Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Wrap It Up..

We have been enjoying fall weather for all of 4 days and I have a new obsession. This time it's not paper, but another kind of wrap.

If you haven't checked out Lilly's new fall line, then let me introduce you to fleece, and cotton and cashmere and even sparkle! I'm talking about the new line of wraps. My collection started with the Norma fleece wrap...ADORE! If you don't own it, buy it. I wear it with my Lilly yoga pants to Mini K's lacrosse, to crossfit, to the store, well you get the idea.
I had purchased a cashmere Weslee in purple last spring, but will be adding this new jewel green one to my collection. Since I pretty much just wear black, chocolate brown and dark charcoal from head to toe for work, I rely on my wraps and jewelry to brighten my outfits up.
Then I saw the Babs wrap in apricot...and it is reversible. You know I keep it real here so it shouldn't be a surprise that my kiddos spill, or grab me with grubbie little fingers so I love the idea of a quick turnaround and I am fresh and stain free again.

Then came the Babs cable cashmere...hello cashmere AND Lilly, twist my arm, but only after I hand over my I need to decide on a color.
Of course I had a little helper as I was clicking through the Lilly site, and Mini K can spot sparkle a mile away. I think her exact quote was "Momma, this will match my Tommy shoes!" Yes the TOMS shoe craze has hit the pre-K group and Mini K loves to wear her hot pink peace sign shoes. Well, in this case I think she might be correct, how adorable is this gold metallic Minnie Shere sweater? I think it might solve my constant battle of bribing her to wear a sweater.
The presents can wait, for now I am wrapping myself up in Lilly!


Nelle Somerville said...

Oh my gosh that Mini K wrap is too precious. I have one from Brooks Bros. from a few years ago that looks exactly like it. Thanks Grove Gal K, now I have to shop. :) xoxo

Heather said...

Just found your blog, so cute! What a fun post, love these pieces! Thanks for sharing them!