Monday, May 18, 2009

So So Sorry

Were you wondering if I had turned my back on blogging?  I promise the answer is no!  But after really long days...all of my creative quips and post ideas were just not in me.  But I will fill you in...

The Toast to Fashion was a lot of fun, one INSANE patron, but in hindsight it makes you realize not to sweat the small stuff...the best part you ask?  I was able to meet Becca from Ball and Buck.  She is an absolute doll and I ordered a new hoodie for my post workout attire and a new short sleeve tee.  Cannot wait for them to come in.  I also picked up some fabulous new Tottie Bean clothes for Mini K.

Friday and Saturday were spent with Mr. Grove, Mini K and some great friends.  For those of you that follow me on twitter you know Grove Gal E had a whirlwind day early morning flight to NYC, a full day at the Stationery Show and a late night flight back home.

Aside from picking up some fabulous, I mean fabulous new lines for PGG, we were able to meet the STUNNING Kristin Pearce (and may or may not have purchased some truly fabulous bracelets and a necklace for Mini K from her), grabbed a diet coke with Miss Preppy Paper Girl( the only other person I know who is crazy enough to remodel a house, while living in it, with a baby..don't judge), and the one and only Monogram Momma.  The show, due to the economy, wasn't as big this year, which actually meant we had time to work and time to chat with our new and old friends!

Our favorite will be seeing them shortly but here are our Top 5 Finds:

5.  Fireplace matches from Lilly Pulitzer (Grove Gal E noticed that I have a dress in every print they come in!)...the best part they are only $12..a perfect hostess gift or stocking stuffer 

4.  Clippies that stick to stainless steel in great modern and chic designs...yes, if you are like me and hated that you couldn't put any magnets on your stainless friedge we now have the solution..and they will sell for $6...put a couple in a cello bag and tie with a bow and you have a great grab and go gift

3.  Lilly Pulitzer boxed enclosure cards for only $16...30 cards in an adorable box..seriously they look like they would be much more expensive

2.  SMENCILS...can you guess what they are?  If you guessed colored pencils that are scented you are correct

1.  Personalized pillowcases and little girls nightgowns...let me tell you these are ADORABLE!!!!  Perfect for your little princesses sleep over party favor, or a set with the couples new monogram, or for your favorite graduate to keep his/her college linens in their place.  And the ruffled nightgowns...if only they came in my size!  Super soft cotton, a short sleeve ruffle and the personalization of your choice.  

Now I should have just gone to bed when I got home last night, but you see I had started reading our book club book, The Ex-Mrs. Hedgefund.  Well, I ended up staying up until 2am and finished the is a great summer fun read.  GO GET THE BOOK.  Now what should I read until book club on June 12th???

I am also confessing for all of you to see that YES I am watching the Bachelorette, and counting the days until the pool opens this Saturday.

The Monday Madness deal will be posted tomorrow...hint, it will be one of the decals...a great gift for the graduate in your life or to spruce up the room of your choice.

Now off to catch up on all of your fabulous blogs.


a. said...

I've had smencils for a couple years - love 'em and have them at my desk :-)

Sandra said...

Those new finds sound wonderful!! Love the matches and enclosure cards ;-) Exciting! xoox

kp said...

I just got home! I am so tired but had the best time. Loved meeting both Grove Gals! Now I am dying to get everything I ordered. Talk soon! :)