Monday, July 2, 2012

Happy Days

Today is a happy day!  We have power and NO major damage from the storm.  I consider this a HUGE blessing when so many people are without power and we are churning out the sunnies in hopes that we can beat our promised 2+ week turnaround time.

In between all of the emails from friends asking if we had damage and listserv postings asking if power was back on, I found a few happy sales and finds so I thought I would share them with you!

Our sunnies are still on sale for $32.50 in honor of summer's arrival!  You can order them HERE.

We decided that sunnies need a party and a cocktail so we have added to the sale!  ALL party invites and coasters are 30% off through July 16th with code: INCS30

My favorite coasters to give as gifts in the summer are these crab ones!

Or you can start your Christmas shopping early with these festive ones or this moose design for your favorite hunter!

You can find all of the coaster designs HERE.

And who doesn't love a good summer cocktail party?

Let's just say that Mr. G loses pens, and has issues at times with his ipad so Mini K wanted to get him a pen like her doctor has to write on his ipad.  We gifted godfathers, grandpas and yes Mr. G with these iPad/iPhone pens for Father's Day and I have to confess I LOVE them.  Unlike the stylus pens, they are the same size and weight as an actual pen.  When I saw my email today that they were on super sale, I had to share the deal with you.  You can purchase them HERE.

I was excited to see that one of my favorite designers was on Zulily today:  Tracy Nagoshian has been a favorite since Mini K was little.  Her dresses all have POCKETS and I can't say no to a pocket.  The best part about today's sale is that the prices on Zulily are LESS than the sale prices on her own website.  It gets even better when you enter in LUCKYZU712 because you will save an extra $10!

I am little embarrassed to admit how excited I was when I got an email from Ebates yesterday.  I confess I might have actually cheered.  The one site that I seem to shop from on a weekly basis is Amazon.  What's better than Ebates?  Amazon participating in Ebates!  That's right, you can now get 3% cash back on your purchases and when students shop via Ebates they can get a 6 month Amazon Prime membership for FREE.  You can join Ebates HERE and all you need to give them is your name, address and email.  Before you shop just log into your Ebates account, type in the product you are looking for or the name of the store and then your cash back will be credited to your account.  Your biggest decision will be deciding where to spend your BIG FAT check from Ebates every 3 months.

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