Monday, July 23, 2012

Shipping Business

I love the Grove with one exception:  shipping.  Not the wrapping of orders and boxing them, but the constant game to figure out which company charges the least and actually delivers on time.  I think a lot of people think businesses make money on shipping.  I can tell you we DO NOT...or at least the small shops don't.

When I opened the new website UPS seemed to offer the lowest rates so I went with them.  I was WRONG.  I hate that I am you are paying way too much to ship small items.

The great thing about being a small business is that I don't have to ask for approval when I want to make a change.  If you "like" the Grove on Facebook you know what I am about to type, if you don't LIKE us, what are you waiting for?

Starting today the Grove has switched from UPS to Fed Ex, but even better we are now offering FLAT RATE shipping!

All NON-PAPER orders under $100 will ship for $10, orders under $300 will ship for $15 and all orders over $300 will ship FREE.  All of our products in our paper section ship from our printer and we will continue to charge the weight rate.

I hope this helps everyone.  My goal has always been to offer items in price ranges that everyone can afford and I am so excited about the new items that we have coming to the Grove this fall.

Our stadium cups will be ready for purchase this week and I think they are great for hostess gifts during the holiday season (it will be here before you know it!)

Our new personalized pouches have been a HUGE hit.  At $26 they are a great price point.  Personalize one and fill it with your favorite cosmetics and it is a great gift.

Speaking of pouches, make sure to check our Facebook page this's giveaway time!

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Preppy Girl Meets World said...

Those pouches are great! I may need to get one before our trip to Berlin.