Friday, September 28, 2012

Friday FIVE

I took a break from blogging this week to focus on orders and finalizing all of our fixtures and such for the addition, but I couldn't skip posting the Friday FIVE.

1.  Paper
Is this a surprise to any of you?  While our Photo Card Sale is still going on, we are adding to it this weekend.  We will double the quantity of your flat or folded order this weekend only!  I LOVE to give stationery as a gift and based on today's orders, we think a lot of teachers are getting personalized stationery this year!  You can see all of our designs HERE.

Seriously, is there anything better?  Grove Gal E announced this week she is pregnant and she will make a great mom!  Baby C is going to have to learn how to share his godmother....

3.  Charms & Charm Bracelets
I LOVE charm bracelets!  I have started a gold and a silver one for Mini K and have lost count!  My favorites though are hand engraved charms.   They become instant heirlooms!

4.  Gold
I blame J.Crew for my lack of self control this week with their 25% off code (STYLE25) but thankfully I got my cash back through Ebates!  I LOVE these gold shoes.  I plan on wearing them with dresses and jeans and so much more!

5.  Lists
I love technology, but there is something about taking a Sharpie and crossing something off a list that makes me feel like progress.  I have two big lists right for the house and one for the holidays.  My goal is always to finish my holiday shopping by Thanksgiving so I can move on to birthday shopping for Mr. G and Mini K.  I am thrilled that Grove Gal E is just as much of a planner as I am and will find out the baby's gender so I know if I am searching for blue or pink!


how i met your father blog said...

i share your sharpie list obsession. the apps on my phone are great... but it is so much more fulfilling to mark something off on a paper (with a sharpie!).

Landlocked Mermaid said...

Omg!!!! That is amazing news about E!!!! I am soo thrilled and know that many prayers have ben answered xoxox keep me posted