Sunday, October 31, 2010

Oh Fudge!

I have so many photos to download to catch you up on our weekend. We had a new product debut at lacrosse today and they were a HUGE hit. Mini K ran the Marne Corps kids marathon yesterday and trick or treated like a champ today. I promise to fill you in tomorrow, but for now our Halloween is over and since turkey is not my thing, I am starting to plan my Christmas baking schedule. I need to do a lot of baking this year, because Grove Gal E and I discovered these fabulous containers and some chic gift labels so now I must fill them up!

I am thinking of picking a day and posting recipes, but let's not get crazy! I love to make fudge. Honestly, I have never purchased food on etsy, but I typed in fudge tonight and some great looking sellers appeared. So here is my question/request:

Have you ordered food on etsy? If so who is your favorite seller?


Will you share your favorite fudge or holiday baking recipe with me?

In the meantime, I am going to convince myself that these beauties are calorie free!

Classic Chocolate Fudge by New England Candy Company on etsy. They also sell bacon chocolate...not sure your cardiologist would approve...

Chocolate Mint Fudge by Sexy Stitches on etsy.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Lilly Deal Alert

A deal is a deal and I couldn't resist sharing it with all of you! Today flew by and when I finally got to my email I ws so happy to find a message from In The Pink.

Guess what? The ENTIRE fall line is 30% off...including activewear. I couldn't resist picking up the Babs wrap in Green. I already have it in black and I adore it!

I also picked up the Half Moon cropped pants...I chose the navy as I am not brave enough for the pink.
But the item I think EVERYONE needs is the Norma fleece wrap. I have the pink and navy striped version and adore it. I wear it with everything from my workout clothes to jeans. How cute is the pink and pink version?
So if you have a Lilly item on your list to purchase, I would head on over before everyone else beats you to it!

I almost forgot...the 30% off discount code is: 1028

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Tuesday Tidings: Bottled Up

This week's giveaway is something we use in our house everyday. It is Mini K's favorite thing to pack for school: her Lilly water bottle!
We know you will love it as much as we do! Hydrate in Lilly style.

You Get 1 Entry for Each of the Following:

1. Follow this blog
2. Leave a comment with your favorite item in the Grove!
3. Follow Us on Twitter (Grove Gifts)
4. Become a fan on facebook
5. Retweet this giveaway on twitter
6. Post about our giveaway on facebook

Sunday, October 24, 2010

The Juggle

I think every working mom knows what I am talking about it...that feeling that hits you at least 20 times a day where you wish, just for a second you could figure out how to create that extra hour so you could get it all done. That was me this weekend.

The fall is our second busiest time next to May-June, and we LOVE our clients. I am pretty sure I love to shop when I get an email from a client asking us to do ALL of their holiday shopping for them. I love sending them ideas and photos regardless of the budget. I think we all love to watch someone open a gift and know they love it and said gift didn't break your budget.

When asked, what should I get so and so, my answer is always the same: something they would never or rarely buy themselves. In this economy, I think that is even more important. In my book that usually means something monogrammed. We were blessed with four of those emails this weekend. I promise to post what everyone decided on, but yesterday was spent in a blur of orders that left me on the sofa at 11pm THANKFUL. I love this business. I love that is has nothing to do with my day job, that it allows me to be part of the happy occaisions of others and that is gives me more than a few excuses to personalize or monogram just about anything. What is often does not give me is the ability to stare at my computer screen for 18 hours a day updating the website! If only I had magical powers of product uploading. Santa are you listening to my request? Oh wait...I think I know Santa's website ability!
I still think this is one of the best under $20 gifts. The bracelet comes on a white or light pink silk cord and a percentage of the proceeds go directly to Locks of Love. A perfect present for a friend, that tween on your list or a little something to wear yourself to remind you to not take your blessings for granted! You can purchase it right HERE.

We love these door hangers. They are perfect for a baby's room, no boys allowed, the bathroom, or to say We are around back!

This morning started with the first of 2 planned photo sessions of Mini K and Baby of which had better leave us with a Christmas card photo. I don't if I have mentioned that baby C is really in no hurry to do anything but eat, sleep and smile. I am not complaining but propping a 20lb baby boy up against his very girlie big sister is quite a workout!

After photos we had our annual neighborhood Halloween parade. In her continuous love affair with Food Network's Cupcake Wars, she went as a CUPCAKE.
She had so much fun and now the kiddos are asleep and I am processing orders for birthdays, holiday cards and more! So if you have a list and you don't see it on our site, just email us, we are here, and shopping is our love!

Remember to let us help take a few people off of your list...check out this week's Tuesday Tiding's as 2 little boys can get a FREE monogrammed water bottle. They will ship out on Wednesday and so far not one person has entered with that name. Hint. Hint.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Something Extra

I LOVE to give books as gifts, under one condition: I ALWAYS inscribe the book. I love going back through books that have been given to me and seeing the date, occaision and who gave them to me. The next time you give a book, I suggest you remember to write a little something on the inside.

