Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Double Up

We came back from spring break to find our mailbox full of invites and our email full of engagement and pregnancy announcements! Who knew April would be a popular month!

So with so many events on the horizon, we figured everyone else's stationery drawer might need a little freshening up...on us! From April 18th-May 1st we will double your quantity of flat notecards or folded notes for FREE. If you order 25 notecards with return address printing, we will ship you 50 and ALL 50 will have the return address printed! Just select your card or folded note of choice and order the total quantity you wish to receive...we have adjusted the cost to reflect your free amount!

Even before we started the Grove, I have always thought that personalized stationery was a great gift. It seems the art of writing a note has taken a backseat to email, but we all still love the thrill of finding a note, just because, in our mailbox. These would be the perfect graduation or Mother's Day gift.
I love these notecards for end of the year teacher gifts!

If your little minnie is heading out to camp like Mini K, make sure to pack them some pre-addressed and stamped stationery. I already ordered these sunny yellow owl postcards for Mini K!
My mom saved the letters I wrote her from camp, and the ones I brought home and put them all into an album for me. She hid that album in my boxes my freshman year of college and I discovered it when I was unpacking! It was one of my favorite things to look through those first few weeks when I found myself missing Texas up in Boston!

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WorthyStyle said...

I love those little sunny yellow owl cards. So sweet. If I had a little one I'd get them for her to write us from Camp Seafarer (at least I hope my daughter will want to go to the same camp I went to!!)