Thursday, August 9, 2012

Ready, Set, Plan!

I know not everyone that reads this has kids, much less kids that are going back to school.  I have been on a new vitamin the past few days and haven't been able to sleep....cue the late night Pinterest searching and I have to say, I am in awe of some people's organization.

We are getting ready for FIRST GRADE at Casa did this happen?!?!?  I mean it seems like Mini K was learning how to walk and now she will be sporting a uniform and having sports team practice 3 nights a week in the blink of an eye.

We all know I LOVE a good monogram, so you actually think I would let her go to school in a plain white peter pan collar shirt did you?  I only wish I could have figured out how to save money on said shirts by purchasing them HERE.

I did refrain from monogramming the was hard.

I will NEVER be the mom that packs a different lunch every single day, and blogs about it, or the one that cuts sandwiches in cute shapes...I look at these pins on Pinterest and wonder if these women have ever sent their children to school with leftovers from last night's takeout.  I am THAT mom...I mean insulated Thermos containers were meant for microwaved leftover Chick Fil A nuggets right?  Let me be clear, I am not making fun or judging these moms, I am just comfortable in knowing that I missed that gene/skill/ability.

I plan for other things that I am sure people think are insane:  back to school gifts for teachers, a running list of items to be on the lookout for for friends, my running house list of items I am looking for...and on and on.  There are some things that never go on sale (GOYARD, HERMES and the wish list continues), but most things, if you shop smart you can find at a discount and not sacrifice quality.  Personally, I think you can find some of the best deals of the year during back to school time...even if you don't have kids!

Here are my Top Five back to school sale items that ANYONE can use:

1.  Sharpies
I mean who doesn't love a good Sharpie?  They are on sale EVERYWHERE this week around here:  black ones, metallic ones, colored ones.  I purchased them in bulk it seems and will use them throughout the year as well as use the pink, green and orange ones in gift baskets I will give during the year.

2.  Hair Accessories & Brushes
CVS has all of the hairbrushes Buy One Get One Half Price this week.  I purchased a few of the Goody brushes that absorb the water and cut down on drying time and am going to gift with a note for a subscription to the monthly Twistband delivery.  I was given some Twistbands earlier this summer and am hooked.....they hold my hair better than the Emi and Jay ties and who doesn't love getting packages in the mail.  The subscription includes a box of hair ties and headbands delivered to your door every month.  You can get a 3 month subscription for only $15 if you purchase it through HERE.  This would also make a great first day of school happie for the teacher with a note that said:  For the days these kids make you want to pull your hair out, this can help you pull it back!  We are looking forward to a great year!
3.  Notepads
I think notepads, especially when personalized are a great gift for one big reason:  most people won't spend the money on a nice pad for themselves to make their daily lists, grocery list, etc, but there is something about reading something on pretty paper, even my dreaded grocery list, that makes it a little less dreadful.  You can wrap them in cello and tie with a bow, include a couple of Sharpies, or a gift card to their favorite coffee shop and the notepad suddenly becomes a great gift.  ALL of our notepads are 30% off with code:  HELY30.  We had a client order 10 of these pads today all personalized with Go Rangers! for her children's school.  I emailed her to make sure she wanted 10 of the exact same and she replied, "yes, I am going to use them throughout the year as hostess gifts when they have events for school.
4.  Kids Birthday Gifts
Last year I left like birthdays crept up on me and I had no clue what to give, especially to those tweens on my list.  Mini K received a Letties Betties necklace and LOVED it and they also sell sets of friendship necklaces for $58, those same necklaces sound a lot better if they were $10.99 right?  Well they are $10.99 a set if you purchase them HERE.  In case you really stock up, you can use code COUPCAB88 to save an extra 10%.
5.  FOOD
I know random right?  No I am not sending you to a grocery store.  How many times have you been in a city and thought, I would love to try....but then you didn't.  Years ago I had a boss that loved to find food that reminded him of where a client was from or a host had lived and surprise them with a package  after a contract was signed or he visited them.  I love to give, as my mother calls them, Just Gifts, for no reason other than you see something and you know a friend would truly love it.  Lately, Gilt, has had some amazing deals in their Taste section.  I know, I know, you are probably stuck in the fabulous shoe collection, or their summer sweater deals (AMAZING 70% off!), but there are some great finds that would be perfect for hostess gifts, new teacher gifts, birthday gifts, client gifts.....
I ordered this New Mexico brittle today for a friend that was born in Morning Glory Confections Santa Fe Brittle for , but now lives elsewhere.  How good does chile and pumpkin seed brittle sound and something tells me a 40 year old bachelor wouldn't buy it for himself, but will consume it during football season.  You can purchase it HERE.
Mr. G and I both LOVE Byrd Cookie Company in Savannah.  I have never seen their "cookies" discounted....UNTIL TODAY!  Mr. G's favorite cookie is the Red Velvet Cake cookie, my favorite "cookie" are their Cheddar Pecan Biscuits.  Both of these and a ton more flavors (Kona Coffee Chocolate, White Cheddar Peppercorn, Birthday Cake, etc) are all featured HERE.
My FAVORITE is the one I saved for last.  Baby C and I LOVE popcorn.  479 Popcorn is my absolute favorite and it is relatively healthy!  I love to take the Foodie Sampler to friends houses with a kid movie all tied up in a bow as a hostess gift.  I mean nothing makes an American Girl movie or Happy Feet go by faster than a good cocktail and some gourmet snacks.  TRUST ME:  even if you do not like popcorn you will LOVE 479 Popcorn. Fleur de Sel Caramel, Black Truffle and White Cheddar, Chipotle Caramel with Almonds, Coconut Curry, and on and can find them all discounted HERE.
Pretty soon the weather will turn cooler and the holiday season will begin, but for now we are in what I call the plan season.  I looked forward to back to school season even after I was out of college but not yet married much less with minnies in tow.  It is the season of new starts and new goals, but also a time to see where the year has taken you, or if you are a planner, what you have done with the year.  You will have to humor these next few days as I love back to school time, especially when I no longer have to worry about my GPA!

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