I hate wrapping books in wrapping paper. So last year I started giving a personalized bookmark with each book, wrapped them both in a cell bag and tied it with what else but grosgrain ribbon!

These bookmarks will be in the Grove shortly, but until then just email us and we can customize one to your needs: school or favorite colors, icons, with or without monogram. The only problem you will have is too many options! At $10 they are a great way to personalize a gift for little cost.

Some of my favorite books to give:

For Babies and Children:

For a Hostess Gift

For Friends

For Clients

For The Men In Your Life

Just a few gift ideas for you in case you are in a book state of mind!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Tuesday Tidings

You didn't think we would forget did you? It's Tuesday Tidings! Last week we focuse don organization, this week it's all about boys and their toys.

Two specific boys. Our giveaway is for two water bottles with the attached snack cups on the bottom. The bottles are ALREADY personalized in a camo print with red and green letter and name.
Here is the must be a Kyle or a Tommy. To enter the rules are one entry for each of the following:

1. Follow the blog
2. Friend us on Facebook (
3. Follow Us on Twitter: Grove Gifts
4. Tell us who the Kyle or Tommy is in your life...son, grandson, nephew, neighbor, you get it

Winners will be selected next Monday and we hope this helps you knock someone off of your gift list.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner

If you were hoping for a fabulous recipe post on a Monday night, well you obviously don't know me at all!

Grove Gal E and I are entering orders as fast as we can, but I wanted to post the getting organized winners!

Lilly 2011 Agenda: Landlocked Mermaid
Lilly 2011 Agenda: Stone Hill Farm
Lilly Address Book: The Pink Tutu
Lilly Address Book: Always A Northerner

So ladies email me where you would like your goodies shipped, and if they are a gift let me know and we will wrap and and ship them for you and include a note.

Happy Monday!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Tween Tidings

I will admit it, the tween years scare me more than a pair of white patent shoes, after Labor Day attached to legs in black stocking wearing a red satin dress. Category 5 fear.

Well two of my sweet neices have entered the zone known as Tweenville. So in my quest to knock out all of my Christmas shopping I spent a little time (in case Mr. G is reading) doing some research on what to get them that would pass the tween stylemeter (it seems to be tougher than Rachel Zoe on the red carpet) and yet wouldn't leave me feeling like I was gifting an 18 year old.

Fortunately, both of them play sports. These sweatshirts would be perfect in their school colors. I know some of you are thinking Grove Gal a sweatshirt, but look down's got grosgrain ribbon and a monogram. I'll admit it is so preppy it might make me get up for 5:15am crossfit. Who are we kidding, but I love this! You can do the softer combos for little ones, but I am thinking navy sweatshirt with hot pink and white ribbon for tween #1 and a white sweartshirt with lime and black for tween #2. Mostly Monograms is a local store, but in D.C. and texas local is a relative term. It means if you aren't located within 5 miles of my house I am having it shipped. Judge if you will, but my D.C. and Dallas friends are reading this in agreement.
The same company also makes these cardigan sweaters. Such a fun way to pop your collar when the weather turns cooler.

Christmas stockings are a very big deal in the Grove house. I could do an entire post on the decision making process I am putting myself through in slecting Baby C's needlepoint stocking. So I always send a little stocking stuffer. If you don't have a pen out get one, because this is one of my favorite go to online boutiques to stock the gift closet...I confess it is pretty much the only non-Grove item in the gift closet. JoJo Loves You or as I call it I Love JoJo. If you don't know about this gem, literally, say hello to bling! That would be baby bling and her mama big bling! I think the tweens are going to be sporting some pink bling, but the new pearl bling would be perfect for travel, work or any other old reason. The best part...the prices. And no you don't need a new pair of Chanel or Lilly P readers, your eyes are working. I will say the bling needs a warning label, because it seems to just find its way to your shopping cart.
Since we are all friends here, who is the hardest person to shop for on your list? maybe we can help! And in case anyone is wondering, no one paid me to say these nice things, like every product I rave about on this blog, I paid the money. I figure if I bought and love it you might too!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Tis The Season For Discounts

And we are all friends here so I thought I would share with you! (and make myself feel a little less guilty as I shop!!!)

