Friday, September 13, 2013

Friday FIVE

Its' FRIDAY friends!!!!!!!  I am doing my happy dance that another week is over and praying we are inching closer to FALL weather.  As always I didn't really theme my Friday FIVE, but they are 5 things I am loving this week!

1.  Life Savers!
A friend of mine emailed me with bad news last Sunday.  Her computer crashed and went to computer heaven and took with it ALL of her photos in EVERY photo she had of her almost 2 year old and not everything was in the cloud.  I of course had a panic attack:  what was in my cloud, was my back up working, what if what if what if.  I called my IT guy and he said PICTURE KEEPER so that is what I ordered.  Of course the day after I ordered it, I find it for half price, so I am making myself feel better by sharing the deal with you!  Essentially it works on both Macs and PC's and the best part is after the initial back-up it only saves new photos when you plug it in.  There are 3 different sizes:  4,000 photos, 8,000 photos and 16,000 photos.  The BIG one sells for $99.99 and Plum District has it on deal for $50 and if you order today and use code FRIDAY13 you can save an extra 13%.  You can purchase it HERE.

2.  Photo Cards
In the 11 years since PGG has been open I have never ordered my cards early.  I am usually the last one....but there is a first time for everything.  We got a few great photos of the littles when we were out of town and I just used them and GOT IT DONE.  TO celebrate I am passing on a discount to all of you!

ALL photo cards are 25% off AND we are also giving you your choice of FREE return address printing or return address stickers!!!!  Simply enter code:  S13H25 at checkout!  The sale runs through October 9th!  That is almost a month for you to pick your favorites and GET IT DONE.  You can see all designs HERE.

3.  My New Water Bottle

I like COLD water, if I could make a water slurpee to take to Crossfit I would be thrilled.  Mr. G brought home this water bottle from Target last week and I am IN LOVE.  The top unscrews and you can either fill it with ice or do what I do and fill it 1/3 full at night and put it in the freezer and then top it off with cold water and I have FREEZING water during my workout.

4.  Fun Jeggings

I need to log A LOT more Crossfit WOD's before the word jeggings and my name are used in the same sentence, but Mini K is a big fan of jeggings, NOT leggings.  Target has some super cute ones that we picked up to pair with her Crewcuts tunics.

5.  Unexpected Finds

I walked into a boutique in Georgetown today as they were putting a shipment on the floor and spotted this table.  I had them put the bubble wrap right back on and brought it home.  Give me the weekend to add some books and an antique crystal lamp and my reading nook in the living room will be done.  I have been searching for a table like this and am happy that I can cross it off the list and now I am just on the hunt for an antique barley chest.

That's my 5.  I hope you have had a great week and please let me know if you posted a Friday FIVE!

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