Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Flew Back To Be Snowed In.....

I realize that as I type this many of you will think I have lost my mind...by this weekend I might agree with you! We headed to Florida for the weekend, more on that later, and missed "the snowstorm" here in D.C. Our neighbors sent us photos and if we didn't know there was a house under the snow, I might have thought it was just one big pile.

We were at the airport bright and early this morning...to leave sunny Florida to come back to...MORE SNOW! Mr. G is heading back down to Florida on Friday for work, but Mini K will be here. It has already snowed another 4" since we returned this afternoon.

Mr. Grove offered to go to the grocery store for us, so after a quick check out the window to make sure there were no flying pigs I happily agreed. We then discovered that Mini K's school is closed...for the rest of the week, and they have next Monday off for President's Day.

At this point I knew I would have one stir crazy 4 year-old on my hands (thank God for 4-wheel drive cars) and then Mr. Grove came home and as soon as I saw what he was carrying I considered moving into the car!

Image courtesy of Beverage Review

Yes, as if being snowed in won't be enough, Mr. Grove has decided that what I really need to deal with is him on Throwback Mountain Dew...read PURE SUGAR!!!!!! I think there is only one thing I can do...make one long to-do list to harness all of that energy, or starting rocking myself in the corner. I will let you know what I decide.

Also if any of you were the purchasers of my items on ebay, they are now all boxed, addressed and ready to ship....I am just praying the mailman shows up tomorrow!


DC GOP Girl said...

Lucky you! I wish I spent the weekend in Florida!!

Imjustagirl said...

Sounds like you guys should have stayed in Florida!!:)

Landlocked Mermaid said...

Oh sweetie enjoy and let us know all that you've accomplished.. I say get mini k and get back on that plane! hugs xo