Friday, July 30, 2010

It's Trunk Show Time

One great thing about owning a business as a mom is meeting others in the same boat. I love being able to support other businesses and have fallen in love with the clothes from Kate and Libby. I mean what's not to love about the monogrammed girls swimsuits, or dresses, or bubbles or tunics or nightgowns...but then we found out baby #2 was going to be our little prince Baby C and the boys clothes were suddenly in my arena!
So here are some of my favorites from the fall line..obviously Mini K won't be wearing a ruffle romper, but I still think it is adorable! If you are in the D.C. or Alexandria area just email me or leave a comment and I will send you the address.

Show hours are:

This weekend by appointment

Tuesday, August 3rd: 11am-4pm
Wednesday, August 4th: 11am-4pm
Thursday, August 5th: 11am-4pm and 6-9pm
Friday, August 6th: 11am-4pm

We have the trunk at Casa Grove all week so if these times don't work for you just let me know and you can come by for your own shopping date!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Water, Water Everywhere

Look what is coming to the Grove....we are in love with our new water bottle designs! They will be on the site tomorrow and under $30...the perfect way to make your morning workout a little more or to make sure your kids know which bottle is MINE. Mini K can introduce you to the word MINE...the problem is when she says MINE it usually involves my shoes.

We are so excited to introduce you to our new products and will be kicking off the fall shopping season with a giveaway next week.

For those of you in the Washington, D.C. area or for your friends that live in the area we are having a Kate and Libby trunk show August 3-5th. The clothes are adorable for fall and as always their monogrammed seersucker swimsuits are a must have for your little prepster! Just email us and we will give you the show details or to set up an appointment...come shop and join us for a cocktail!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Just Around The Corner

We are heading to Nemacolin on Friday...Mr. Grove, myself, Mini K, Baby C and thank God Miss J is coming with us! I had everything laid out tonight so packing tomorrow would be easy and Mr. Grove's comment was the spare bedroom looks like the cutting room floor of a Lilly manufacturing plant. Only a man would compare clothing to a manufacturing plant!

This might sound strange, but my favorite time of year to waer Lilly Pulitzer is fall. I know I should say spring, or summer and I wear it then too, but there has always been something about the fall collection that I must have...okay who are we kidding and this year is no different.

I have heard rumors there will be some pieces designed for yoga and I promise you they will be in my closet. Mini K has one request for pre-K and that is she wear Lilly her first day of school. She did last year...and come to think of it wore it on the last day as well!

The Grove will be carrying the new Lilly Pulitzer Fall 2010 stationery and gift line. We are so excited to debut the umbrellas, iphone covers, water bottles and desk calendars for (gulp!) 2011. Grove Gal E and I are planning a Holiday preview party complete with pink cocktails so drop us your email if you live in the D.C. area and want an invite.

The photos from the fall home line are out and I am purchasing this set...if only I could snap my fingers and have a room painted with these perfect stripes without the hassle of well having a painter paint said stripes. For those of you that know me, you are wondering what room I plan on putting this set in. My answer is the moment none, but I have been collecting Lilly P bedding since it was sold in Lilly stores for the vacation house that we are on track to purchase in the next 2 years.
Image courtesy of Lilly Pulitzer

I think for me the best part of fall is anticipating it. I might be alone, but I swear just thinking about fall temps, the leaves changing colors cools me off on a hot August day and August will be here tomorrow it seems.

I hate that retailers are rushing things...I like that Lilly Pulitzer doesn't have tons of photos of the fallc ollection plastered everywhere right now...I want to enjoy the summer.

I went into CVS today to purchase sunscreen and you know what I saw...CANDY CORN...not joking! Seriously...why not just bring out the Christmas trees tomorrow!

Monday, July 12, 2010

The Secret's Out...Happy Birthday Grove Gal E

I don't always do a good job of keeping secrets so rather than letting something slip I just took a few days off from blogging (yes I know I have been doing that a lot lately!).

