Sunday, October 24, 2010

The Juggle

I think every working mom knows what I am talking about it...that feeling that hits you at least 20 times a day where you wish, just for a second you could figure out how to create that extra hour so you could get it all done. That was me this weekend.

The fall is our second busiest time next to May-June, and we LOVE our clients. I am pretty sure I love to shop when I get an email from a client asking us to do ALL of their holiday shopping for them. I love sending them ideas and photos regardless of the budget. I think we all love to watch someone open a gift and know they love it and said gift didn't break your budget.

When asked, what should I get so and so, my answer is always the same: something they would never or rarely buy themselves. In this economy, I think that is even more important. In my book that usually means something monogrammed. We were blessed with four of those emails this weekend. I promise to post what everyone decided on, but yesterday was spent in a blur of orders that left me on the sofa at 11pm THANKFUL. I love this business. I love that is has nothing to do with my day job, that it allows me to be part of the happy occaisions of others and that is gives me more than a few excuses to personalize or monogram just about anything. What is often does not give me is the ability to stare at my computer screen for 18 hours a day updating the website! If only I had magical powers of product uploading. Santa are you listening to my request? Oh wait...I think I know Santa's website ability!
I still think this is one of the best under $20 gifts. The bracelet comes on a white or light pink silk cord and a percentage of the proceeds go directly to Locks of Love. A perfect present for a friend, that tween on your list or a little something to wear yourself to remind you to not take your blessings for granted! You can purchase it right HERE.

We love these door hangers. They are perfect for a baby's room, no boys allowed, the bathroom, or to say We are around back!

This morning started with the first of 2 planned photo sessions of Mini K and Baby of which had better leave us with a Christmas card photo. I don't if I have mentioned that baby C is really in no hurry to do anything but eat, sleep and smile. I am not complaining but propping a 20lb baby boy up against his very girlie big sister is quite a workout!

After photos we had our annual neighborhood Halloween parade. In her continuous love affair with Food Network's Cupcake Wars, she went as a CUPCAKE.
She had so much fun and now the kiddos are asleep and I am processing orders for birthdays, holiday cards and more! So if you have a list and you don't see it on our site, just email us, we are here, and shopping is our love!

Remember to let us help take a few people off of your list...check out this week's Tuesday Tiding's as 2 little boys can get a FREE monogrammed water bottle. They will ship out on Wednesday and so far not one person has entered with that name. Hint. Hint.


mFw said...

I LOVE Mini K's cupcake PBK costume!!! My friend tried that costume on at the store and it was a shirt! We still loved it though!!!! So glad Mini K is wearing it!!!

The Preppy Princess said...

Love the way you describe our mutual love of the gifting biz. The bracelet is darling, it is a wonderful present!

And Mini-K's costume is outstanding, what a fab idea and execution!

Sending you a smile,