Sunday, September 16, 2012

3 Is A Charm: Kate Spade Discount

1.  I am not entering into the twitter/blogger discussion as to the quality of Kate Spade or what I think of their customer service

2.  I may be the giving you OLD NEWS, but it was new news to me today!

I take my phone everywhere, including on my runs since it holds my music.  The problem is I seem to go through (translation LOSE) my white earbuds on a weekly basis.  Mini K finally said, Momma maybe if they were a color you wouldn't lose them.  She then proceeded to color them BLACK with a sharpie...I won't share the photo of my white monogrammed placemat that was her coloring background.

Which brings me to my discount triple threat of the weekend:

1.  I will share with you that Kate Spade has some adorable ear buds!  I will sale share that you can take 20% off your purchase through September 20th with code:  AUGSALE.  That would be 20% off ALL full priced items.

2.  Kate Spade also offer FREE SHIPPING

3.  Kate Spade is on Ebates, and if you shop through your Ebates account you will get 3.5% cash back.  If you haven't joined, you can HERE.

SO let's add that up, essentially 23.5% off your purchase and free shipping, which in D.C. also means no headache trying to find a parking place in Georgetown!

Now that fall is here, the Friends and Family sales should be entering our inboxes!  I know the Brooks Brothers sale is coming up and I promise to post the code as soon as I have it.  I will also start doing posts titled FRIENDS AND FAMILY SALE INFO whenever I get a new code.  PLEASE feel free to comment and add in any codes you may receive as well or let me know if there is any particular store you are hoping to find.

We shoppers must stick together right?


mFw said...

I have had the absolute best luck with Kate Spade and customer service! The St. Louis store is a dream and every employee is wonderful! I am a pretty good customer though! I have heard other stories too, but they have been great for me! I have eyed those earbuds they are so cute!

how i met your father blog said...

Thank you for the discount code!! I've been lusting over quite a few items lately... and the coupon code is a dream!