Today is Grove Gal E's birthday! I have to wish the best business partner ever a very happy birthday...I even arranged for a must see night of tv...because I know you are all watching RHONJ Season Finale.

In order to catch Grove Gal E off guard, her husband planned a surprise party for her yesterday and left the invites, cakes and details to me. We of course went with a Lilly P pink and green theme and I even managed to take some photos! My favorite part was seeing Grove Gal E's reaction to the cake.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

I've Been Tagged!

My good friend KP tagged me...awhile ago and the Catholic guilt of not doing my post has caught up to me! So here goes...

Favorite Color
GREEN ...celadon. lime, moss, hunter, I love them all.

Favorite Brands
For me: Goyard, Lilly P., Leslie Evers, Tory Burch, Gucci, Vince
For The Minis: mini Boden, Pink Chicken, Lilly Pulitzer(although they need to make more for little boys), Saltwater Sandals, Kate and Libby, Orient Expressed, Bella Bliss, too many etsy designers to name

Favorite Restaurants
I have to do these by city...
ANYWHERE: hands down Capital Grille
Austin: Maudies, which is also the best restaurant between a Goodwill and a liquor store you will ever find
Boston: It might not be the best, but I have so many college memories of catching up with friends at T. Anthony's Pizza
Dallas: Mi Cocina, the cafe at Neimans Northpark, Central Market cafe, Zoe's and I could go on and on
Washington, D.C.: I will confess some of these are in Alexandria: The Tombs, 1789, Evening Star, Thomas Sweet (it's ice crema, but sometimes that is my meal), Georgetown Cupcake...I don't eat cake, but I will never forget the look on Mini K's face when she ordered her very own cupcake after her first day of school

Reading..books and my gossip magazines, a trip to the spa, needlepoint, but my absolute favorite if gift giving. I realize this sounds strange, but I love the whole process, making it personal, discovering the gift, wrapping it. I love watching people unwrap something they have always never gets old.

Favorite Thing About Myself
My favorite thing about myself is actually something I am thankful for...that I was able to have 2 healthy children.

What Does Your Room Look Like Right Now
It is a work in progress:
I have 3 paint samples on the wall that I am trying to decide on.
A stack of Mini K and Baby C's clean folded clothes that I haven't put away.
A drawer full of Christmas presents that I am already hiding from Mini K.
Our new monogrammed bedding that I refuse to put on the bed until we decide on the paint color and get it on the wall.
A blessing from Pope John Paul II that we received on our wedding day.
Reading this I realize...I officially sound OLD.

If You Could Have Dinner With 2 People Alive or Dead Who Would They Be?
I would need to make this a reservation for 3. I would love for Mini K and Baby C to meet my Grandfather who passed away before they were born. I aspire to be like him everyday. I will never forget his funeral...I expected maybe 100 people...the Cathedral was PACKED, standing room only, and as we stood in a receiving line that went on for hours total strangers told us stories of how my grandfather has helped them with things big and little....and while my grandmother knew of a few of these deeds, most of them were news to us.

What Will Your Next Big Splurge Be
I have my eye on a new Goyard or Bottega bag, but in reality I know I will still be trying to decide on which one in a year so probably back to school clothes for Mini K.

Anything Else You Would Like To Share That We Don't Know
Mr. Grove says I live to make lists and binders and he is probably right. I like to have ALL of my Christmas shopping done by the end of September...NOT KIDDING

I also have a binder of magazine clippings or photos I have printed off the internet that I am saving for when Mini K gets married. I just started one for Baby C's rehearsal dinner too.

I also write Mini K and now Baby C a letter on each of their birthdays that I place in an envelope and store them in a safe deposit box. Someday, I hope many many decades from now, they can open them when I am gone and read for themselves how blessed they each make me feel and how much I love them.

Now if anyone is still awake after reading this I tag: