Thursday, April 26, 2012

Chevron: A Whole New Meaning

Well the organized patient, would have planned blog posts, but I made sure I had plenty of maxi skirts, wedge flip flops and new baubles before surgery. What I didn't plan on was bone pain. I had pretty major surgery on my leg in college and it wasn't painful, I was back to walking 4 miles a day the day after I cam home from the hospital from delivering Mini K and Baby C. I don't say this because I think I am special, but because I was born, or so I thought, with my mother's pain threshold. Rewind to Tuesday afternoon and I was the world's biggest WHIMP! Pain meds were my best friend and I was learning the true meaning of bone pain.

My surgeon removed a large bone spur, shaved down a bunion and put in 4 screws. The procedure was called a CHEVRON procedure, but let me tell you it felt anything but chic and preppy and unless a screw is a font of monograms, it is not what I thnk of when I hear the word CHEVRON.

So in honor of the bad chevron (my foot), tonight I am going to focus on the good kind! The beauties are being added to PGG and I am taking this time of restricted movement to tweak the site a little more!

I love this clutch. It's perfect to toss into my larger tote and pull it out for a dinner out sans minnies!

We are breaking roof as Mini K calls it in 5 weeks and I can't wait to start the redecorating process and monograms will play a role of course!

It has been rainy and gross here, but how fun are these chevron placemats for an outdoor bbq.

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