This weekend is the Kate Spade Friends and Family sale. Everything is 25% off in stores and online. If you shop online, there is also FREE shipping!
In the Pink is offering 30% off the fall collection for minnies with code: 1013

The ORIGINAL needlepoint belt company, and in my opinion the best, Smathers and Branson is offering FREE belt monogramming with code: monogram10

And to help you plan a little ahead..the Sephora Friends and Family Sale is October 22, 2010-November 3, 2010 with code: FF2010

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Are You Organized? Tuesday Tidings

We are kicking off a new tradition at the Grove: every Tuesday between now and Christmas we will be hosting a giveaway, or in this week's case 4! You never know what the item might be, but the entry rules will stay the same. It's our way of saying thank you for a great 2010 and our hope that we will be a small part of your holiday shopping. If you don't see something on our website send us an email or DM us on twitter as we would love to help you!

I find myself asking that question a lot these days...I confess mostly to myself! The holidays and 2011 are right around the corner and we want to help you get organized!

Despite my iphone, twitter, facebook, etc I still keep addresses for our family Christmas cards in an address book. It is worn and tattered and has more than a few scratched out addresses, anniversaries, birthdays, and cards or invites that I couldn't part with tucked in the pages but I cannot part with it. Whenever I address invitations or Christmas cards it is like a stroll down memory lane. Am I alone?

So to help you get ready for your card addressing or all of your New Year's resolutions we are giving away 2 Lilly Pulitzer address books and 2 Lilly Pulitzer mini 2011 agendas.
You get 1 entry for each of the following:

1. Follow this blog
2. Leave a comment with your favorite item in the Grove!
3. Follow Us on Twitter (Grove Gifts)
4. Become a fan on facebook
5. Retweet this giveaway on twitter
6. Post about our giveaway on facebook

Sunday, October 10, 2010

It's Boo'd Time Bark Style

Mini K is finally old enough this year to understand my family tradition of Booing people...other than Aggies at football game! I know this is not unique to my family, or just the South, so ignore this post if you already know this tradition.

To BOO a house you essentially make a treat and note letting them know they have been
BOO'd, ring the doorbell and run! In theory you don't sign the note, but Mini K wants people to know she played a sweet trick on them so we signed ours. So watch out if you are in our neighborhood, because Mini K is playing tricks!

Our treat of choice this year is candy corn bark and it came from my twitter/blogworld friend Miss M...if you haven't read her blog you are missing out!
White Chocolate (we did another batch with dark chocolate as well)
crushed preztels
crushed Oreos
and of course candy corn

place candy corn, Oreos and pretzels on a cookie sheet covered with wax paper
melt chocolate
pour over cookie sheet
let harden and break apart
We place ours in cello bags and tied with preppy Halloween grosgrain ribbon and our BOO'd notes!
This is a great recipe to do alone or with little helpers.

Tomorrow is a school holiday and we have quite the day planned. Tomorrow is our self proclaimed Big Sister Day..Mini K's good friend R became a Big Sister a week ago tomorrow so the girls are going to spend the afternoon together...I think I see mani/pedis and ice cream in their future!

Hope y'all had a great weekend!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Bags and Shoes

I love the idea of one bag being both a top handle and have the ability to be a cross body bag.

LOVE the chocolate brown leather Boston Bag from Gucci.
But am also drawn to the Louis Speedy in this new encre would go with black, brown and navy.

This Louis Delightful might as well be called the kitchen sink, because that is pretty much what I would put into it! I don't carry a diaper bag, so the one big bag is a plus these days.
Now for the shoes...I have a slight Reva addiction...I refuse to count how many pairs. My thought is if its a classic, fits well and doesn't hurt your feet: buy in bulk.
I have been on the fence about navy shoes, but love these lizard navy Revas.

I wore out my first pair of leopard Revas years ago, and for awhile they only made them in the little girls sizes, but now that they are back, well my closet misses them!
Camo and preppy? I think so, plus wouldn't they be perfect to wear when Mr. Grove is hunting...they would be good hunting moral support, in style, indoors and without the guns.

What's everyone's must have fall purchase this year.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Wrap It Up..

We have been enjoying fall weather for all of 4 days and I have a new obsession. This time it's not paper, but another kind of wrap.

If you haven't checked out Lilly's new fall line, then let me introduce you to fleece, and cotton and cashmere and even sparkle! I'm talking about the new line of wraps. My collection started with the Norma fleece wrap...ADORE! If you don't own it, buy it. I wear it with my Lilly yoga pants to Mini K's lacrosse, to crossfit, to the store, well you get the idea.
I had purchased a cashmere Weslee in purple last spring, but will be adding this new jewel green one to my collection. Since I pretty much just wear black, chocolate brown and dark charcoal from head to toe for work, I rely on my wraps and jewelry to brighten my outfits up.
Then I saw the Babs wrap in apricot...and it is reversible. You know I keep it real here so it shouldn't be a surprise that my kiddos spill, or grab me with grubbie little fingers so I love the idea of a quick turnaround and I am fresh and stain free again.

