Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Y'all, Styrofoam, Pellet Ice, Mommy Cocktails and Other Necessities

I know I promised you a peek at our new products tonight, yet photoshop decided to go join the dark side tonight, so you must wait for tomorrow.

Be excited.  

Now I need to vent a little.  I live BELOW the Mason-Dixon line.  Why is this important you ask? Because when one lives BELOW the Mason-Dixon line, there are certain things that one should expect...without fail...

Such as?

1.  I say y'all and doesn't mean I am not smart, it means I from the I make fun of you for saying POP and WICKED?  No I don't.

2.  Diet Coke should be served in a styrofoam cup...yes I mean YOU, rude man from the drive thru at McDonalds, I know you have rules that ONLY the sweet tea can be served in a styrofoam cup.  I didn't ask you to break the rules.  I ordered a large sweet tea with ice, hold the sweet tea and a large diet coke.  I will pay you a $1 for the styrofoam.  ( Nina, feel free to steal this idea)

3.  EVERYTHING is coke, there are certain kinds of coke, such as dr. pepper, pepsi, sprite, but coke describes them all.

4.  Pellet Ice...if you want a customer for LIFE serve pellet ice and I will be there.

5.  I have waited 2 weeks for the ABC store (yes the horror we can only purchase alcohol in a state owned store) for my Firefly Sweet Vodka and Firefly Peach iced Tea Vodka to come in.  Yet today I was told, no one drinks that stuff so we won't be carrying it.  Can someone please tell me when the South gave up drinking?  If we did football season just won't be the same.  Now tell a Southern Gal she can't have her cocktail and she will find a way.  That way is a very nice online store in New Jersey.  And while it is illegal to ship to Virginia, remember the state SHALL make ALL PROFITS on liquor, it can be shipped to D.C.  And the best part, the vodka is on sale and the price difference pays for the shipping.  If you are in my neighborhood on Friday night, come join me for a Mommy Arnold Palmer.  If you haven't tried your order.
6.  Tomorrow is my selfish trifecta..a haircut, a pedicure and our housekeeper comes.  I will be on cloud nine tomorrow night lovelies...I may even do a giveaway.

7.  I am starting to think Grove Gal E is a figment of my imagination...I can hear her voice, but I think her day job office is holding her hostage...NOT JOKING

8.  And because we all know I just have to have a project, my Christmas Shopping List for EVERYONE on my list is now complete and entered into Excel so I can start checking off the box.

9.  And how could I forget, my friend K and I are taking a road trip next Thursday-Friday.  I am not going to think about what Mini K's hair will look like when she arrives at school, because I have already warned her teacher and she will fix it for me.

Now since I can't make a cocktail, I am off to make one stiff Crystal Light Fruit Punch.   I know, glamorous right?


Anonymous said...

Okay so I'm screaming over this post -- DYING over the McD's part of course. WHAT A GREAT IDEA. I'm totally using it! Thank you so much from the bottom of coke-filled heart!!!! Good night, friend.

Landlocked Mermaid said...

I am digging that trifecta!! I love it. enjoy. xo

Lindsay said...

I love that you put your Christmas List into an Excel spreadsheet! That's right up my type A alley!

Hillcrest Acres said...

Pellet Ice...I'm with you. Love it in my soda.

Black Labs and Lilly said...

I tried Firefly last summer while visiting some friends below the MD line, it is fabulous, but not a chance it can be found all the way up in Boston! Enjoy!!

Grove Gal K said...

A mommy arnold palmer is

crushed iced
2 parts pink lemonade to 1 part firely fly sweet tea vodka
lemon slice
and it must be served in a footed glass or to go cup, but obviously not behind the wheel

The Spence Family Blog said...

Can't wait to have my mommy arnold palmer after this baby arrives!

ms. mindless said...

i am obsessed with firefly. some abc store in arlington carry it. i know because i may have sent my fiance on a wild goose chase a few months ago and told him that he could not come home without a handle of it or else. he found it. i will ask him which store carried it!

Sweet Bea said...

I love pellet ice. It's one of those things that I don't think about, but when someone mentions it (or I actually find it!) I can't STOP thinking about it! :)