Monday, September 23, 2013

Dirty Hands

First, I am sorry for not posting a Friday 5.  I was too busy enjoying date night with Baby C since Mini K and her dad were in Nashville for a surprise trip to see Taylor Swift.  He had some milk, I had some water, we ate popcorn and watched Cars in our pj's.  Can you think of a better date than that?  I knew you would understand.

This weekend, we did a little jump start on our Fall Wish List.  This year we started making lists by season of stuff we wanted to do as a family.  One of the items for fall was plant bulbs..I confess it was more my idea but K loved the idea of knowing what color tulips would come up in the spring and making her little brother guess.  This is something I have NOT done before, but thanks to Google, a trip to the nursery we passed the test.

As all great stories start, we didn't follow the directions.  We put potting soil in our planters mixed with some bulb food and packed in the tulip bulbs ignoring the directions to space them out.  If we are going to have flowers, why not have a planter FULL of flowers.

We then covered the bulbs with more soil and then placed in a layer of hyacinth bulbs.

We packed in more potting soil and then topped it off with an ornamental kale plant.  I have always called these winter cabbage, but our local nursery informed me I was wrong.  I hate looking at dirt all year long while we wait for the flowers so this way we have a little green.  The best tip I learned was once the kale blooms with a flower in early spring, you take it out of the planter and it will encourage the bulbs to come up.  Who knew?  Well, my guess is a LOT of you knew this but I did not.

So there was our weekend adventure in gardening.  I thought I would share as it was super easy and I am so excited we have full planters for fall, winter and spring!

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