Saturday, April 21, 2012

Babies On The Brain

Baby C turned 2 yesterday and let's just say my cute little baby boy is not a baby anymore!  The big boy bed is being delivered in a week, the bedding arrived today and he spent today chasing his big sister around the backyard with a golf club screaming "Fore Sissy Fore!"  He doens't have a clue what it means, but it makes his big sister laugh and that makes him happy!

So in honor all of you just starting on the crazy journey of motherhood or those of you that are so sweet to throw a baby shower for your friends we have decided to mark ALL of our birth announcements and baby shower invites down 40% this weekend only.

YES, you read that correctly, 40%!  I have already gotten a couple of messages on Facebook thinking it is a mistake, but it is true!  Trust you, you will spend enough plenty on diapers and wipes and formula and college so save some $$$ on your announcements and announce your little prince or princess with a statement!

I framed both Mini K and Baby C's birth announcements.  I opted for a non-photo announcement and included a photo with it, but I LOVE this double card set.  One card is your announcement and the other is a photo framed in matching style.  This design comes in both pink and blue.

I love this classic blue shortall announcement for a boy.  So simple and sweet, and now two years later free of dirt, mud and all of that other "boy" stuff!

This shower invitation is one of our best sellers and one of my favorites.  I mean what is not to love about classic prep in blue and red!

We have gotten so many orders today with notes of thanks for the discount and all we can say is you DESERVE it!  Parenthood shouldn't mean changing your style, but for this weekend, it does mean saving  your money for a little something for yourself.....maybe our personalized sunglasses to hide the aftermath of those 3am feedings!

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WorthyStyle said...

What a GREAT deal, I hope people take you up on your offer as it seems pretty fabulous! And I love the little shortalls. So cute (one day...).