.

I am not a sappy person, but I do believe in saying thanks, so thanks for making me smile in our crazy world.  I hope one day I am able to meet you all in person.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Monday Madness Discount..YES I Know It's Tuesday

Before everyone tells me it's Tuesday, I KNOW.  But I have a problem, I needed 26 hours in my day yesterday, and you know what?  I only got 24...  Something had to give.

In exchange for my being a day late, I will be the one a dollar short...or make that 5...this week only our best selling wall decal pattern will be on sale for $20 instead of $25.  

You can purchase it HERE.

I have this on the wall in Mini K's bathroom, and despite constant splashing it is in perfect condition, 2 years later, no peeling, bubbling or lumps.

It is the perfect item to spruce up a dorm room, apartment or bathroom.  We have client to put one on her large mailbox and another who used it to personalize her trash cans on her back entertainment space.

As for catching you up on everything else, I am watching RHONJ which means I am sitting here with my crystal light stunned and speechless.

Monday, May 18, 2009

So So Sorry

Were you wondering if I had turned my back on blogging?  I promise the answer is no!  But after really long days...all of my creative quips and post ideas were just not in me.  But I will fill you in...

The Toast to Fashion was a lot of fun, one INSANE patron, but in hindsight it makes you realize not to sweat the small stuff...the best part you ask?  I was able to meet Becca from Ball and Buck.  She is an absolute doll and I ordered a new hoodie for my post workout attire and a new short sleeve tee.  Cannot wait for them to come in.  I also picked up some fabulous new Tottie Bean clothes for Mini K.

Friday and Saturday were spent with Mr. Grove, Mini K and some great friends.  For those of you that follow me on twitter you know Grove Gal E had a whirlwind day early morning flight to NYC, a full day at the Stationery Show and a late night flight back home.

Aside from picking up some fabulous, I mean fabulous new lines for PGG, we were able to meet the STUNNING Kristin Pearce (and may or may not have purchased some truly fabulous bracelets and a necklace for Mini K from her), grabbed a diet coke with Miss Preppy Paper Girl( the only other person I know who is crazy enough to remodel a house, while living in it, with a baby..don't judge), and the one and only Monogram Momma.  The show, due to the economy, wasn't as big this year, which actually meant we had time to work and time to chat with our new and old friends!

Our favorite will be seeing them shortly but here are our Top 5 Finds:

5.  Fireplace matches from Lilly Pulitzer (Grove Gal E noticed that I have a dress in every print they come in!)...the best part they are only $12..a perfect hostess gift or stocking stuffer 

4.  Clippies that stick to stainless steel in great modern and chic designs...yes, if you are like me and hated that you couldn't put any magnets on your stainless friedge we now have the solution..and they will sell for $6...put a couple in a cello bag and tie with a bow and you have a great grab and go gift

3.  Lilly Pulitzer boxed enclosure cards for only $16...30 cards in an adorable box..seriously they look like they would be much more expensive

2.  SMENCILS...can you guess what they are?  If you guessed colored pencils that are scented you are correct

1.  Personalized pillowcases and little girls nightgowns...let me tell you these are ADORABLE!!!!  Perfect for your little princesses sleep over party favor, or a set with the couples new monogram, or for your favorite graduate to keep his/her college linens in their place.  And the ruffled nightgowns...if only they came in my size!  Super soft cotton, a short sleeve ruffle and the personalization of your choice.  

Now I should have just gone to bed when I got home last night, but you see I had started reading our book club book, The Ex-Mrs. Hedgefund.  Well, I ended up staying up until 2am and finished the is a great summer fun read.  GO GET THE BOOK.  Now what should I read until book club on June 12th???

I am also confessing for all of you to see that YES I am watching the Bachelorette, and counting the days until the pool opens this Saturday.

The Monday Madness deal will be posted tomorrow...hint, it will be one of the decals...a great gift for the graduate in your life or to spruce up the room of your choice.

