Monday, August 6, 2012

Paper Present!

What a week!  I have been hiding something this summer...our little home improvement project.  Why, well because we were not sure if we would be able to move forward with it.  I believe in working with the bones of a house and not tearing them down.  We have done it twice before and made a decision to stay in this house and do a major renovation.  Let's just say that the city we live in does NOT like homeowners who want to make their homes bigger, so cue two frustrated homeowners (Mr. G & I) and  one AMAZING attorney and fast forward two months to today and Christmas came early in the form of a sheet of paper.  OUR BUILDING PERMIT!  It is now taped to our window, where it will live for the next four months until our new addition is complete...then we will start on the basement.

This past week has been an emotional roller coaster and it is not that I didn't want to share the good, bad and VERY ugly, it's that each day the story changed as this unfolded.

What I can say is that I am extremely thankful that I could focus on the flood of orders coming in and not the legal battle.

In case you missed our post on Facebook (just 8 more LIKES until we give away a pair of personalized sunglasses, so click on over and leave a comment!), we are having a MAJOR PAPER sale.  Since my day was made with a piece of paper and I couldn't wait to stick it on the window, I thought I would share today's big sellers.

It seems that a LOT of you are getting ready for the holidays and school birthday parties early!  We are doubling your order of stickers for FREE until August 13th!

You can view all of the stickers HERE.

These holiday stickers have been a huge hit.  Our two most popular phrases seem to be Merry Merry! and A Merry Little Something From The....
During the sale you get 48 personalized stickers for $24!  I don't think you can beat $0.50 a sticker.
One of our favorite customers has boy girl twins.  She ordered these exact stickers for her son to have for birthday parties this year.

And these stickers for her daughter.

I love the idea of picking a color theme for the year, stocking up on colored ribbon in that theme, white tissue and cello bags.  Even a giftcard will be well dressed and you won't have to stress about wrapping gifts before a party!

I always love to see what our clients select and today we had 4 different people chose these stickers today, all 4 of them chose the EXACT same wording:  Thank you for having us! Love, The XXX  What a great idea to have these stickers ready to go for hostess gifts, house hosts, neighbors, etc.

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