Friday, April 27, 2012

Late Night Surfing

Obviously I haven't taken a trip to the ocean or been on an actual surfboard in the past 3 days, but my pain medicine has turned me into someone who can't sit still (all right I was basically like this before surgery, but this is WAY worse) and I cannot sleep. Thankfully, I have kept my ipad fully charged and have spent my nights surfing the internet looking at all of the shoes I won't be wearing for the next now almost 5 weeks!

My sleep deprived nights have left me unwilling to fight the new blogger so this post won't have photos, but it does have a lot of good deals!

I cant tell you there are some great deals out there and they are even better if you shop through EBATES. I get so many emails from friends and family saying I keep forgetting to click through EBATES. I actually keep a post it on my computer reminding me to to go EBATES first. Last year I ended up with almost $600 cash back. All of those little purchases ADD up and $600 goes a long way..that is more than we spend on our home phone and internet for an entire year.

If you haven't joined EBATES, just click HERE.

This weekend a lot of stores are offering big discounts in addition to your cash back from EBATES. So here is my Friday run down on sales for this weekend.

1. Saks is running their Friends and Family sale through April 29th. You can take 20% off your order with code: FRIENDS. When you shop through EBATES you get 6% cash back.

2. Tory Burch is also having their Friends and Fans sale this weekend. While the Revas aren't discounted, you can still get cash back on your purchase! Take 25% off your purchase with code: FRIENDS12 and get an additional 3.5% cash back on your purchase via EBATES.

3. Toms. In case Mini K isn't the only child that has had a growth spurt, or you are coveting a pair of flats, take $5 off your purchase with code: EBATESNTOMS5 and get 5% cash back on your purchase. Mini K wants a pair of red Toms.

4. Nordstroms has some really cute knit dresses that I can wear with this lovely walking cast and I can also get 6.0% cash back on my purchase when I shop through EBATES.

5. Kate Spade. I of course am in love with a pair of wedge sandals that I most certainly cannot wear for the time being, but you can take 20% off the item of your choice with code: DIVEIN20 and get 3.5% cash back on your purchase via EBATES.

6. Boden is offering 11% off their new summer items plus free shipping and returns in their latest catalog, but I found a code for 15%! Just enter: EG03. Add in the 2.5% cash back from EBATES and you have saved almost 20%, no sales tax AND free shipping.

I have said it before, I am not a big coupon shopper at the grocery store, but when I can avoid the mall, J.Crew, Old Navy, the Gap or Target, save some money and still get what the I need or the kids want, I am one happy working mother! Ebates is like my own personal reward each quarter for my job as mom to 3 (yes I am counting my husband and most of you secretly do too!)

We are evicting Baby C from his crib tonight. Something tells me he won't appreciate his new monogrammed toddler bed or bedding, but will love the freedom to make Elmo dance all night long!

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