Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Eye Candy

I have always loved MZ Wallace...with the way handbags today are priced, these are a great price point.  These are some of my favorite styles from her current line.  Nylon, durable and perfect for Grove Gal E and I to throw all of our needed items for a PGG trunk show and still feel chic instead of bag lady.

Speaking of PGG...we cannot wait to show you some of our new girls nightgowns tomorrow.  They make a perfect going to camp gift, birthday gift or send your little princess off to her first sleepover in style.  And while we wished these fabulous supersoft cotton gown came in bigger sizes, the princesses are the only ones in luck.  For now....

And YES I am watching RHONJ.

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tintarosa said...

Too funny! I say purse, not pocketbook. Pecan sounds like "pecon" not "pee can". You can find the pee can in the bathroom.
As for the pellet ice, I know every convience store between my home and downtown San Antonio that has my favorite ice. Sonic is usually the location of choice. Whataburger will work in a pinch.
Haven't tried the vodka. Will look for it next time I'm at the store. What's in a Mommy Arnold Palmer?
Oh a couple more...South of the Mason Dixon you say bucket, not pail. You will see a friend in a crowd and say "Hey" with a wave instead of nothing at all.