Sunday, July 15, 2012

Postcards From The Road

or the EDGE...depending on the day.  I have LOVED postcards since I was a little girl.  Both my mother and father used to send them to me when they were on business travel and once a week when I was at college.

Now that I have minnies of my own, I love that they can spot a postcard display from 100ft.  This weekend, we escaped to Nemacolin for a weekend work trip and a friend told me about Postagram.

Postagram is one of the BEST FREE apps I have found.

Postagram is a FREE app that will put a photo from your iPhone or Android on a postcard and mail it through the post office to the person of your choice for $0.99!  It gets better--the photo actually pops out of the postcard so your recipient can put it on the fridge, bulletin board or frame of their choice.  For me the best part, might be avoiding a trip to the actual post office!

Mini K and Baby C sent a Postagram to their grandparents of their trips down the water slide.  I cannot wait to use this as a way to say thank you when we visit friends or relatives, or after a cocktail or dinner party.

You can also purchase credits for Postagrams and send them as a gift.  What a great idea for someone going off to college as a way to get them to write home or if you are on vacation in Europe...send a postcard with a photo from from your trip and not have to waste time finding a post office.

You can join Postagram HERE.

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