Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Rolling Right Along

It seems that fall is FINALLY here to stay...the temperature has dropped, but my crazy schedule just keeps on going!

Our good friends welcomed their own Baby C into the world yesterday. A beautiful daughter and our Baby C is practicing his flirting skills...in between meals of course!

I love this time of the year...fall is like one big anticipation season...we see so many of our wonderful Grove clients and everyone is starting to think of the holidays. There is a joke in retail that October starts the 3 best months of the year. In Texas, fall isn't so much a season as it is football season, but in D.C. the leaves change, the tourists leave and you can really get out and enjoy the city.

This fall, Baby C will be with us and I realized today I am not prepared! So tonight I set out to order a shopping cart cover and stroller liner for him. Friends always ask me what baby gear I really use and what is more an extra. I confess with Mini K I thought both of these things were extras...until I received them, and used them, and realized how much easier (and comfortable) they make life.

With Mini K I ordered the liner and cover from Itzy Ritzy and I will be placing another order....just as soon as I can make up my mind on the pattern!

The stroller liners are great for the chilly weather. We have both the Bugaboo Frog and BOB stroller. We are also blessed to live in a neighborhood that enables us to walk everywhere. So many footmuffs cover the front of your little one, but when the winds blows, their backs can get so cold. This liner blocks the chill from behind and the stylish fabric is just a bonus!

The shopping cart cover from Itzy Ritzy also doubles as a restaurant high chair cover. Do you need one? I have one word: GERMS. DO you still think these a
frivolous purchases? I think not.
Now if only I could design between the chic circles and preppy whales...thoughts???

If any of you are trying to decide on a gift, I promise the mom to-be, mom and/or baby will thank you!

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Beantown Prepster said...

You're giving me baby envy. I love the whales. I think Baby C will look adorable with the whales :) PS- Am in NYC this coming weekend. Totaalllyyyy not the same without you! I might have to make another trip to Le Vain in you honor. I owe you a cookie or 5 :)