Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Mom Boomerang

I know I am not alone, but still that moment when you realize the advice you have been giving your child might actually apply to your own life always feels like a shock. Mini K has been thinking she NEEDS everything for camp. I mean EVERYTHING as in a horse, an airplane to take her there in case US Air runs late and every gadget in between. So what's a mom to do? Well we reach into our Pretend Birkin of perfect answers & life lessons and try to teach the difference between need and want and patience. That last one gets me every single time. Patience is not my style, it should be I know, but I am honest and know it is my weakness. As some of you know, I decided to follow doctor's advice and have the bone spur in my foot removed. The surgery is in 2 weeks and the reality of being a boot and having to be patient is setting in. We are on spri g break this week and Mini K and Baby C have been logging pool and park hours and I hitting the gym at night, because in 2 weeks it is the rower and the bike only for me (I don't like either)! I have also realized the best way to hide this ugly boot is with maxi skirts. I have been coveting one from Hive and Honey for 2 months. I have ordered it, 3 times no less, and each time I get an email saying it is sold out. Well this morning it appears to be back in stock so I have ordered it...again....if the third time is a charm is the 4th time a sure thing? I hope so.
Disclaimer: I am attempting to blog from the iPad, which is harder than I thought it would be so if you just see code and not the photo of my must have chevron maxi skirt please accept my apologies,,,

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