Thursday, September 19, 2013

Favorite Fall Pieces

It has been chilly in the mornings this week, but hot by early afternoon, but I am silently and maybe not so silently willing fall to hurry up!  I took advantage of some sales this week that I thought I would share in case anyone else has been needing an excuse to help their fall closet.  If yuou haven't joined EBATES yet, join NOW if you want to purchase any of these items as you can get extra cash back on your purchases not just the discounts!

I will not confess to how many of these J.Crew vests I own, but I love them!  This week I had to add the camo one to my closet, especially since ALL purchases are 25% off with FREE shipping.

My favorite sweaters are Vince.  If you are not familiar with the brand, it is sold at Neimans, boutiques and Sak's.  It is also sold at Neiman's outlet store Last Call.  This week Last Call is having their friends and family sale and taking an additional 30% off their discounted prices.  I picked up 2 Vince sweaters for less than I would have paid for 1 plus I am getting 5% cash back through Ebates!

I LOVE my Frye Paige riding boots from the Shoe Hive so much that this year I decided I needed the gray pair too!  In addition to their sale I am getting 8.5% cash back through my Ebates account!

Last year my friend Elizabeth who owns The Shoe Hive introduced me to ilux leggings.  Let me tell you, they are LIFE changers.  They are not see through, they do not snag and every pair from last year is still in great shape for this year.  For those of you that live where it gets cold, I highly suggest the fleece lined leggings.  I will be adding the Winona style to my collection this year as they are the contour version aka they suck it in!  Just call Elizabeth and she will have them on their way to you!

So what am I doing with all of my savings....stocking up on gifts for Mini K's friends.  Plum District is having a GREAT deal on Rainbow Loom bracelet supplies.  The deal is $10 and it includes everything but the loom itself: 1,200 loom bands in assorted colors, 48 clips to connect your bracelets and 2 loom hooks.  If that isn't enough to have you clicking over,  you can save an extra 20% with code: SepBest20

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