Sunday, October 17, 2010

Tween Tidings

I will admit it, the tween years scare me more than a pair of white patent shoes, after Labor Day attached to legs in black stocking wearing a red satin dress. Category 5 fear.

Well two of my sweet neices have entered the zone known as Tweenville. So in my quest to knock out all of my Christmas shopping I spent a little time (in case Mr. G is reading) doing some research on what to get them that would pass the tween stylemeter (it seems to be tougher than Rachel Zoe on the red carpet) and yet wouldn't leave me feeling like I was gifting an 18 year old.

Fortunately, both of them play sports. These sweatshirts would be perfect in their school colors. I know some of you are thinking Grove Gal a sweatshirt, but look down's got grosgrain ribbon and a monogram. I'll admit it is so preppy it might make me get up for 5:15am crossfit. Who are we kidding, but I love this! You can do the softer combos for little ones, but I am thinking navy sweatshirt with hot pink and white ribbon for tween #1 and a white sweartshirt with lime and black for tween #2. Mostly Monograms is a local store, but in D.C. and texas local is a relative term. It means if you aren't located within 5 miles of my house I am having it shipped. Judge if you will, but my D.C. and Dallas friends are reading this in agreement.
The same company also makes these cardigan sweaters. Such a fun way to pop your collar when the weather turns cooler.

Christmas stockings are a very big deal in the Grove house. I could do an entire post on the decision making process I am putting myself through in slecting Baby C's needlepoint stocking. So I always send a little stocking stuffer. If you don't have a pen out get one, because this is one of my favorite go to online boutiques to stock the gift closet...I confess it is pretty much the only non-Grove item in the gift closet. JoJo Loves You or as I call it I Love JoJo. If you don't know about this gem, literally, say hello to bling! That would be baby bling and her mama big bling! I think the tweens are going to be sporting some pink bling, but the new pearl bling would be perfect for travel, work or any other old reason. The best part...the prices. And no you don't need a new pair of Chanel or Lilly P readers, your eyes are working. I will say the bling needs a warning label, because it seems to just find its way to your shopping cart.
Since we are all friends here, who is the hardest person to shop for on your list? maybe we can help! And in case anyone is wondering, no one paid me to say these nice things, like every product I rave about on this blog, I paid the money. I figure if I bought and love it you might too!

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Grace Fontana said...

Thanks for the Bling, stocking and Monogrammed item ideas -- perfect Christmas solution for several girls we are shopping for!