Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Little Things

I am a big believer that its usually something little that makes you strike up a conversation.  So many of you I know in real life and some of you I only know through email, and maybe there are even some people that read this blog that I don't even know.  If you have a blog, please post something similar about yourself as I think it always fun to see what we have in common.

So on this Wednesday, I thought what gets me through the week and this is what I have come up with...25 things that make me smile

1.  Opening my mailbox to a stack of shiny new magazines

2.  Making cookie dough with Mini K and delivering it to friends just because

3.  Coffee table books, I love to give these as gifts, but rarely buy them for myself

4.  Finding something when I am out that I know would be a great gift for a friend, I FIRMLY believe that a present should be something that someone will love that they would not normally buy for themselves

5.  The first day I walk into Starbucks each year and see the red cups!

6.  An icy cold fountain diet Dr Pepper, yes I know soda is not good for me, but I said I was being honest

7.  Lululemon workout clothes.  There is just something about them

8.  Being able to wear a sweater and shorts/skirts and not being too hot or too cold

9.  Charm bracelets.  I love to be able to look down at my wrist and remember loved ones and good times.

10.  Needlepoint. This may make me an 80 year old woman, but I do not care.

11.  Friday Family Movie Night.  We all put on our pj's and watch a movie in the family room.  This week's is Mini K's pick and we will be watching Soul Surfer

12.  Finding a new product that I know my clients will love and being able to tell them about it.

13.  Wrapping gifts.  My high school job was gift wrapping for a boutique in Dallas and I love making a Texas sized bow.  I will also confess my ribbon organization is in need of major help!

14.  Bar snacks.  Seriously, I could live on a good snack mix and chips and dip.  If you follow me on Instagram you know my current favorite is the new Greek Yogurt French Onion by Helluva Good.  AMAZEBALLS

15.  Lip gloss.  I will try them all and love to give and get them as gifts.

16.  A GOOD pedicure.  This is NOT to be confused with a pedicure, there is a difference, especially for a runner.

17.  Handbags.  I am picky and if it isn't one I can ass down to Mini K, I don't buy it.  I can then justify them as investments.

18.  Champagne.  It is my favorite cocktail, there is something about the bubbles that can turn a bad day around.

19.  Crafting.  I have been thinking about emailing a group of girls to come back fall wreaths for our front doors.  It is more fun with friends!

20.  Good fitting jeans.  If I find a pair I like, I buy 3 pairs of them:  one to wear with boots, one with heels and one for lengths in between.

21.  Mascara. It is a working mother's best friend.  A good mascara can turn a night with little sleep into a 12 hour hibernation.  My current favorite is Illegal Lengths...I am open to suggestions so fire away.

22.  Tocca candles.  They immediately transport me to a vacation.

23.  White towels.  We only have white towels and I match the monogram thread to the color of each bathroom or person that will be using them.

24.  Tervis tumblers.  I don't want to count how many we have, but I will say they have their own cabinet.

25.  MONOGRAMS.  I know this will surprise no one that knows me, but I monogram everything:  furniture, fabric, clothing, jewelry, shoes and even parts of my house!

So there you have it, 25 random facts about me that you could have lived your entire life without knowing!

I confess I am going to try and finish a needlepoint project least I stayed up late fro an old lady!

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