Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Artsy or Nerd?

Remember the art crowd and the nerdy crowd from high school?  I cringed at how high school seems to classify everyone in to a group. Well these two "groups" have one thing in common:  good shoes.  By that I mean ballet flats and loafers!

Now if you think this post is going to be about how I am scaling back, well you clearly haven't been reading long!

I am a sucker for ballet much so that I am afraid to count them.  I have a plastic tub full of winter ones in suedes and tweeds, a soon to be packed up summer tub of linen and raffia and my collection that I wear year round....Revas can go with anything and they take up no space in a suitcase! Since Revas never really go on sale, I always order mine through Ebates so I get cash back.  I consider it my 3.5% discount!

Last year I purchased a pair of Tory Burch Eddie flats and while I love them, they wore out in no time flat!

So when I saw these adorable suede flats from Boden, their tween line Johnnie B to be exact for 25% of the price of a pair of Tory Burch Eddie flats I had to put them in my cart.  Last weekend I received an email from Boden that all items are 20% through tomorrow so I finally purchased my cart.  My flats were only $36.80!  Unlike tween clothing, it seems tweens can have big feet as the flats came in my usually sold out size 9's!

Until last fall I thought my loafers days, like my school uniform were behind me and I would only be seeing them on Mini K's feet.  Tory Burch then struck again with a pair of black loafers similar to these that I purchase last fall.  I wore them ALL THE TIME.  They also came in a red, but they sold out before I could purchase them.

When I saw that Boden had a red loafer this year I knew I had to have them.  Here is a little tip:  Boden made pretty much the same loafer, one in the women's catalog and one in the Johnnie B section.  The only difference I can tell is the price!  I took advantage of the 20% off sale and ordered the tween version for a mere $54.40.

Shoes this fall may be my fountain of youth!  Even though I may not weigh what I did in college, I am channeling my inner tween when it comes to shoe shopping!

In case you didn't receive the email from Boden for 20% off, you can save 20% off your total purchase with FREE shipping and returns through tomorrow with source code:  DDUS

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