Monday, July 30, 2012

Tech Finds

For those of you that know me in real life, STOP LAUGHING!  I know the very thought of my offering tech advice or finds is laughable, but let's just say that these two items help me achieve my goals and assist with my lip gloss addiction so it will make sense, and the last one is too good of a deal not to share.

I take my camera everywhere and am constantly taking photos...even when I have my iphone with me. The issue is, I haven't travelled with my laptop since I got my iPad.  I mean why would carry something that weighs five times as much?  This means that my photos are trapped on my camera until I get home.  UNTIL NOW!!!!!!!  I have been researching the iPad camera connectors on and off all summer and was about to purchase one at the Apple store last week for $59 when Baby C announced he needed to potty.  Don't worry I won't turn this blog into one of those that chronicles potty training, but my desire to rid my house of diapers forever is growing by the day.

We left the store in search of relief and then it was time to pick up big sister.  That night I was checking my email and found an offer for the EXACT SAME connector for $14, not $59.  What's a girl to do but order it!  It came this weekend and I LOVE IT!  I took my camera to the pool and to tennis and took a ton of photos as always.  I then just attached the camera to the connector and everything was on my iPad and on my iPhone in my cloud within a couple of minutes.  I cannot wait to take it on our vacation next week.  Just think you can take photos with your good camera, get them on your iPad and use them for Postagram within minutes!  You can purchase the deal HERE.

Now my second find is somewhat vain and somewhat practical.  I have been using a Casellet for a few months and while I like being able to carry business cards, a credit card and some cash with me, I didn't really like the look of the hard metal and plastic and the opening mechanism could wreck even a gel manicure.  Cue the much to late at night internet searching and I found the eyn for iphone and I couldn't be happier!  This case is more of a hard silicone and it has rounded edges.  It also holds everything I need it to and it has a mirror.  How great is that?  You can apply lipstick, check your teeth, text a restaurant review and pay the bill all with one thing!  Unlike so many cases out there, it is only $29.99! You might be surprised to know I purchased the turquoise and NOT the pink one.  The real test came yesterday, I was able to open it an hour after a manicure with ease and no smudges or chips!  How could I not share it with all of you?

Now this last one has me a little green because I wished I paid this price for it!  You all know how I love to find a deal and despise finding out I paid more than I should have for something.  I LOVE my Canon Rebel.  It is small, fits all of my Canon lenses, takes great photos and allows me to switch over to video with a push of a button and video Mini K's dive, or serve or Baby C's chants of GO USA!  I thought I misread my computer this morning when I saw that you could get the EXACT SAME Rebel for $150 less than I paid HERE.  So if you are in the market for a great SLR Digital camera, here is your deal.

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