Sunday, September 23, 2012

Pick Me Up or Hand Me Down Happies

Friday was an Apple day....the local news gave what seemed like constant updates on the wait times at various Apple stores, every station on my car radio did the same thing, from what I can tell the iPhone 5 was the biggest story!

For those of you that did not pre-order and iPhone 5 or wait in line at the stores and are still sporting your iPhone 4 or 4s, we have a SALE just for you!  All of our personalized iPhone 4 and 4s cases are on sale for $38.95!

I LOVE our orange and white stripe and our brown striped case is also a customer favorite!

When I upgraded from my 3g to a 4G, I gave Mini K my old phone.  Let me clarify, I did not give a cell phone plan to a then 5 year old.  I turned off the monthly cell service and my 3g became an itouch! I put a new cover on it with her name and favorite colors and donated our bulky portable DVD player to Goodwill.  She could then pack AND carry all of her movies in her own backpack and carry them on the plane!  My bag got lighter!  So for those of you now sporting the new iPhone 5 (our cases are coming!), but you too can take advantage of our 4/4s sale if you are handing your phone down!

We believe in recycling, but it is always more fun when it is pretty!

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