Now off to catch up on all of your fabulous blogs.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Tomorrow, Tomorrow....

I have been running around like a mad woman this week.  Mini K and Mr. Grove were laughing at me running around the kitchen tonight.  You see, tomorrow is the Toast to Fashion that benefits the Campagna Center of Old Town Alexandria.  The center provides, tutoring, after school care, daycare or summer care to youth in Alexandria.  Like many non-profits, the economy has left their fundraising a little depressed.  There are so many children in need and this is a great event for a great cause.  So PLEASE pass this on to any of your friends in and around the Nation's Capitol!

The other fun thing about tomorrow....I get to FINALLY meet the fabulous Becca from Ball and Buck.  The Toast to Fashion will be featuring her t's in the fashion show and she wil be selling her shirts at the Fashion Marketplace.  I am hoping she has the hoodies because I will be making a purchase.
Now don't think for one moment I have forgotten about dinner tomorrow night.  While I am enjoying a night of friends, fun, fashion, and let's be honest, a cocktail, Mini K and Mr. G will be dining on braised bbq short ribs, homemade mac 'n' cheese, green beans and I made Paula's banana pudding.  And no I am not June Cleaver, I am just on a mission to get Mini K to bed ON TIME every night this week.  

I promise to post photos of the event, especially since my Lumix arrived today!  I am wearing a green and white Lilly P. dress from the Jubilee collection.  Actually I think it looks more Tibi than Lilly, but I love it.

Now wake yourselves up if this stream of thought post put you to sleep, or better yet sweet dreams.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009


I ran late the entire day today and just got on my laptop to find out I forgot to plug the charger into the wall .... that about sums up my crazy day.

It was a beautiful day in the city today and it made me remember how blessed I am to live in a city so many people come to visit on vacation (but really if you don't live here please realize we drive our own way...we aren't mean, we are just always running late).  I managed to run 4 miles when I got home and am so happy I started running again.  I truly owe it to blog world as so many of you inspired me to take it back up.

But now...I am sinking fast, into my down sofa, with my crystal light peach iced tea and awaiting the trainwreck that is Real Housewives of New Jersey.  I know I am not alone...even if you won't admit it.

I also have a new addiction...La Mer is going to be so disappointed in me...Mor Cosmetics lip delight lip balm.  It is so good PGG might have to start carrying it.

And I need your help...I can't figure out polyvore so here is my photos this Saturday and I can't decide what to wear.  I am thinking white jeans and a white tunic for me, green chinos and a white button down for Mr. Grove and Mini K in a great white dress with mexican style caftan embroidery on the front.  Mini K will then change and we are having photos of just thinking her pink and green Lilly P flossie dress and a Lilly P skirt with monogram shirt...all with matching bows of course, because we know her addiction.

I know I know I owe you photos of these choices...I will get myself in gear.

Get the acrylic nails polished and open the wedding hall doors...RHONJ starts now!

Monday, May 11, 2009

Monday Madness...for the graduate, the new homeowner, yourself

I am in denial that it is now raining...AGAIN.  Nothing against Seattle, but I am starting to think I am living in the water rather than in the city during spring...which by the way...spring come back and chase the rain away.

Since the weather is NOT cooperating with me, this week's Monday Madness deal will make you feel springy and won't empty your wallet.

This framed wall art is 10x10" and has all of my favorite colors.  It is the perfect gift for graduations, that first new home, or the picky tween on your list.  It is framed with plexiglass so that means you can hang it in a bathroom and it won't damage.  I have one in Mini K's bathroom it adds that perfect punch of preppy in a small space.

You can purchase it HERE this week for the discount price of $30.

On a separate note, for those of you in the D.C. or Alexandria area check out the Shop Campagna Kids Card...great discount and VIP first chance shopping opportunities at some of your favorite stores.  I will also let you in on a little secret...the next discount coming is a 90 minute dermabrasion facial for .... wait for it... $75.  In my book that pretty much equals FANTASYLAND.