Saturday, September 28, 2013

Saturday 6

I figure if I am a day late, then I should add another item.  Do I get points that most of these favorites will also save you money?

1.  Coffee Table
I have been on a quest for coffee table for our family room.  I wanted something round, wood and yet no sharpness so it wouldn't lead to a trip to the ER when Baby C no doubt figures out how to use it as a diving board!

As soon as I saw this one, I knew it would be we wait the 6 weeks for it to arrive.

2.  Make-Up
I tend to get into a habit with make-up:  lipgloss, mascara and BB cream.  I received a Mama Vox Box from Influenster this month and in it was the Ponds BB cream.  One word:  AMAZING.  It is the best $10 product ever so save yourself the money on the expensive ones and try this one!

3.  Laundry
It is NOT my favorite thing, but I am making it cute at least with these new laundry hampers from Land's End.  I ordered 3:  one for lights, one for darks and one for dry cleaning.  The best part:  they are currently 30% off during the Friends and Family sale and you get cash back when you shop through your Ebates account.

4.  Holiday Pants
I was so excited to see the entire fall Castaway Clothing line this week.  I ordered both Mr. G and Baby C a few pairs of matching pants.  

5.  Long Sleeve Workout T's
I love the fall weather.  There is something about needing a longsleeve shirt to workout that makes me happy.  I recently discovered these Sweaty Betty t's and LOVE them.  I of course added a monogram.  You can save 15% and get FREE shipping with code:  USACR.

6.  Mail
I know the post office is raising the price of stamps...AGAIN, but there is something about a card or invite in the mailbox that feels like a present.  I have been having a blast helping so many of your with your holiday card choices this year, but wanted to remind you that our sale is still going on.  ALL photocards are 25% off with your choice of FREE return address printing or FREE matching return address stickers through October 9th with code:  S13H25

I hope y'all have a great weekend!

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Tikaa Herridge-Cone said...

Love those land end hampers.
Have a great week,