Friday, September 7, 2012

Friday Five

In my continuous quest to simplify aspects of my life, I am always on the lookout for new tools.  I have found a few apps lately that have made life so much easier!  Some of these are geared towards the minnies and some are just for me!

1.  Cozi

There are 2 versions:  the free one and one with a yearly subscription of $49.99.  Cozi is a family scheduling program where you can assign each family member a color.  It has been LIFE changing!  Mr. G's assistant puts all of his meetings, travel, etc in, I add in all of mine as well as the minnies and have set it up where it texts both of us when the minnies have a sporting event, lesson or appointment.  You can download the app HERE.

2.  Postagram

I LOVE this.  You can literally send a postcard from your phone with the photo of your choice.  What's even better is that the photo pops out of the card!  You can join HERE.

3.  Artkive

I am one of those people that doesn't like clutter.  I do not save ticket stubs and I have been battling mom guilt at the thought of not keeping the minnies artwork, but it literally needs it own room.  Cue a late night internet search and Artkive is now on my phone and iPad and I am thrilled.  You simply snap a photo of each piece of your child's art and at the end of the year you can create a photo book of all of their artwork, including the date they created it on.  It takes less than 5 minutes each week and now I only save the extra special stuff.  The best part...the app is FREE for a limited time.  You can download it HERE.

4. myPantone

This app is $9.99, but I LOVE it.  Think that HUGE Pantone deck of colors on your phone.  I realize that shades might be slightly off, but this has been a lifesaver during construction.  I have been able to match fabrics, compare paint colors and on and on.  If you are about to take on a big house will WANT THIS.  You can find it HERE.

5.  Luxe Room Planner

This app is FREE.  Essentially you just plug in your room dimensions and pick your furniture and this app let's you see what your room will look like BEFORE you make that big purchase.  SO if you have been wondering if that sectional sofa will be too big or the television will be too small, this app is essentially you room Goldilocks and will get everything just right.  You can download it HERE.

SO, what are your favorite apps?

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WorthyStyle said...

What awesome apps! Thank you so much for the tips. I know Postagram but the others were new to me!

You might appreciate Evernote. I know it has changed my organizational skills!