Monday, September 17, 2012

Party Favors

I have always liked giving favors to my guests for anything from a shower to a birthday or even an open house.  Party favors can be a stressful process, but these are some of my go to happies that are stress free.

For large events, I tend to go with a food favor.  I have tried more iced cookie companies than I can count, but have found one that makes a GREAT tasting cookie that is also a stunner visually.  Batches cookies are not your typical crunchy sugar cookie, they are soft and their icing isn't fondant, it's almost like a cross between a royal icing and a buttercream.  Lisa and Ira the owners are great to work with and they have done everything from tennis, to ice skating, to monograms for me and I have LOVED them all!  I am almost finished with my list of what I need to order for the holidays.  I always have them send them to me in bulk and then I wrap them up in coordinating ribbon or containers to fit my theme.  You can visit their fabulous shop HERE.

Mini K has been lobbying HARD for a sleepover party.  Clearly this wouldn't be for the 18+ girls in first grade or I might need to therapy!  We get a LOT of requests from mom's for non-food favors for smaller groups of girls.  One of our best sellers are the monogrammed bows in the school plaid for those that wear a uniform or a solid color to match the party decor or birthday girl's favorite color.  These bows are $20 and that includes the monogram or $25 for the custom school plaid bows.  You just ship us a skirt or a jumper and the monograms and leave the rest to us!  If you are interested in a particular color or large quantity, email us as we would LOVE to work with you!

Nail Polish sets are also a great idea.  I LOVE these gameday sets to give for a party that would be on a Friday night and you can always have some Gameday snacks or bloody mary's ready in the morning for when the parents come to pickup.  You can find them on sale for half price HERE and they have a LOT of school combos!

You can also get 3 nail polish paint pens for $15.99 HERE.  I think pairing one paint pen with some candy in a cello bag with a big bow would be a great favor!

I always found first birthday party favors tricky as the birthday boy or girl is usually the youngest at the party. I LOVE these sippy cups as party favors.  They are on sale HERE for 2 cups for $14.99.  Just add a cello bag and a bow and you have a great gift that babies, toddlers and big kids alike will enjoy long after the sugar high from the cake fades!  There are boy designs as well.
Now who said only kids like favors?  I am planning a ladies lunch for the holidays and am hoping our book club can go back to actually meeting, notice I didn't say reading?  It's always fun to surprise a friend or two or 6 with a treat.  I LOVE these tumblers for the car and at less than $8 you could tie a bow to the straw and have them at the door as a "roadie" cup or put them out to make book club or supper club more fun!  You can see all of the designs HERE.  These would also make GREAT teacher gifts alone wrapped up or partnered with a Strabucks giftcards or some candy.

What is your favorite favor to give or get?

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