Then came the Babs cable cashmere...hello cashmere AND Lilly, twist my arm, but only after I hand over my I need to decide on a color.
Of course I had a little helper as I was clicking through the Lilly site, and Mini K can spot sparkle a mile away. I think her exact quote was "Momma, this will match my Tommy shoes!" Yes the TOMS shoe craze has hit the pre-K group and Mini K loves to wear her hot pink peace sign shoes. Well, in this case I think she might be correct, how adorable is this gold metallic Minnie Shere sweater? I think it might solve my constant battle of bribing her to wear a sweater.
The presents can wait, for now I am wrapping myself up in Lilly!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Rolling Right Along

It seems that fall is FINALLY here to stay...the temperature has dropped, but my crazy schedule just keeps on going!

Our good friends welcomed their own Baby C into the world yesterday. A beautiful daughter and our Baby C is practicing his flirting between meals of course!

I love this time of the year...fall is like one big anticipation season...we see so many of our wonderful Grove clients and everyone is starting to think of the holidays. There is a joke in retail that October starts the 3 best months of the year. In Texas, fall isn't so much a season as it is football season, but in D.C. the leaves change, the tourists leave and you can really get out and enjoy the city.

This fall, Baby C will be with us and I realized today I am not prepared! So tonight I set out to order a shopping cart cover and stroller liner for him. Friends always ask me what baby gear I really use and what is more an extra. I confess with Mini K I thought both of these things were extras...until I received them, and used them, and realized how much easier (and comfortable) they make life.

With Mini K I ordered the liner and cover from Itzy Ritzy and I will be placing another order....just as soon as I can make up my mind on the pattern!

The stroller liners are great for the chilly weather. We have both the Bugaboo Frog and BOB stroller. We are also blessed to live in a neighborhood that enables us to walk everywhere. So many footmuffs cover the front of your little one, but when the winds blows, their backs can get so cold. This liner blocks the chill from behind and the stylish fabric is just a bonus!

The shopping cart cover from Itzy Ritzy also doubles as a restaurant high chair cover. Do you need one? I have one word: GERMS. DO you still think these a
frivolous purchases? I think not.
Now if only I could design between the chic circles and preppy whales...thoughts???

If any of you are trying to decide on a gift, I promise the mom to-be, mom and/or baby will thank you!

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Weekend Recap

We survived the weekend! We couldn't have asked for more perfect weather yeaterday for Baby C's baptism. The ceremony was lovely, and Mini K loved the fact that the chapel overlooks her school and most importantly the new school playground. She was qute disappointed that baby C merely had water "poured on his head" she was hoping for a full on dunking. Ahhh the joys of sisterly love!

I opted for a brunch buffet...mainly because I was doing all of the cooking. The menu ended up being:

an amazing coffee cupcake ..thanks Monogram Momma for trusting me with such a special recipe
my monkey bread recipe..think extra butter and sugar
cold pea and bacon salad
strawberry cheese ring...I make this for every event and it is always the first thing that is gone
sausage balls

My friend Dawn, the talent behind Monster Cookie Co. did these adorable cookie favors to match the invite. I love how they turned out!

And no Catholic baptism would be complete without alcohol so we had:
champagne cocktails
a bloody mary bar

Baby C was actually awake during the baptism and slepted during the kind of baby!

We were truly touched that everyone made the effort to attend.

I never thought I would say this, but I am ready for the week to many orders to deliver, a trunk show on Friday that we are looking forward to and our dear friend K is having baby girl #2 tomorrow...we cannot wait to meet her!

Friday, October 1, 2010

Tricks Already

Am I the only one that cannot believe it is October 1st???? This week charged through the grove and left a few tricks in its path.

Mr. G forgot to tell me we were having a new porch installed on when I returned home I was a little surprised to find no way in the front door...and my key to the side door inside the house! Yet another reason God invented takeout. The porch is finished...the painters are coming next week because soggy is an understatement.

And for those of you in the D.C., you have probably spent the last two days thinking the same thing I have....I love my Burberry trench but seriously did Seattle move east?

Baby C's baptism is tomorrow...tomorrow in brunch in my fabulous caterer that was going to take care of everything so all I needed to do was drive home from the church...
well he had a family emergency (that I completely understand!) and had to cancel yesterday.

I spent far too much time trying to find a plan B then looked at my two hands and realized I was plan B.
So the new plan is to survive tomorrow and then I am turning my focus on decorating for fall...and for those of you that live near me...get ready because Mini K and I have big plans for the Boo season!

This photo is from two years ago, but I clicked on it by accident in iphoto tonight and it made me remember some sage advice from my mom..." only you know what your original plan was, only you will know what goes everyone else a cocktail and a smile make it perfect."

So tomorrow the menu might not have been my first choice, and heaven knows I hadn't planned on doing dishes, but I cannot wait to take some photos of Baby C in the same gown Mini K wore and be thankful that this year I am blessed with two little pumpkins!