Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Monday Madness Discount..YES I Know It's Tuesday

Before everyone tells me it's Tuesday, I KNOW.  But I have a problem, I needed 26 hours in my day yesterday, and you know what?  I only got 24...  Something had to give.

In exchange for my being a day late, I will be the one a dollar short...or make that 5...this week only our best selling wall decal pattern will be on sale for $20 instead of $25.  

You can purchase it HERE.

I have this on the wall in Mini K's bathroom, and despite constant splashing it is in perfect condition, 2 years later, no peeling, bubbling or lumps.

It is the perfect item to spruce up a dorm room, apartment or bathroom.  We have client to put one on her large mailbox and another who used it to personalize her trash cans on her back entertainment space.

As for catching you up on everything else, I am watching RHONJ which means I am sitting here with my crystal light stunned and speechless.

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